Women's vote especially important in midterm elections

Democratic and Republican women canvass for their candidates of choice in northern Virginia.
4:03 | 11/07/18

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Transcript for Women's vote especially important in midterm elections
Over the weekend I went to several of the key swing suburbs of Northern Virginia. To canvas with women voters on both sides. Of the political aisle I heard the issues most important to them as they worked to turn out the vote. Gary analyst all the names you're gonna go and try to yes contacted. And so these -- problem ones on the history primary source of you know. As I I don't actually know well but they have also done phone bank king so sometimes rich a lot of people. You have different avenues nationwide polls show college educated women who live in the suburbs like this one are trending against Republicans but the question is. Will they turn out. Stronger voices. That are there for all I think it's for our children and for all sexuality is old standards and I haven't been very happy we're. A lot of the anger and fear mongering that's been going on. There's a lot of talk about how crucial women suburban women are in this election why is that what's at stake here. Well I think suburban when men are at the high above the family in the families where everything begins an ends in Europe the child. I do you and he's a child in this community. If there's going to be a blue wave one of the earliest indicators will be right here a swing suburb of Washington about thirty miles from the White House. Polls show voters here especially women want to send a message to Donald Trump. Good people on the hill are the ones who are supporting what he doesn't people on the hills or are on the hill are the ones that can stop what he's doing. We also need to have people better understand two. The way things are going now. The tenor of the country where it's very very device and yeah and it seems that it's okay firm. People good. To disrespect other people and it's it's not only accepted it's almost encouraged. A Republican so how critical districts like these are here's more of their campaign outposts for the tenth district in Virginia swing district let's go inside and see. What their opted. This is like the Republicans war room. Produced globally have yet counted in an accurate description of that a lot of frustration with the president in this accounting thanking your job harder. Well you know it it is a bit. But the other thing has the Republican Party is a big tent party and we understand there were right on the border here of deep state. Beyond that makes it very difficult campaign here in the area. Solely why are you out here in the super Republican. While I'm a mom of three boys. And I really feel about the selection very very important for me much. I've put up affect other residents. Almost. And out of all the elections the from. The big issue. Here. I'm I have had to reduce we thought he might get rid of Gerry Connolly and magazine campaign. I get rid of the democrats' candidate Democrat or what's the issue. Politics economics economics do you think women are going to decide this all absolutely race view why absolutely want to look at the president's message. And I see what he says you know tougher borders I do not want my country. To be you know flooded with people that we don't know with a come from right. I actually want my neighbor to be people what it doesn't really matter they come you know they can come from any country in the world as last want to know that there. Friendly people have been going to be. I walked off but I do need to think that the country we need to make sure we now. There have been about Tuesday. I feel better until Greta let's is that no I and I and I really feel that Republicans have us you know they have strong candidates. If candidates are willing to work hard for. People Fairfax County in Virginia.

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{"duration":"4:03","description":"Democratic and Republican women canvass for their candidates of choice in northern Virginia. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"59008567","title":"Women's vote especially important in midterm elections ","url":"/Politics/video/womens-vote-important-midterm-elections-59008567"}