Tom Brady Returns to the Field

A day after Tom Brady slammed an NFL decision keeping his suspension in place, Brady hits the practice field making his first appearance at Patriots training camp.
7:30 | 07/30/15

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Transcript for Tom Brady Returns to the Field
That fans chanting his name a day after Tom Brady. Slammed an NFL decision. Keeping his suspension in late. Brady hit the practice field. And that making his first appearance at patriot summer training camp. Now the fight to overturn his death toll gate suspension turns to federal court with the players union defending the star quarterback. 111 analyst that her in New York. And Brady returns to the field. We Cecil something above. That with a rival New York Jets fans taunting the Petrie it's with a banner flying ahead. With the word cheaters look up. Joining us now for more as the greedy saga continues to unfold at ABC's airing it hurts he Harry good afternoon to you. And celebrate is back and he's defiant. On the case does he have been hearing evening here. Well looks like patriots nation is fully behind him and his bosses fully behind him patriots owner Robert Kraft who said he can't understand why the NFL. Is trying to disparage one of the game's greatest players ever. And so he thinks he has a pretty strong case and the players union that's filing suit on his behalf in federal court to try to get a suspension vacated. Has a pretty good track record they succeeded in overturning. Adrian Peterson suspension for hitting his child with a and a tree branch and that way they're trying to go about this isn't on the substance of what happened we've deflate gate. Where balls tampered with did he know did he probably know to be kinda know. They're not gonna get in there the judge is only going to be interest did. In questions of labor law and whether the process that was used to punish Brady was fair and the players union will say it was not for a number of reasons. They're going to argue that the way the commissioner handled things was inappropriate they say he can't be prosecutor judge and jury. They say he also seem to cede some of his authority to an underling Troy Vincent who was the one that arranged the discipline and that's something the commissioner denies. And that is going to say that they had there been any due process. Afforded a normal person. Was not afforded to Tom Brady. And let's talk about. His cell phone and how it was destroyed or as Brady says it with replaced the Brady and the players union it was their thing that the NFL is making this. Out to be a bigger deal than it really gays are they on to something here or if this really a big deal. Well there it it was a big deal to commissioner Roger Goodell because he made clear in his twenty page note upholding. The suspension of Tom Brady. That it wasn't the crime it was the cover up and what he considered to be Tom Brady's attempt to conceal evidence. He said that he found that Tom Brady ordered an assistant. To destroy his cellphone on the very day that he was to meet with the investigators knowing full well that the investigators wanted to seek text messages taken. From that cell phone of the players union says. That the UV investigators would have had access to the text messages from the recipients cell phone but that may be besides the point the NFL they they may just be interested in Brady's level of cooperation. A Brady says that. It wouldn't matter because not only what it bitty not destroy the phone he was replacing a broken phone he had a Samsung phone it broke he says he replaced it with a new iPhone. He says he never texted anybody at any time. Anything related to the air pressure in footballs but this particular issue Brady says. He was assured. By the by the league that his phone would not be subject of the investigation. And therefore he he felt comfortable in and going ahead to replace it. But the timing. Is what bothers the the NFL why would you replace a phone even if it's innocuous on the very day you're going in to meet with investigators. And Aaron despite all that as you say owner Robert Kraft standing by Brady now making a huge Ter you turn. On the leak in calling the upholding of the suspension unfathomable. So moving forward. How big of a thorn will craft could be in the NFL side. Well potentially. A sizable one craft is one of the most influential owners. In the National Football League in and it it's so weird dynamic here because Ian theory. The commissioner works for Kraft the commissioner works for the owners but you have an owner. Who's saying that you know eighty thought it was going to make it easier for the commissioner to go easy on Tom Brady. By just accepting the teens longs remember that over to placate the patriots were given a million dollar fine. And a loss of of draft picks and the the at the time even though Brady appealed. Bob Kraft said that that the team would not appeal and just take it. And accepted and and move on because he said at the time he wanted to return the focus to football. Now he said that he made a mistake and he regrets putting his faith in the league. But Bob Kraft is the league along with the other. NFL team owners and so he's somebody that has certainly kept Roger Goodell a float it in other crises and and now it seems there's a bit of a wrist. And last but not least air and this federal appeal was moved to New York from Minnesota. It's linked to what why that was and what this means for Brady. The judge simply said he couldn't understand why they be the lawsuit was filed in Minnesota to begin with he noted that the Brady plays for a team based in Massachusetts the union that filed it is based in Washington the NFL is headquartered in New York. And the B arbitration hearing was in new York and the decision came down in new York and so he said New York is a more appropriate venue. And this is a disappointment to the players association. They had lock overturning Adrian Peterson suspension. With a federal judge in Minnesota it's a labor friendly state. And I think they were hoping. For that same kind of treatment when it kind came to Tom Brady but the NFL beat them to the punch Elizabeth because the NFL on the same day. That'd upheld Brady suspension also went to court here in New York. To try and get a judge to affirm the decision and say that hey Brady is bound by a collective bargaining agreement. Which allows the commissioner to essentially do what he wants and so they asked the judge to to affirm that decision. And so they they beat into the punch in and under a rule known as first file whichever party files first. That's what did the jurisdiction where the case is typically heard in so this is all going to go back to New York. It it may or may not make a difference. Because again the the argument is going to be. On process and and the process that was afforded Tom Brady the union says. Wasn't fair. ABC's Aaron hitters ski as always thank you so much for joining us. Well you can keep up with the story in real time by downloading the ABC news happened starring this story for exclusive updates on ago for now analysts that her. In New York.

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{"duration":"7:30","description":"A day after Tom Brady slammed an NFL decision keeping his suspension in place, Brady hits the practice field making his first appearance at Patriots training camp. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Sports","id":"32789077","title":"Tom Brady Returns to the Field","url":"/Sports/video/tom-brady-returns-field-32789077"}