Bionic Eye Restores Woman's Vision

Carmen Torres is the first to receive the life-changing implant in Florida .
1:46 | 08/01/15

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Transcript for Bionic Eye Restores Woman's Vision
Growing up Carmen Tories didn't think much about her vision until the age of eighteen. Which is diagnosed at a night and it toasts dish in which her vision gradually declines over time at the age of 45 tourists could see yourself in the mirror anymore. I get that well when in capacity. Because you don't add another choice you have to willful mr. nice. After sixteen years of being blind there was finally some Hulk. A team of doctors at bats and Palmer eye institute discovered a possible solution a buy ironic that I. This works its and it pleased I the patient wears special glasses and a miniature video camera. That camera captured what is being seen. That its profits by small computer that's attached to Alter Ers the signal is then sent backed the glass. And. Oh meticulous stick me. Exact precise measurement. We here to police these components the it's really important. And we really took our time. The procedures the first of its kind in Florida and tourists the first patient to receive the by on a guy. Pitches. That. Sleep it. Previously. Is amazing. The results have been dramatic to say the east tourists says she is now able to locate doors and windows C sidewalks and buildings and watch the stars outside her home. She says the procedure has truly been life changing its. There was announced. But I'm varies Jong I didn't pan I was happy and I was the flapping like crazy. Fernandez local ten years. Keener. Now when.

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{"duration":"1:46","description":"Carmen Torres is the first to receive the life-changing implant in Florida .","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"32826195","title":"Bionic Eye Restores Woman's Vision","url":"/Technology/video/bionic-eye-restores-womans-vision-32826195"}