Elon Musk holds rare town hall to discuss LA tunnel

The Loop could get commuters from downtown Los Angeles to LAX in eight minutes.
1:41 | 05/18/18

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Transcript for Elon Musk holds rare town hall to discuss LA tunnel
Imagine traveling so fast since I with the boring company is tonight calling the loop which could get you from downtown LA to Alley exit eight minutes. All for a block blood lines blown likens. But how to make that happen African ask her support that were great tonight in Brentwood England must explain later sold the story traffic. With his company's space acts he sent rockets into space and brought them right back down where they launched last week he showed up the first boring company tunnel under LA saint. Almost done pending regulatory approvals. This would be the type of tunnels built to tree is fort the masses. It would be Doug at a minimum of thirty feet to sixty feet under Gramm wait below utilities. You curious to see us. Feel it's only been even exist the loop would be composed of all electric ponds trees 4016 passengers at a time. To and from parking spots ice station. Well. It's an amazing alternative for mass transportation in the city La. Los Angeles the issues. Completion vicious. They're talking about my immediately it's not only one mayor. So this guy has done amazing things and I think he's up to one more big. First she plays two point seven mile cast tunnel one he's already gotten an exemption from the city to do without an environmental impact review. Two Brentwood groups have already filed lawsuits in response another issue. Earthquakes would be possible to have a support our commercial. Success but. There somewhere he thinks big and he doesn't stop and he still comes you needs me and company after company news the working hard. I liked that music scene for us youngsters that.

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{"duration":"1:41","description":"The Loop could get commuters from downtown Los Angeles to LAX in eight minutes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"55258883","title":"Elon Musk holds rare town hall to discuss LA tunnel","url":"/Technology/video/elon-musk-holds-rare-town-hall-discuss-la-55258883"}