Hovercraft Glides Over Golf Course

A golf course in western Ohio will purchase the first two BW1 hovercraft golf carts.
1:42 | 07/10/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hovercraft Glides Over Golf Course
Bubba Watson had this really nifty idea. Or proving some of the limitations of existing -- cuts. Golf cart says look the same they've been the same got to -- thirty yards smearing you gotta stay on the cart path -- a strain and but let's have fun let's go through the water hazard. Come off the other side by -- hearing. -- long haul need to drive back across the water hazard and who doesn't -- that. -- thought there was to say if we can incorporate a hovercraft principal. That is running on a bubble into the existing. Gulf cut where we have to look at was how we can use the existing elements such as the -- seat handles the scent bottles. All of the various places around existing Gulf Cartel we could incorporate -- into the public professional issues. VW one is the prototype our first one out no bumps golf -- gonna have bombs -- -- -- when a gusty Santa after waters shortcuts into the woods out of the woods. Imam Wallace to go in and out of woods so we got to bill to get there and that and the best way -- -- possible. The big advantage of the whole crop disease has a footprint pressure about 33 times -- human foot. So -- hovering across agreeing believe absolutely no Trace. A C a lot of stares and a lot of laughs and then to actually see how efficient in this -- canoe really get more people involved they don't just drop the hovercraft not play golf Saddam and that's how I got starting of drumming golf gardening golf gotten away.

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{"id":19630850,"title":"Hovercraft Glides Over Golf Course","duration":"1:42","description":"A golf course in western Ohio will purchase the first two BW1 hovercraft golf carts.","url":"/Technology/video/hovercraft-glides-golf-course-19630850","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}