Samsung Unveils Galaxy Note 4

Samsung is announcing the latest in its line of flagship devices.
1:03 | 09/04/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Samsung Unveils Galaxy Note 4
Anti tech might -- -- unveiled its highly anticipated new fab let the galaxy note for. It features a five point seven -- squad HD screen a sixteen megapixel rear camera. And signature asked pen stylus. In addition Sampson unveiled a branded tablet design -- the galaxy note edged it features a unique -- displayed at slopes down on the right side. An act independently. From the main screen and not to -- -- done Sony also has a new flagship Smartphone the Z three. As -- rounded aluminum exterior of five point two inch screen. Thank you believe it's waterproof up to eight feet deep it will be available on T-Mobile this fall. And there are ready people in line outside Apple's flagship store New York City waiting to -- What ever it is apple announces next Tuesday could be a new life photo Smart watch. Or something else entirely apple isn't saying it to these people who cares it doesn't matter who's your tech -- I'm reunited.

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{"id":25242370,"title":"Samsung Unveils Galaxy Note 4","duration":"1:03","description":"Samsung is announcing the latest in its line of flagship devices.","url":"/Technology/video/samsung-unveils-galaxy-note-25242370","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}