Tesla to reveal new tractor-trailer

Tesla is set to announce a battery-powered tractor-trailer rig.
0:53 | 09/14/17

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Transcript for Tesla to reveal new tractor-trailer
In today's tech likes Tesla is set to shift gears CEO Elon Musk tweaks that Tesla is set to unveil a battery powered tractor trailer. The reveal is set for October 26 in California Tesla says it's worth seeing this beast in person. It's on a real. Polaroid is making a comeback. Ten years after it stopped making its iconic instant film camera the new 99 dollar Polaroid one step two is actually made by the impossible project company. On a mission to revive the instant photography the company is also launching new film in color and black and white. Angela says Powell to draw is a fifth most popular Howell to question users a vast in the last thirteen years. Number four. How to lose weight number three. How to get pregnant number two and a possible answer how to kits remember one how to tie had tough pitcher Ted writes.

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{"id":49841193,"title":"Tesla to reveal new tractor-trailer","duration":"0:53","description":"Tesla is set to announce a battery-powered tractor-trailer rig.","url":"/Technology/video/tesla-reveal-tractor-trailer-49841193","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}