Summer travel safety

ABC News’ Gio Benitez on how hotels and rentals are working to keep visitors safe during the pandemic.
3:07 | 07/03/20

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Transcript for Summer travel safety
My car by plane with a pandemic dramatically restricting travel options particularly abroad. More Americans are now exploring our beautiful country but what are hotels and rental homes doing to keep visitors safe. Energy company tends has this report. It's the busiest day on the road of the summer as thousands head out on the great American road trip before the fourth of July. While travel is down dramatically cell phone data shows that more than half of the states in this country are seeing more traffic than they did before the panda. Montana Wyoming Idaho and Alaska seeing the busiest roads right now. Many of those drivers intend to stay at hotels and rentals like air being beat so what are they doing to keep us safe. Where redefining our screen and safety standards hotel giant Marriott releasing this video promoting its cleaning procedures. A lot of the same technology we've seen on airplanes those electro static springer's disinfecting hotel rooms and the buttons on the elevators. A lot of cleaning that you will physically she's going to be happening in public spaces. And so when you're a lobby. Cool and work out room in hallways any where Republicans gather each other going to see a lot more leaning people physically cleaning more than. The Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles using a UV light robot which the manufacturer says reaches a 99 point 99% level of disinfection. But even with these measures the CDC suggesting you take matters into your own hands avoid the check in desk all together and get a mobile key on your phone. Minimize the use of public areas like pools game rooms or fitness centers. And consider taking the stairs instead of the elevator. They should look forests that the hotel means I'm. Sick. And that David Pryor and you Wear a mask. And. And what about short term rentals like air BNB after all those are homes owned by private individuals there's no inspection by the company. Hosts have to agree to air B&Bs cleaning protocol. So what we require it is. Those host or does he call to test that they are an act. Why can't the company saying there's a 24 hour hotline customers can call if the room isn't clean. And now we are getting a sense of where people are going near B&B telling us for this weekend alone. More than 20% of the bookings are for listings in rural areas like. The Adirondacks in new York and Blue Ridge Mountains in the southeast and so what you're seeing on the air EB. It is those people looking and not necessarily capital overseas this year but to do travel in their back Garrett you travel over hills. Men and explore things are relatively close that it can get through. I private. In fact both American Airlines and united tell us that they are adding flights to mountain destinations in Montana Colorado Utah and Wyoming. Many people choosing those outdoor trips right here in America. For ABC news live on GO but he says in New York.

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{"duration":"3:07","description":"ABC News’ Gio Benitez on how hotels and rentals are working to keep visitors safe during the pandemic. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Travel","id":"71587904","title":"Summer travel safety","url":"/Travel/video/summer-travel-safety-71587904"}