Tour 'The Pennsy,' Penn Station's New High-End Food Hall

ABC News' Charli James reports from Midtown Manhattan.
25:31 | 01/19/16

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Transcript for Tour 'The Pennsy,' Penn Station's New High-End Food Hall
Can't contact again. Is digital pen station not exactly the only thing that would thinking for great places to eat however one place. It's changed it's called dependency and here right now over my shoulder the pen the by the way is he nickname for the Pennsylvania rail. Penn Station is right below us. And this new food hall that. Taken and number of celebrity chef. And brought them in one place here in midtown and are lucky to have right. He is. When it's C co founders of millions of dollars. I'll tell group that brought all of these famous shafts it. I I think being human and it. So let's take a walk down the line well me start but let's let's talk a little bit about. The pen it just opened last week. Yet we opened on Monday realignment last week. Inaugural week was very exciting I think throughout the week and so. 121000. Customers come through all of them very exciting time. And Penn Station as I says it's getting not exactly the place even think of it you're gonna get something amazing. But I mean you guys are kind of single handedly change. Our goal was to. Helped changed in the neighborhood you know. My partners tonight with living in the city for over twenty years we know this statement very well and we know the lack. Culinary. Choices you had here so we sat down wit. The people behind dependency we discuss how we had a magnetized area and they got better food options when it and and the commuters in the areas this is our prayers go out and I think we really did well you know a lot of shots that we spoke to. Got very excited very quickly about becoming part of the pens. Seeing as that I was thinking that month me have been a challenge when you learn and initially coming up his concept is how to meet again great chefs like. Market with holly happen they payment was. We get them involved in something no longer out of the pen is an area. Sure I'm and I I think all the shots up. You know companies you know location location location this is great area where. Up onto Penn plaza right outside of Madison Square Garden closed the Penn Station. There is a tremendous amount of foot traffic here and you don't mean as a start speaking to the chest and as people are agreeing to become part of the team help you with is that really excited and you know there's not a lot of Manhattan to be revitalized as what in the neighborhood. We really ability could use some help and you know everyone got behind a very quick. So before we get started on the live places that are in here and we got to get out I love the little. Odom that you guys that went up was Philadelphia each spot had their own. Icon pop up above. Theme restaurants. Our outlook created which is our first stop on our tour of the it all there's a big juicy looking stake. For those that you don't know I'll read is. One of the most famous it's not even think Fletcher in the country as. Her the needs are many of the opera. Immigrant city. And this is the first time that you can directly yet. It. One of the few places this is pat has few stands Citi Field and Fenway but this is the first African tourist spot that had its. His operating. Himself and his team. I'll leave you get is famous steak sandwiches. Patent liberated needs. To go. Me you know that was the first to join and when we want to create dependency. So pat has a beautiful spot here it's almost the ones stand that's actually a store. So there's a lot of crap and no items outside of his sandwich. Definitely is prime real estate here mention the camera around and he got a little look at what. Hainan. Though he would look happy I don't you. Yeah. We look like we gonna look at you need bomb cast actors. Go ahead. Back in the second attack happened. I'm the I don't cry I. Here and lost friends and should be Pete Ladd Egan. Far from here at this without his you know. And it's been fast and added multiple times in the last three months can you pick it up. No that is definitely here on India and eaten more. You turn on. I. Good night. Not. I'm two the next stop on art or. And this is the little eat which V. Viewers at home. I. I'm right now and it. You agree that Karen. Powder in it for joining us now in use at home evening held him from pops up upset yeah others and in minute. Apology celebrities accurate than literal pump he. Evelyn not my little beat you haven't beaten and a couple that he. Yes we have Washington DC we have Long Island. We are opening up in Chicago. We currently have three here in New York I'm also a little peace table which is our sit down version. Here in New York as well. And yeah. Exacts a little I know people are very excited out. Here in an agent Larry you know your friend here not. I'm proud to find a great festival and company aren't we. We could also you know we can we cope with the or the integrity. The same principles. The fine dining on the block fast casual. Com were entirely couldn't free which is a great. Kind of battery pack and a fast casual important a lot of people who had a lot you know to a lot but. It's naturally gluten free it's not like we try. All of the ingredients. Our fresh. Actual vote is vegetable forward. Would you like to see a lot of artists hasn't break you're darn it I don't have a couple of them and. That's right here's get in the UV fox again. Little compilation. From our favorite items we have you know law. Good pizza. General rule. And gingerly and ghosts goblins and morning topped off with a veggie popular little cover readings. Paint one. Imus show a little but then again that the modem and a little. The look. Yes it's. We have got it. That trial by the way yeah I wouldn't let them. Philly and here is your veggies. Tell me free again this is you hear about carrying. And this is that you would you like all the camera board yeah. Sure our. Think you mean yeah. I know I don't usually a big meet them so hard and gave could be ignited it. It's faster of that. And for. A lock him. Are you zoom and. Greg yeah I mean look at this. Smile who thought she's really enjoying. A lot like younger. It's a cucumber yogurt. Then the noodles and Silva noodles buckwheat. Hello I'm. And so. We also I don't know recruitment. Sports on the menu we've also been decent chicken bowl. Several other items. Now the seven were. Can you show me a world. Yes it's kind of like a for real need. Sushi roll. This one we cool or behind me it's got chicken. Saladin inside wall wrapped in the orient with rice and vegetables and and we have two different sauces upon zoo and originally I always grabbing yeah mom this is they don't want. Yes and now we make or at least a quarter of this happen to anyone we just made a couple minutes before because we need help. Quickly became. We just want to make sure that that it was ready for it. Normally it's the war. And filling your first approached about creating pot restaurant. Inside a. Well here initially thought beyond my initial thought I was depends. Well yeah. Hello yeah I'd. Just knew the people that were involved. I knew the other foods that word. That we're gonna comment and engage in this I just felt like it was an opportunity news. Involved. And hopefully people can come down and you might have been here on meet the man behind the nail on the yeah I'm a little movie thank you thank you so much rationing. And Nike rat that the I think it's. That was break the back here. Little feet in a move on to our next. Chilly air and we are back with Ryan here sorry it grape drink doesn't go out relevant and busting it Loveland again. Nine. A pick for the next stop on here took Mario I'm Mary first volume update personal connection that I do. Kind of our primary concept eyes closed my heart my wife Mary his partners with hardly holly in this what Marvin. Marva areas. Is that specialty Italian sandwiches soups and H streets. Fast casual style and it's been really great the first week that we had an open to the public people have been really excited about it top quality product. Particularly defense. I mean Mariana time one of the most famous chefs in the world. That the heat to get him. Involvement that those whom Williams of he's been great and I'm interning. Things look at Mario my man. Ryan that. Hot cool and they. Mocked the Leno is one of my favorite things in the home. But in the big dollars here right now. Buffalo News. Flying off. I'm looking him. Then we have. There you grandmother. Look like him. Crowd here. Maria. We. He went easy. I'm not the business. Very Lucille gardening there. Italian wedding and yet and it's sand that's exactly. I can't yeah. What we do it the. Oh she's as well. Is you know we have a beautiful girl she's damaged with Henry Aaron on Tina and that we drizzle that was. Hold me truffles honey on top and it's it's a little sticky and doing that but it is anti. I yeah. An. If. I'm like yeah. We're. When parents think today's elections. He might end up unwarranted. Okay. So much for getting a look at. Not a moment it. He played with the idea. Traditional rainbows Kate grant OK but we've put the Marin primary colors into. I do think that I really like the Italian he's there's a look at. McCain and his. I think three. And play and quiet that's great I'm so the army until the next time let's talk a little bit about. What's rightly here like lunch right yeah. The luncheon into the crowd but everything ranges from over roughly around nine dollars or most expensive item within the halls around seventeen items which is. Fun on lobster sandwich. But it's a phenomenal. Sandwich in a note buildings it's just all lobster meat that the last stop on you don't hold on eastern united press and it's a great. All of though. And quite edgy yet on them before we get that we have to get you probably the most incidents including name address on. New York that isn't there is a nightmare like. The output. Let's take a look at that the gunman now. The man. Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. But it's Jeff. Now can you are not familiar man. I'm not started out as paying job. Their first brick and mortar location and people are absolutely went. Yeah Flynn a little bit about lying I like all the rest and and in your the one thing people think online holiday thank you didn't think Alan has an act collected. Alienate you go online and you read the reviews of on the pentium and bring up some of them that's kind of what they're saying I mean the out of muscles. Loyal fan base it's pretty amazing in the first week that we've been open to anything coming from Connecticut. Jersey we had a couple people actually coming from overseas and landed in New York City. Stay from JFK straight. Because is here and in it is choices of pastries. And the gains sandwiches anything sir just tremendous amount. The following that he has. At the end it is really it's really wonderful. We have the man. Into themselves up Philip. Just a little bit of it. Yeah. I'm funny he's got hungry now and much more time. I'm pretty sure I didn't feel that out and bring in morning it's amazing that we do is we can't get expo. We have a have a flat tires played a million last issues to deal straight. I ever yeah. Maybe millions and now there's talk about name. What is the moment now so we're we're of the or candy. We used to be a food drug and now we are here. At least serves as like very bold action and whose dad people. Normally slows. I've heard from multiple people on that even the don't night that he carrying. Things and not thing thank you. It can change their mind if I can't do it. Moody on the below festival comes at their house and made unlike feed and food again they're well. That's what's gonna happen in Atlanta I keep hearing about three in park. That's exciting hearing. Yeah this is something else that. Like kind of this similar Alley it's a burger we make that has. Homemade Koreans Julie pace as homemade Vinci and people baze went red onions. Answer Roger mail. So that's kind of up a similar rally to victory of barbecue in its flavors. These Erik hand the Ada Brazil nut cheesecake grounding. Yet not like normal beat him fair and these are some of our donuts. This one was the Vanilla suburban crammed plate though red that we won the bad the awards place for. And as this is a fresh cranberry glaze cider Kate. Maple glaze that's hosting coconuts. And that's a faux zebra glazed doughnut which tastes exactly like if you ran up to his zebra in the wild and just did it didn't. Run it tastes exactly like don't you know I've heard saying hey legacy brother while it just tastes like don't know. That's the activity. You off and you can find feet and restaurants combined Eagan bakery but it's not gonna find a place that doesn't fall. Giving them here look at. And it. Then on May very wealthy healthiest restaurant in the area code names to the airline brands who have been so nuts I'm not exactly trying to describe it is held true. But it doesn't hurt the animals and we do trick you into eating some marinated dark green senior. Yeah looking grandson and the need not in the Clinton. Stay healthy I'd try it. And come on down. Area and very. And then accidentally. So we are back with Brian now but I can go round we go. You hear. So we have come to our last stop them it's more than and it is you lobster for full and accurate thing mrs. in a restaurant that has. That love. This ambulance did and let you think I did today frank stepped up with lobster. And this is a concept. Usually starts. Mark for a trio. The based off of is not his fish to Chilean ops. Orange. So funding came together with the sandwich together that he's just amazing really is well well it carried from the store acting. Tell you what's in it but I tasted a multiple times now I just can them. Spitzer found out I am afraid I didn't like steaks they think that it's. On lobster. Lobster we have what you know some have everything that was very begin meat lovers Italian seafood and its most grownups small blood and one's faith. It's a nice thing you come with a group of friends and really get a it's flattering of anything that you really are in the mood. I'm Kathy come of the group and not really hard yeah coming out of the group with eclectic tastes or dietary restriction something for everyone. So let. Turn the camera around and take a look at. The lobster grass. They're little pipe line. On. And it's. Look at this. Think friends. Heading Taylor general manager telling me I'm funny he dot com right now. Helen and eyes tell the viewers at home a little bit more about what they can expect to find here off. Floors Clinton AM local Jones twists. Judicial obstacle. Pressing it really didn't and we have our famous enough plus dividends and it's one of those night. That in one of about the only grill right now. Okay. I next. And I think most people anything. Lobster sandwiches really only think a lobster. Two change defendants it was a phase out the love through. And the lobster trap. Only a little bit more about what had. Hostilities. For us Bob service that was scallions in men's pants chili peppers celery. The title of the total cluttered spiral and nothing on them. It's a great it was a novelist eleven that is them. Allen each week. Take a look at the next. Product. And now. How many. Months to present his first loss the first one we have assembled fans. When you look tonight. Pulling this one. We weren't really. Yeah. Didn't know. Hidden in the lobsters apparently. Okay. Do you know. It was not an in. It's. So much for giving us that little look. It was a lobster trap. Though that is your full tour of the restaurant options that you do and I'm sure there are a lot of people who will be even more excited about this. Out but there is a beautiful bar and also at the very end here which I understand. Would lose your hope to have the borrow movement this week if not next. You know. Senate that's another option for the community is going out of Amtrak in LI RR but also more. Next ranges band's concert builders you know we have our own engines right and that Steve so it's been fast and here and then he's. When you're going to want to silly jokes marathon on that. Some negative thing goes straight inside giving another look event. And I believe that your wife. Saying. And I mean look you but I have to remind me but I tell him she that you. We'll be happy thing. Well that's correct yesterday she does ability to extricate Pittsburgh is depends. Well thank you again right on you think we are showing up around then yeah. I think beyond what any athletics back around. I'm right here in Penn Station. Seven. Next time you come here are our are commuting her novel layover or if you work in the area. Come on down check out holidays. Here at the coming to you from midtown Manhattan weekends at.

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