ABC News Live Update: Prince Philip moved to different hospital

Plus, Johnson & Johnson started shipping out its single-dose vaccine and a recap of the Golden Globes and the lack of diversity among its voters.
20:39 | 03/01/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Prince Philip moved to different hospital
Good morning I'm Dennis Tito thanks for streaming with us in today's update Prince Philip has been transferred to a different hospital in London that specialize in cardiovascular treatment. The 99 year old was moved to saint Bartholomew hospital to undergo testing for preexisting heart conditions. As he continues treatment for an infection Buckingham Palace in a statement that prince Phillips remains comfortable. And is responding to treatment but is expected to remain in hospital until at least the end of the week. And Johnson Johnson has started shipping doses of its corona virus vaccine after receiving the go ahead from the FDA over the weekend. Three point nine million doses are expected to ship out today two point eight million we'll go to states and local jurisdictions 800000 to pharmacies. 70000 to community centers and 90000 to federally qualified health centers. The company CEO says people could start receiving those shots as soon as tomorrow. Johnson Johnson is committing to ship 100 million doses by June. And as the rollout ramps up across the country. Some Americans are still struggling to find an appointment to get their vaccine NBC's Karen Travers takes a closer look. Free years the hottest ticket in the US was the broadway's smash hit Hamilton. CNN now closed due to the code in nineteen pandemic. But now there's a similar frenzied to score another hot ticket of coated nineteen vaccine appointment called it 211 number and was on hold current our house. I realize that even if they called me at 3 o'clock in the morning I'll be there maverick Dallas I tried forty times. And I finally got an appointment appears no one stop shop for Americans to sign up for a vaccine appointment the drug administration lifted up to stage to determine who gets vaccinated first and show people signed up for shots to every state manages its own system. Within states attorneys are running vaccine sites Howard hard to try to get disappointment in some places you can get a jab at a pharmacy the convention center even a baseball stadium still Americans are signing up and multiple sites hedging their bets and hoping something works sound. Registered him in a couple of places but we have not been I love. Does he did get the vaccine until now. The vaccine system is not tailored to those most in need senior citizens low income Americans people of color. Called Johnson serves on her neighborhood council in Washington DC she spending hours helping her elderly neighbors navigate the city's vaccines China. They called a telephone number or the telephone numbers not working very. Don't know how to use the Internet says sounds were dealing with some individuals who might not even have a and so far Johnson is stunt to free library on her lawn with the flyers about how to get a vaccine this information is for our RUN see how they can schedule an appointment she's going door to door and volunteering to do the legwork herself fell I'm literally typing on to rule. Computers simultaneous. Way. To try and get them. There's been set up to the station in his Florida homes are reporting argument Marianna office. 5:3 in the morning. Trawler computers and her three computers working. And I'll just wait and considerable problems aren't going into the ocean removes all are when nobody. Should shape and. It is secure ridiculous after weeks of frustration and striking out Jon age 72 an asthmatic enlisted reinforcements. Getting his son in California and his daughter in Washington DC online with him so far competitors are looking for actually has thrown from Marseille -- it says now that he's figured out how to navigate the process and has one of his doses he's helping others who. One guy I know doesn't even have a computer. Piazza took power structure how she ever read during his name is Ryan and Chicago tells us he's also using a tiny cyst on. And a couple of friends as simple call this place called into place and I did I didn't have in his success and then when I told somebody got one reason. Oh what do you what do you do order. Dennis also had help from his daughter Deirdre a teacher in Chicago who spent hours trying to set up appointments for her parents. First to sign up and when I put my zip code and on the 24 X. They said that it wasn't eligible because data cities of code and they were only taking the suburban ones. I read it read somewhere where there is only you know I read it pounded her. I'm yeah. Text message and brand about a little Italy had a. Manila the many younger Americans are putting their text skills to good use trying to set up appointments for parents grandparents and friends struggling to nabbing. Trying to get other parents at Grady EO. You know what that's important he hadn't had this. Olivia Adams is a software developer and she washed her mother in law grew frustrated trying to sign on for a vaccine in Massachusetts. On his way. She is and how I. Adams says she's trying to fill a void in Massachusetts. And providing easy clear way to see where vaccines are available baseless all of its seeds and what's. Odd. Number like what's ice and Lydia Adams is on maternity leave I asked her what she the person figuring this out juggling in infant and a toddler obviously. I shouldn't be you know I'm right side should. I asked the white house with the federal government is doing to address these issues are can't. Be better system. So it's easier to decide and both your term. We agree with you completely calm that is completely confusing has been around the country and states and localities. But our focus is very much on increasing communication and soaring exactly easy sad that the American people know how. When. They can get their vaccine and we fully agree there's been a lack of communication back confusion and we are trying to work out of that. Whole public health experts say more needs to be done to make sure the people who need to get the vaccine first are actually getting it. Find. Those folks. Can't get. Computer use rigor and they have another. Opera goes that are holed out were able home mail agency. Near how. Tiffany Nicole Johnson worries that without assistance some different neighbors just won't get their shots let it should not be an issue where those who house they know how. Get the vaccination. And those who don't. Have the know how or the supports. A team that's not equitable Karen Travers ABC news Washington. My thanks to Karen Travers for that report. And the Golden Globes when I coastal for the first time last night in a mostly virtual show option. Amy Poehler and Tina Fey reunited to host the awards show and they didn't wait long before addressing one of the show's biggest controversies. Here's Lara Spencer. Going globes live from coast to come. For the first time he loves history taking a place in two time zones. For those mini bowler. In LA and Tina today they needle it's going to be smooth sailing. You won't even notice. It didn't take long for did you go to address one of the biggest controversies this year label that people out of the 87 voting members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Which runs the globe. There are zero or black voters I realize HF PA maybe you guys didn't get a medal because your workplaces the back Booth of a French McDonald's. You gotta say is that so here's to change and yes I'm looking forward to that change the organization is vowing to do better. We recognize we have our own work to do. Just like in film and television black representation is vital. We must have black journalists and I'll organization. Designers like to shine Golden Globe winner sterling K brown taking a dig at the organization. From the stage it is great to be black and the Golden Globe and back. Cox news Jane Fonda accepting me Cecil B. DeMille award calling for change and diversity in Hollywood. Let's all of us make an effort to expand that attempt. So that everyone rises and everyone's story has a chance to be seen and heard he would have told action stars in their lives. Can I wasn't without technical difficulties. As you can see we unfortunately have a bad connection could. Yeah item on this is on my dog now yeah. The crown. Crown sweeping every category was nominated former. Actors and according Josh Connor grabbing gold for their for trails. A Princess Diana and Prince Charles set a few bits you did have the pleasure of watching them who is so radiant. As Princess Diana and she said such lovely things about you hot and that field here. Come on yeah he's I'm she is a great brand gotten on the CI joke. Like week yards and and have done and that thing without Aaron. We went on the Jenny got that little light Whittle back at how old are million as it is great to be a solid. Hundred day of hearings shocked with her win for the united steel vs Billy Holliday. Yeah. I'm PG yeah. You celery and a black woman hoping you'll meet a person's color and we will need. Who is being celebrated I agree some rest. After me just got you know director Chloe. Dow down about three women nominated for best director this year taking around the globe for her film no man land making history as the first Asian woman and just a second female director ever to win in this category. The first Barbara Streisand for yet until capped Indy in 1984. Gamecube. Meanwhile made it possible for me to do one Emma. Strides in treating overnight it's about time. Tactic those men. But dean most moving moment of the evening. Chad good Grossman's wife emotionally accepting his award for his role in moderating is black bottom but it just six months after his passing. I'm will give me a man and maintenance records I don't use words. It's so we have to take all moment to celebrate Wilson's mouth. Some things you can check few days for this opportunity to do exactly exact. And hundred. Thanks to Lara Spencer for that report and to help him break down some of those big moments from the golden gloves and serious sex and radio host. An ABC news contributor Mike muse and the undefeated Kelly Carter good morning to you both my harness or you know hosts and present year's winners even a Hollywood Foreign Press Association themselves. Criticize the motoring organization for having zero black members what do you make an. I thought that was so important I think and then more lives. So the real problem awards season so much and I know a lot of people look at on this Jeremy costly shallow perspective about the red carpet stay down stay here and to make up all the pomp and circumstance is celebrating its these are the superstars who had huge egos. But add in that day I look Dan. As for a platform platform advocacy and it class or individuals and expressed concerns to her for one moment a large percentage of the population is watching it taken ten finish and win these are taking this moment acts standout track. Activism and dressings and they care about it matters and it pays attention over the host a double down on that. Sterling came roundup what now I'm a match that article to come out before. The awards show came out is forced the how to form association to make a statement they couldn't help but not make a statement if they would have not made that statement it would an extremely tone nets but has not enough for them to make a statement and for an article to come up then consider that consistent pressure how. Staying on them and that's why I'm glad to see that ends items and make an ad statement the actors didn't let go and they were relentless in making sure to point out the atrocities. No black voters and how would. Foreman grass and Kelly that said many of last night's winners are people of color how much progress is that's out. And that little progress. The people who are. Lucille Ball always in Golden Globes as a precursor excuse and the other words those you know kind of call column saying it winds up. Down with the because that's not. Actually is true. But I dean that you know. We're seeing some progression. The progression has to be losing groups apparently and permanently very exciting Daniel Cooley is win but did you know Columbia and jamboree Yahoo! her little black man also had to be black British man usually being that. That's one of the things in this town is paying attention you you know and that I. A Hollywood foreign press in the court nominee evening casting her roads or. Actors who are outside and you last night I mean yeah. We've seen reports who we know that it is growing body you know loves international. From actors and creators. As part of you look like my I think that I really always look to the blues is being university where we start seeing some of these political messaging you know come from and how an awards show where both Norman Lear and Janie dirty nominated expectation is he going to be you know these. Isn't healthy conversations and so ordered them not. Nor does it was very very Smart on their behalf because it was going to come out regardless. Then these things usually do and Kelly Chloe gel made history as the first woman of color to win a Golden Globe for best director for removing nomad land how significant. Do you think that moment wised. Very significant we have to talk about. Gloria and three feet mount directors. Which was on me in an emotionally laden that. Most hop around categories. This year on seeing her make any sense that he's out here is special and it is the only. I was. Eight also another level little congress only what he remembered her chest. Two years ago Regina King he's at SC when she was the extent dean and work as an actor calling out this industry and saying this is exactly what she wanted to do what she was going to demand with regards to who was behind the camera and Asian there was such. The top of that list that was Gary where she meat and and disease. It's come full circle and how hurt each in this category nominated director and then he eighty female director and an outer solar wind period. And the question to both of you now Mike I'll start with you what was your favorite moment of the night. Of course there are so many favorite moments I love nobody Virginia saying two odds and scientists these Muslims in an amazing about my favorite is when and a 181. Billy Holliday does have a personal connections and acts Billy Halladay in mind the use of my work continent and talk about that as she is when she sang that song strange true and segregated ash clouds and early nineteen hundreds that was when he original protests are that was her way of communicating messages or all white room a darkened our armed ability and being harmed but within that things. Her way of using music was our today's ABC news lie it was how things communicated. And then I talk about a mile out my other work talk about how Nina Simone was Billy Holliday to claim now and I haven't as a manager hundred amateur plus years ago be front news using castle is truly an -- and you are Billie Holiday read Plano on you who had never filed because every gun you should do it and for the fact that she won and was hasn't is due money cloning and ditches and bodies who are today is this moment and what she means turn it into music. She wanted to lots of gas is because is acts for her she naturally. Is a spears and since Billy Holliday on the scene that together yes it was on reaffirming. And I also loved seeing her reaction a reaction and everybody else who is in the room with or you can tell how significant. They found that momentum being. Kelly questioned you well is your favorite moment of the night. There were so many angry moment is that really what you are. Atlanta she's ready and these are being Nazi that was greater council and from the zoo in congress are just like. Water order me for me I. Me another. Speech or some really fine he did was still emotional. And I don't think that anyone watching this show at home any of the talent islands are a little boxes. You zoom how to track. I do you know come she. Ego crying literally she Carnahan was a street dignity and religious reminded does not only other talent wheelock and talent that we just celebrated right now and all in me the exact are. I really wish our corporate here for this moment and whose star is flowers on. But I thought that was probably the most special moment. At the ambitions here. Turning so many were sharing that sentiment with you and you know you talked about not a dry eye in the house I am not a crier and even I was reaching petitions on the Allen what a moment I might mean Kelly Carter. I know we did talk about this for hours but I'm gonna let you guys go thank you so much. Yeah thank you. And tomorrow night ABC is launching soul of the nation new primetime series dedicated to telling stories about black life in America cash like an Evanston Illinois and now let's first American city to fund reparations. Eligible residents will be paid up to 25000 dollars each cheers for housing. Now activists hope Evanston can be a blueprint for other cities ABC's Byron Pitts has a preview let up tomorrow night special. I. Was looking at data I was looking at what we had done. What more can we do and reparations was the only answer. Only eighteen only me and only he only it anymore the same. Was gonna all the bleak at best help us sustain the a press day eight and the disparity that we have. And now we have had for years. A national reparations policy is the moral. Democratic. And economic imperative as house resolution authority named as a nod to forty acres and a mule. There's the latest national step towards reparations off its supporters including actor and activist Danny Glover what is. California who's an opportunity. To have a commission to study reparations but also lived further context in which we look at slavery and the impacted. So you can never seem to be an example from an I think you can play it wouldn't use that as a platform. Maybe other cities might adopt the whole idea of. Our thanks to Byron Pitts for that report and you can see much more on ABC's primetime series all of the nations starting this Tuesday march 2 at 10 PM. And that doesn't that is ABC news live update and anissina and thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live is here where you all day with the latest news context and analysis Osce evacuated 3 PM eastern with Terry Moran for the breakdown.

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