Ariel Castro Faces Graphic Testimony at Sentencing Hearing

The Cleveland kidnapper pleaded guilty to 937 counts, including rape, assault and murder.
2:09 | 08/01/13

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Transcript for Ariel Castro Faces Graphic Testimony at Sentencing Hearing
This is a special -- Report from ABC news. Hello everyone and meg Oliver New York this ABC news digital special report. The sentencing phase for aerial Castro is about to get under way he's run en -- for young women captive in his Cleveland home for a decade. Sexually abusing them and even donating one of his victims when -- listen in now to judge Michael Lewis. And here please -- All. -- -- -- There's -- department. That I and violent sex offender notification. Life. Performances. -- return. -- -- -- -- There are two periods reporting requirements fast one here it is long and we'll. There's seven. Reforms and -- and stuff he should be. -- -- -- -- -- Including reform. -- -- read this stuff it's your turn. Get any questions for -- former. What would require. He had the the pilot reported that farmers would be charged different and new Dell. Did not comply with the report -- and it's. We knew that these -- you don't use the -- that. These reforms -- partners for an individual. He plays they it is hey here's another I think they understand that. If you. For any reason what a relief. Not for. You've become requirements he violated. -- received. Other matters. The city -- profit. -- -- like -- out -- -- had a chance to discuss. Swarms of reporters are -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Kennedy questions about the reporter part. -- -- -- -- -- Sex offenders and using -- you'll understand. Failure to -- it -- -- Catherine to receive -- these forms. They'll go when you. The general important reforms that you will be required. -- -- -- The 31 thousands. In the Carter work and peace remind the sheriff's department there the other reporters requirements. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Apart if you. Here's the really -- under the new law. -- -- Sheriff's department and there are other parts. Under Megan's law. It was -- During that time period the courtroom. Ordinary your -- ask for clarification here Bob and these -- your -- pled guilty to pray there's actually my competitors -- keep -- operation law being guilty. President flew to London after hearing that he. -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't want more than. -- -- -- And reported her parents. -- -- -- -- all we hear you in here please. Hear the -- Were confirmed please. -- -- -- -- -- Today. -- -- -- -- -- Want first good hitting point it's available to -- okay. So he's got expires -- here. You're just waiting for -- -- -- court did not order it Bob. Finance. BC and news. Cities. -- is especially important since -- -- Considered. Your parents -- -- cut -- -- -- yeah yeah community to see if you wish for present information in -- upon. That's your right. After that prosecuting -- will be imported. The it will be provided enough to see what happened references to the nation's report. That the -- unsuccessful. Various steps forward finally -- -- support the sense. -- -- -- one when the students. -- Yes patient. -- -- -- It's. -- -- yeah. Plus sessions. Dress and it's. Which of course a lot of institutions that it's so it did it. Yeah. The second one. The finance yeah. Stuff yeah. Over six plus cash and world news. Important from -- Iraq. Legacy or fifty. -- the water for the -- states' ability now to. Try this case. -- -- What an awful spectacle. Very useful. Production by a state of anything it's. The big important games -- Next. Introducing yeah. Yeah. Our model I was just absolutely nothing to do what's happened yeah. Fire trucks. -- -- -- Did you yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- More yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Plus a. It's. -- Local news. Yeah. -- -- -- -- Yeah. -- -- -- What it -- During the course. Last night. -- -- -- -- -- It's true beauty. -- Followed. And so. -- -- All of this. It's no when asked. -- Tylenol case. -- -- -- -- It's. -- -- -- It's always been. -- -- And watch. Considered. Curious. And well yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- days. Those ground fast. Yeah. Received his. -- -- It's. This is. You get a good idea. -- -- This is not. It's. -- Yeah thirty would you like city. Expect to the sentencing mitigation. Maybe yeah. -- -- -- And this point -- don't reflect. Mindful of your. Davidson Ohio law it's. Relief over major Carter's. -- Victims. -- More dignified and didn't -- council -- -- -- -- -- Today. David -- you're the same concern. Is that in -- of sense. Media -- That there would be -- record. -- -- -- -- -- The company's line. Following. Probably coach. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I've -- he grabbed the pill. And -- probably. Faster and law. -- -- -- -- Different. Allegation. Paces we want to -- yes it was a week. With respect to the concerns they have about -- -- Coming up. Sears policies -- Three women. And here. Beginning this rock right -- see you call -- with the victims. We've learned to take his seat -- had their residency is wrong track that is -- -- I -- that what you're doing. Their wishes and what they're just anticipates that. And you -- it was no record that. -- -- Virus so it is not he's done news. And -- political prisoners. This community has saved us yeah. What he did. Well seriousness of we -- yeah. Statements. -- -- The incidence. Yeah. Results this. Yeah yeah before. The country. Yeah this season. You will only three. -- -- -- The -- he announced a pure -- With the sentencing of aerial Castro he's the man -- the young women. His Cleveland home for a decade sexually abusing them anything and I -- one -- -- them. At -- work that a deal prosecutors to avoid the death penalty and he is expected. And sentenced to life in prison plus a thousand -- Now we're -- -- lightly legal outcome but we're also expecting to hear and one of the victims herself -- -- -- with more on that. ABC seven -- on the following this story closely and we like to bring him in. DeVon. Talk to us a little bit about the incredible emotional angle where expected here later today as this plays out here -- the victim. Steve that's right we have a -- in Cleveland that's told them my colleague -- -- that Michelle night she was the oldest of the three victims this is expected to -- Make a statement in person this would be the first time that she's faced her captor since being freed. She and there you see her there she. Is now 21 years old she was kind of the -- the oldest of the three year described as someone who kind of took care of the other two women there helped give birth. Of course to that little six year old girl. But she was also endured some pretty significant. Abuse she was pregnant five times. By -- Castro and of course each of those times. Who was beaten. To -- those pregnancies and this is this is a woman who's been through a lot and and it's this certainly says something about her courage to be with take the stand and face. This man and make a statement about what was like for her. Yet we just we're listening as that the defense attorneys -- Try to argue that news with this plea deal that they have. Accepted that they would like to just move on without hearing from the victims. And there was memo that was released on Wednesday outlining from these dramatic details of what these three women endured for. Nearly a decade -- want to read you one thing. And they talked about how they restrained by chains that catch their ankles and access only to plastic tulips in the bedroom several rarely penalty. Castro Trenton was in one meal a day use the -- -- the basement in the years into the attic as punishment techniques according to the memo. Texas and we heard from the prosecutor just a few minutes ago saying that. This is -- -- time that you speak out and let the world know what they endure as I'm sure you heard that as well. Yet that these are some horrific new details -- we knew that the women had been changed but we didn't know. The extent. You know that that that they were you know weren't allowed to use the one bathroom in the house we also learned in that -- -- you read that. At one point in 2005 the women three women were taken to the garage and locked in a car for three days. -- -- aerial Castro had a visitor to the house so some pretty significant. New developments in that statement and and end the prosecution wants that to come out what they want it to be public record of course there's known. It's really no question that aerial Castro is going away for life here but they want -- used today in that courtroom hearing to really put it all on display. To let the world know really how bad this was. That's right enemy in that area and unity he sees it -- you victims. We -- expecting to hear representatives speak on their behalf. So it should be as we mentioned it in incredibly emotional day. More of an emotional angle here today as we pretty much -- likely legal outcome that they have struck that deal to avoid the death penalties -- Castro is likely to be sentenced to life in prison. Devin Dwyer thank you for joining us and we -- going to -- We're going to talk to ABC's Alex pres. It was in Cleveland he's been following the story very closely. And Alex talked to us just a little bit about the emotional angle today. Blame -- today in court is expected to be a very graphic and emotional day as. Prosecutors recount what exactly happens in these three victims over the course of those ten or eleven years -- they were inside that house. The part of the reason why they want to go through all of this testimony so graphically make sure it's on the record is. Just in case the defendant aerial Custer and his attorneys decide at any point. Do appeal today -- so that's one of the reasons why they want to do that we are expecting that Michelle -- will read some sort of victim impact statement. Inside the courtroom and then of course as you mentioned -- and Gina. Will likely have representatives there are speaking for them and there is a small possibility that they may make some sort of videotaped appearance in the courtroom. All of that it's still unclear to us right now but it is expected to be an emotional. Day of testimony inside that courtroom during the sentencing hearing today. All right ABC's Alex -- for -- in Cleveland judge Michael Russo has set aside five hours for the sentencing phase of this. And we are going to -- continue to listening to this heard. That. -- -- -- -- He says anybody else here and seem like chain sincere thanks around corner and Norman. And it was later. -- -- answer. Which -- -- -- -- -- -- cases she would come out of the room. She is very reluctant Mother Teresa Heinz came here to help you. Everybody was Levy campaign. That there that are threats and makes me. Possibly. Texas starter that -- -- Didn't think he's my flesh. Around but once themselves demands that it -- -- The only other latest hours in the next -- -- have -- -- bedroom. I don't know the latest -- and girls themselves in his room. And that's it there -- time it's a subjective. I'm not so he went in the I didn't government news CNN into the music -- -- her she's -- center. -- compared to the pictures you've seen us here's where she's -- -- -- long haired composer uses real thing pale. -- think it's either someone's future they -- just you know it exercise and take together. -- is -- and I thought she was a little girl. Until they're gone and calendar and realized she was -- And it took us a few minutes to -- -- issues also. Some systems in this person. She also say -- very little pain -- She is she's very. Very -- She had very difficult time breathing when she's my -- right color ambulance right away -- -- -- -- -- -- So. Other than. We -- act Canadians. Yes I say let them. For the rest today. You know going out things. We were -- and -- An -- silencing me twenty minutes performance in a -- army statement and the possible over the yes yes. Your. They were the -- street home. We're very -- very -- and still kind of reluctant. Not really sure what this campaign witness. They didn't know we're gonna do -- them. -- -- -- That they were just. A lot of talking they were very. Just -- all kinds of things that. We -- not talking. I'm the managing in this and man -- -- And another officer and I. -- -- -- and I and then a couple of people coming out but it's you know trying to get details. The vehicle. No suspects CNN. -- -- maintenance section. There -- city. That information can detain him. They're there is this. They're just shot him things. And as they're talking and my head I didn't ask unprecedented -- -- Thank you remember when my living in -- -- and yes and her. -- your daughter didn't last. And she said on how she says. Us. And she says -- to her and -- -- NN. And analysts don't -- indefinitely. It's a Yemeni prison replacing Torre there to help -- the you know someone makes -- two months. I remember Michelle saying. Yet he told me if there -- guy hands and he'll be. I did asks if anybody else. Had ever been pregnant and results -- I was -- I was several times. And every time we found out I was pregnant he certainly. And he punched in the -- -- and Gina -- went missing games ever released to at least make give her passing lanes while. And then he hit he hitter to social philosophy. -- -- kind of cooperated back and -- there. Yes I did not only -- -- house and -- statement. The rest and I -- went so they they -- -- -- -- at all times. Little -- Analyst -- it was very. The series -- I don't know if she loses confuse that whole thing. The nurses at Stanford hospital mom and disturbing content. To leave and thank you honey. And she discussed under the terms percent in the ground and Melanie room key pollutants and small. The next few weeks it's she is just not sure what was going. There's also very frightened variant -- recently she just. -- -- -- And -- She had a daughter so she hadn't -- seemed to be no more well grounded customers can protect your daughter making it seem like everything's okay. You know -- But she wasn't but she just ahead. Trying to make it look like everything -- paper. -- -- Good morning change. Germany's. -- you know anyone. English parliament. -- -- -- -- -- -- And that's for -- -- emergency. Our general. Patients -- -- in -- we evaluated immediately. All we've never appears. Emotionally to -- Wet and it worked pretty well you're very much strikes. All three of them didn't relate to us is that it is actually resulted. Our freedom related to us that he had been. Held prisoner in this house for several years. Against their well. -- any particular related today she's been held prisoner. Related you're watching eighty -- now special board at sentencing at 53 year old aerial -- strapped. The convicted kidnap -- and rapists -- in -- three women. Who were rescued in today we just heard from one of the Cleveland police officers who was able was on hand there and may rescuing them. The man is buried Tina Davis -- and Michelle night the officer said she was -- -- shocked. At the discovery and was overcome with emotion as she helped these three women. Safety. ABC's Devin Dwyer has been following the story closely we want to bring him in -- And DeVon Michelle Knight wrote really touching thank you letter to officers never ready your -- rescue them tells a little bit about that. She did it was really a beautiful note moving out you see it there was posted by the the Cleveland Police Department on their FaceBook page. And what's really touching here she thinks the officers who came to rescue her but she says one -- to -- me she says quote life is tough. But I'm tougher really a testament to what she endured of course night. Is the oldest of the three victims she also was in that house the longest eleven years. Michelle -- was inside there and we're hearing now are Alex press is reporting that night will. Make a statement today about her experience in that courtroom facing for the first time her captor since being freed it's going to be you know -- remarkable moment an emotional one. When she gets her story. -- did the defense attorneys were trying to -- prevent that from happening. But it looks as if that is going to go forward and we heard briefly. From Castro when the judge asked him if he had anything to say earlier in the -- seen -- -- that I would like to apologize. But should I talk now -- -- talk later and very he set up to you and tasks that I'd like to wait until the end. To make my statement so we're also going to be hearing from him as well. We -- do you know that a deal has been worked out with prosecutors to avoid the death penalty -- it is likely that Castro. We'll get life in prison with them plus a thousand years saint. It struck a deal to avoid the death penalty. That -- mention Michelle night will be on hand to speak as well as representatives fourth and -- and Gian Dei has seen so very emotional day. In the in the courtroom today as mr. black's son role as a judge set aside five hours and so this is going to be. I'm taking most of the day as we -- Different testimony throughout the day. -- Dreier thank you so much. For joining us and we -- going to listen into -- more of the sentencing as a genius. Three of them related that he had been -- Minimal time. Outside the houses I'll remember him. Wells. It is proper physical -- sport. Here reported period and. Here it. Yes and related information. Her parents sexual -- To us and I also. Okay. I'll leave them where. -- -- -- -- -- Was when they're born in mobile. Again this audience there will. -- -- Think you. Statements. Morning yeah. Her fingers of job. -- -- -- -- -- He -- that's right. We were yeah. And back later. -- Yes. -- Yes I'm makes it is the I received a phone call from -- -- -- -- Very. What's there we school -- gasoline. -- Police department. It's. Once -- general hospital. -- was myself. More Bernard. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A -- very. There were very relief. The very acts. -- -- Multiple people were present. Hospital staff. There's -- that's. -- during the initial interview Michelle. -- was -- wonderful. To finance social worker peasant turned her son she wants to you. She was losses in the store. And she's -- and ask people for direction. There -- national coinsurance you know she's looking for an offer to call her. -- Michelle -- -- new material Castro because she's friends with her his daughter Emily -- -- City driving and they arrived. -- pastor's home yesterday she wanted to come inside. To get a -- for herself so she's -- to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But this time. She's been -- trend pair -- Castro. She's like that waiting for someone. More hours. They're pastoral returns. He takes off in the basement purchases -- -- Classic time when our Chris of course Oklahoma this place. -- this time. Michelle -- let alone physically. That are reasonable and I'm. A journalist interviewed Michelle -- -- pattern of being repeatedly. Sexually physically. Marine animals and we're professionals. Turner turner. -- -- -- Well as. -- two. That's right. My area. That's for. -- -- -- -- -- Just sit -- and -- they were rescued on May sixth 2013. When -- -- the house -- her -- loud noises and she can't have. She says she personally don't please please please and -- -- -- -- generous human race. -- -- Yes. -- interviews. On the somewhat related achievement programs. -- she was because I'll send my best loss but she's trying to first. Shells remaining. -- -- terminated her pregnancies. Solace -- her feeding -- rotten -- kicking and punching her stomach jumping up and down on her solid and force her. To resolve and determination of here. Yes. Days. An initial interview with a -- Barry. Who was six years roll with the punches him here Castro stated. First 2003. She just got -- work hurricane. Walking home when a man -- fire. It's hefty bonus she thought she couldn't -- she smiled. -- -- Short -- later this -- culture. In the mail. Bastards when it -- she's -- much you female -- she got the man. She realized. Water and she's just out of work -- things that you love wherever and -- Carol Castro pastor. TD if she saw two men were deferred and she -- he -- -- Even when asked if commander -- his daughter -- and -- you know orange Castro. -- driving. And barrel has restaurants he wanted to go to CNG -- was at his home. So they want you here at home. Once they got there sort of reminds my house so she can talk. -- -- -- Area. You're yeah. It's really enjoy humanitarian around. As it went upstairs. -- -- close door and you look through a hole with a torn up. The doors -- female who she later learned being -- lines and that. At that time her orchestral homer. That was me. -- through upstairs in the -- veteran. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Costar in the room she became disoriented and -- call. This time better Castro for sexually. United news -- -- to -- her wrist. Her legs. Now here now in the basement. -- administrative -- Graham after overnight. But the sound more -- -- during his interview. Man all -- That she had given birth to her daughter and never. Who was assisted by Michelle -- She says and -- currency. You know pretty -- you know medical care. Or any metal hair -- His right. She knows -- Physically and emotionally assaulted -- -- have children. You know Thursday. She. She's -- she -- she's terrified she's. Door she's afraid there orchestral and return and she's -- The main door of the home. And in the store Nordstrom nor why she's you know she's being on the glass calling for an -- This time man -- woman from across the street came Aaron -- return more there they are -- -- next door. Also came over -- -- on -- meeting -- time. Shuttle -- -- it's into the control panel and -- call out through the door and Jordan you know. Yes. -- -- -- Interview with George -- was fourteen years old. In the second 2004. She walked home from school with her friend. Rosie -- Castro. That's her past from store. 200 CN relief table jewelry that you. -- so they've started hitting home phone call him all roses mother asks. Tell us chews 222. Girls walk home there -- traction. What. That she was out walking home she's approached by her -- and he answers. If she if you can -- horror movie his daughter. And -- -- he was referring to. Rose to reach him just -- -- -- yes -- can help she got bad news driving. On the -- someone orders in English term at this point here after all her that he has to go home -- someone -- they go to his house. Once at his house -- -- dream. -- come in the house and help them curiosity -- reported in the car. -- -- When she's inside the house she came -- Has finally. The home from a different -- -- education and so they want a different -- that you won't face. Here our children's literature and her with the change. -- -- -- -- -- Put plastic -- -- this news has. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Social and physical. -- solid iron on Castro during. She did she -- on May sixth 2013 when BC -- Johnson very I don't know. -- She says this is just -- so -- not doing anything because she's afraid of being trapped. -- has from the outside we. When I read here. -- I interviewed -- Castro visited the crime scene there are dozens of reports are completed by. There's law enforcement -- Hundreds of photographs. Homes and conduct follow up interviews with victims. Review written materials. Victims trying to here's -- it's -- prosecutor's office. And what is your identity. All. During the course of its investigation after -- with the victim and after reviewing all that evidence. It was determined that -- -- and international loans point person involved in this. Productivity. -- -- -- and they'll tell him physically. Something profession throughout the entire time -- color pastoral. -- stated that. To remove her own house physically restrained and they were prior to me. -- all victims. Sooner -- pew research consultant director -- Can only professionally morally her. You know do. Repeatedly sexually and physically emotionally and -- -- -- don't -- for an entire time you'll have to. -- -- That's right we're now. -- And president had some of -- -- You know I'm just friends yeah. Brian that. These churches reflect songs -- require specific. Muscle that reported to me by the victims. -- -- -- -- Experience. Written to us. -- -- Now more beautiful. When we cannot determine specific instances of physical and sexual assault. Determine these assaults occurred more often -- moment during the here. Activity based victims. -- 41 count of sexual assault from -- prevent them from the period of captivity. Through my investigation I again. Continuous and without interruption turned. Huge business here. That's my -- -- its. Current. Finger and everything here. This morning. -- news. The eastern side. -- -- -- I'm seeing. Here's. -- -- Reporter pregnancy. News media. -- -- And whether -- She saw. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This -- And he -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't think it's necessary here the party's. Candidate -- plea agreement. And as his -- probably just demonstrated. They are fully aware all facts and possibilities and file and we'll stay. And -- -- To stay committed to leave our understanding that they may have been. Sustain all other terms. And worms are my problems this week apple charges the defense where -- nation. -- They're -- Energy Department reported that so. -- -- -- -- -- As I understand it entered into an agreement. To resolve this matter -- court. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What is it I'm home I'm your criminal investigation. Commonly referred to is -- And Willie. I'm forensic sciences. Virus. You. Got a bachelor's of science -- -- University. It's close here won't -- community's sky -- a year prior experiences. Yeah you. -- Environs our ability testing. A cable car she's Harrison's to determine which particular source -- the -- -- fire from. I'm also between march comparisons. GSR business. They're now you do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To what's been previously market bin -- an agency. Now especially important that -- -- -- convicted kidnapped current rate this aerial Castro. Prosecutors have been -- and officers doctors detected the there was indeed riveting testimony. From them and repeated sexual physical and emotional abuse inflicted on the women for nearly at decades. Castro has worked that a deal of prosecutors to avoid the death penalty he is expected to be sentenced to life plus 1000 years. -- -- also expecting to hear from one of the victims and -- night representatives forward in the day's news -- -- -- -- Are also started to you went on them it's an emotional details today as they continue on the sentencing. And for the very latest developments keep it here. Now and -- live streaming at ABC news that -- continue watching sentencing. We will come back when Michelle night in the courtroom and at the very latest again ABC news dot and that Bolivar and New York. So there. This has been a special report from me.

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{"id":19837814,"title":"Ariel Castro Faces Graphic Testimony at Sentencing Hearing","duration":"2:09","description":"The Cleveland kidnapper pleaded guilty to 937 counts, including rape, assault and murder.","url":"/US/video/ariel-castro-faces-graphic-testimony-sentencing-hearing-digital-19837814","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}