The Beginning: Representatives Nancy Mace and Marilyn Strickland

Lawmakers Nancy Mace and Marilyn Strickland recount their journeys to filling historic congressional seats in Washington, D.C.
11:24 | 04/14/21

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Transcript for The Beginning: Representatives Nancy Mace and Marilyn Strickland
100 days in office been the biggest challenges. Two women begin again. Making history in politics. Even talking about this for too long. Now it's time after serving in the most diverse congress we've ever seen. We've seen violence across our country for the last nine months in the country were nearly half the labor market is made up of in this hour we go behind the scenes. But to see how it all unfolds. In this unprecedented. Year. It's the bulk packaged violating your office is unconstitutional tell me about your last 100 hours wearing my. First 100 days representative Nancy mace and rep. Presented as Marilyn Strickland. Now from our nation's capital here's ABC's congressional correspondent. Rachel's. God we're in a moment history won't soon for a 117 congress just visually wrapped up their first 100 days in office and so far. A year like no other bullet pass. An unexpected her. Over the past three months we've been following two newly elected freshman congresswoman watching them navigate the world of American politics and that is typically. Been dominated by men. And they've redefined what it means. To be a woman in congress. We representative Nancy name to became the first Republican woman from the fetus South Carolina to be elected to congress and only the second woman ever from the state. To serve a full house her. We also hear from representative Marilyn Strickland the first African American woman elected to congress from the Pacific northwest. And only one of three Korean American women currently serving in the 117. Congress. And then there's me covered it all along side them too and BBC's new congressional correspondent. Looking back this last year has been one. Cheney on it what's going on now ride. We have put nearly a hundred days of unrest. Here after firing fastballs right. Amid one of the most tumultuous political cycle and web history. Mountain resident aliens uses the radical left would hugely I don't miss and always on your list you. America also found itself he. He goal and an invisible war. Fears about a second wave hello hey anybody. 37 states. A global pandemic sweeping across the nation. Claiming the lives of thousands. A day. After day. It painful and sobering milestone. More than 500000. Lives lost the panda. One year later here we are the world still spinning. Coming into Tony 21 we found ourselves surpassing expectations. In ways some would've never believed possible. One of those notable feats the 100 in seventeen congressional freshman class breaking a new record. This year a record number a went from running for congress at a police 150. Of those candidates for women of color. Filling a total of 144. Seats with diverse woman between the house and the senate the most in modern history. To our new members welcome and congratulations. On your election. To the United States House of Representatives. And they were elected to congress on the 100 year anniversary of the woman suffered jacked. This year's freshman class shows just how long the congressional genders guilt has taken the tip in their favor. That recent uptick a female representatives selected this year ended recent years can be seen on both sides of the aisle. Women who are shattering glass ceilings like newly elected congresswoman Nancy mace. Joining us now is south Carolina Republican representative. Nancy mace not only the first Republican female elected from the scenes she also became the second woman ever from South Carolina to be elected from either party to. To serve a full house term. I've had many challenges in my life that I really learned some very tough classes during some very tough times during that period engine. And so yeah I'm guided by those experiences. And it's one reason I'm here to name. Another woman by Washington's Maryland Strickland. Our next guest made history when she became the first co read an American woman. Elected to congress as well as the first African American represented to come out of the Pacific northwest he has a lot of first. How much has your upbringing influenced. Where you are now in your decision to run for elected office you see the world through different lands. I think about the blending of my identity and culture and the conversation about what does it mean to be American. Two women two parties one goal to unite a divided nation. And she believed there is. A new face of the Republican Party right now especially after this past election women like yourself. Men are now here in congress representing the Republican Party in their districts not only air faces more neighbors and they happened in the past us our right. Ideology. In this is vastly different as well. I think the way to congress can stand united used to remember that we were sent here by the people went home to do a job. And that is to address the pandemic to work on an economic crisis to support our families and seniors and to do all these things at the American people desperately want. It's kind of pulled over during your first 100 days but also my first 100 days. I mean isn't. Cell Wednesday. Heights to win someone a freshman woman on the hill had been happening. I'd just become the new congressional correspondent free BC news literally. I don't expect and David tonight so many still talking about those images you have minority leader Mitch McConnell and little denying Nell when my first few weeks would bring doesn't. So we've there not here for twenty minutes. And I am wandering around the halls of congress by myself because I have no idea how to get out of this building. Here's noodling here welcome the congress. My first time actually in a lawmaker. Yeah yeah yankees need to hell yeah yeah you didn't tell and got to be the dog and the gang Beth Thornton. Blame. Typically freshman class at the honeymoon here erratic. And and get bad at all no I mean you are. Orientation in December we were all mass that we came to a hotel we haven't had the opportunity to do a lot of the socializing the you do when you're to congress and so. A lot's happening online through. Digital meetings that I will tell you this we are still committed to doing the people's work to. And the nation entered into Tony 21 with hope and it's hard. The less than 100 hours after the congresswoman took their oath of office. Chaos unfolded at the capitol. Good afternoon come back on the air right now because you're just learn of those protesters on the capitol steps just moments ago and outraged the capital. Aside capital. Yeah some people say that they saw this coming and we shouldn't be surprised if that morning. It was stored in direction the likes of which hadn't happened in the United States since 1814. It is a remarkable scene. Playing out here at Penn it's chaotic Maxi hadn't back because of some of the classes that we have seen just behind. I need to do something that is not a protest that this anarchy. It is eight. Tragically. In the back into the America when our dilemma the theme being undermined by president. Who just doesn't always underdogs. Back oh that's right here in my office and it's interesting because this isn't January was relieved the day that we were gonna certify the election earlier this morning congress confirming. President elect Joseph Biden's Electoral College victory following that horrific day at the US capital that history. Will never forget and some who were there experiencing. It. Of course your thing we barricade the door and then all you have Ehrlich pens and pencils and scissors. And and maybe if you get a leg off a piece of our shores very difficult to do than a sign yet. That's only happen. A failed coup attempt did not keep us from doing our jobs. Ever been deterred before and will be not deterred the day. They try to disrupt our democracy. They failed. Joseph Robinette Biden junior do solemnly swear it. And as a new president took America's Helm we are reminded of the progress still being neat legal rebuild. Back and smiled and looked covered it's just. Watson sock hobbling Harris. Put her hand up NT EO and I was watching this and I didn't realize how emotional looks to be answered right underneath this is his energy and you'll get even on. And just seen apple and he stream is just company. Bill would seem like the first three Wendy's in January blasts in an eternity. The duties of a newly elected congresswoman let's carry on etiquette again. Thank you madam chair and ranking member Davis. On the traffic safety enforcement is top of mind for many of my constituents at home a winner wrestling you. You request comedians and capitation. Actor it includes affordable housing. It includes access to prop especially in rural underserved communities instead of just the ability to meet these huge investment communities to create jobs well. To treat more repetitions. In just do we can help people need beast needs. Constantly reminding us of the work that is getting done. And the progress that is in fact being mate. We salt lot of great things operation more speed and getting it vaccine approved in ten months vs ten years. There are so many good things that happen those are things we can't embrace going to forward. Coming up. I'll close with representative Nancy mace at home in Charleston. Homes in Washington DC where I'm wrong I'll fast. Can hair yeah. Though fireball from south Carolina's first district. Who does not hold back at work I did not become a candidate jobs at a lot of my new job I just want.

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{"duration":"11:24","description":"Lawmakers Nancy Mace and Marilyn Strickland recount their journeys to filling historic congressional seats in Washington, D.C. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77053476","title":"The Beginning: Representatives Nancy Mace and Marilyn Strickland","url":"/US/video/beginning-representatives-nancy-mace-marilyn-strickland-77053476"}