Boston Marathon Explosion Was 'Horrifying'

Hayden Cardy describes the scene in Boston following two explosions.
3:08 | 04/15/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Boston Marathon Explosion Was 'Horrifying'
The -- Canada eyewitnesses on the phone with us right now president Hayden hardy and if you can hear me. Mr. Carty I want to know where you were at what you saw. Yes I was about a hundred yards away from the explosion. I was lucky my alarm in the marathon I would feel very -- and app writers on when bomb go off I turned around and I thought secondly she doesn't hear it -- it and it just like but not Obama I might. Actually horrifying. Hayden George Stephanopoulos here how far apart if you can tell. -- the explosions. Are there about five seconds apart it looked like they were area Danny that it had been played they. There are -- by. Not even -- point one miles away from the finish line. But couldn't say anything about where they were wasn't. A sidewalk area specifically. Yes there's there's a lot of cars there lined up -- -- the finish line. It looks like they were coming. From Italy smuggled art. That is seriously on -- -- But in in in in in basically the exact same area both explosions five seconds apart -- yes it. And could you smell the fumes we've been told they were solved -- fumes not exactly electrical fumes could juice smell anything about. Posts. I couldn't exactly sell them it wouldn't be sure about what it felt -- And you're you say your mother was running I just want to make sure she's not right. -- -- -- -- She finished just seconds before they went off and did you see anything around you about people who were injured and what did the people around you deal with that long line. I'm -- every -- at first it was hard -- believe. -- we we really weren't sure what it did happen I look at my very billion cubic yard box alarm anybody. Stereo and it started freaking out -- Is there are a lot of people pushing -- to keep running I heard it was good thing I don't know what -- going on buses run. A lot of runners were crying I want you orders in the world. It would that it is technically -- he's seen. And how long did it take you to get out to get some distance. I there was or they could pretty big crowd at the -- About a minute disgruntled about a block away from. It's where it happens. So again to get a sense one more time if things you may have seen them again all of -- preliminary that you think you may have seen it. It in the neighborhood of a car how close to that put it to the runners how -- -- it -- it to the observers. At the sidewalks like five yards -- and they would have been like seven -- -- late running. And -- They were very very close. We are getting more information coming in right now won over reporters just spoken to trauma nurse and Massachusetts General Hospital. Who says they were working at the race's medical tent they set up a morgue area at the back of the -- and reports of people coming in was severed limbs. Children with severe burns and according to this one report in the we haven't had any official reports -- many casualties.

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{"id":18961113,"title":"Boston Marathon Explosion Was 'Horrifying'","duration":"3:08","description":"Hayden Cardy describes the scene in Boston following two explosions.","url":"/US/video/boston-marathon-explosion-was-horrifying-witness-says-18961113","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}