Celebrities express support for UN resolution on rape being a weapon of war

Despite U.S. opposition to the proposal, Amal Clooney and Angelina Jolie voiced support for the resolution, which would investigate sexual violence as a weapon of war.
6:13 | 04/24/19

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Transcript for Celebrities express support for UN resolution on rape being a weapon of war
They were gonna shine a spotlight here every parent on a story that hasn't gotten a lot of attention this what I did the UN up in New York the united nations Security Council. Earlier this week debated a resolution. Aimed at combating sexual violence in war this is. Was resolution in the Security Council that would have condemned the rape. As a weapon of war and expressed support and justice for victims. To the people leading the charge on this more Angelina Jolie in a mall Clooney. Here's what she had to say about promoting this resolution. The crimes committed by ice this against women and gals unlike anything we have witnessed in modern times. I says controlled territory the size of the United Kingdom and ruled Ava eight million people. More than 40000. Foreign spices from 110 countries. Estimated to have joined ice this is ranks in Iraq and Syria. But the question of bringing them to justice has bad he raised the rest. The resignation you are considering today makes the prevalence of sexual violence and rules allay the wild. And states that you are crates deep deacons spent a over the slave progress and eliminating sexual violence in conflict. I agree that we are facing an epidemic of sexual violence. And I believe that justice is that on today it. And that epidemic getting. A lot of attention at the UN that resolution did pass. Thirteen to nothing but not without some controversy let's get into how what that controversy was and what it meant. The text of the resolution I was Sheba Crocker the vice president of care which is an international human humanitarian organization also former State Department official. She wrote they he's so much for joining us in the briefing room I suppose someone hand. It some good news that we saw the UN endorsed this resolution but on the other hand I understand from a lot of groups including yours that this. Was a bit disappointing explain why. Yeah that's right I mean this isn't the first time we've seen a UN Security Council resolution on this issue. And the disappointing part was that with that passage yesterday op and the text in this year's resolution. We've seen a walk back from a critical part of the resolution which is the kind of support. That survivors need. Survivors and victims of sexual violence and conflict so although the resolution did as as you say ominous op when he was talking about address aspects route justice. Om and accountability for these crimes on the big missing piece in the park it was really watered down in an effect taken out of this resolution altogether. Was om and unwavering commitment by the international community to ensure that women and girls who'd stage this kind of horrific violence in many cases. Sexual violence on the in the context of war have access to the poll panoply of a cat a critical health services reproductive and sexual. Related health services that they need. Com and that care sees every day me into work that we do around the world that these survivors at this kind of violence needs. And among those services I imagine her contraceptive needs in potentially abortion is that what was outrage in the trump administration on that front. Well I'm netting to question we have to ask the US administration in the US mission to the United Nations is what message to that wanna send to women and girls who suffered from this kind of horrific violence. On there's no room for pol politics or political maneuvering here the real question is are we offer these women and girls. On the survivors of this kind of violence the right kind of services on and the services that we know they need and not only that they need but that they actually the fundamental human right. Com we heard hands and. A lot of the other delegates at the UN the French among them Shiva outraged. Area because of the reasons your side in there but we're for our viewers who aren't familiar. With the scope and extent of sexual violence in war many people call it rape in war. How bad is it Danny can you give us a sense of what we're talking about when we won't Wear it when when you talk about sexual rounds or more. Yeah I mean it can take a range of forms obviously and sort of massive gang rape and it's rape of women is one of the most extreme but it also involves human trafficking it can involve intimate partner violence. So their range of things that government face and I think if you wanna know about the extent to bet. On the web what we've seen is that about one in five women who are humanitarian emergency report that they faced some kind of sexual violent so of course again. I'm that type of violence might ranged. On but that's an enormous number if you think about it right 20% of women on at women and girls always at the most part outlaw in the context of emergencies. Always have the most difficult time even accessing basic services like water and food. Om and then you layer on top of that that one in five of them. Are are reported. To be experiencing some kind of sexual violence and it's that he's really that is so disappointing and represent such shaking a huge walk back yesterday ami in the text of the resolution was. Cast Pitt in a side real quickly before you let your Toshiba aside from awareness which this resolution helps raise obviously. Having this conversation is important but what more can be done. Concretely to help help solve this problem. Well again I mean having the aid of full panoply answered the UN agencies being able to come in and help survivors of buyouts with the full range of protection a support that they are entitled to is a critical piece of that and that's why. The fact that the UN Security Council yesterday basically said. I'm directly or indirectly right dead on that women do not have right not have the right and not have access necessarily all the kinds support that they need. So care and other groups like us certainly will remain on the up alongside these women helping to support that regardless of what those UN Security Council said yesterday. But omni in effect the UN Security Council was talking about both what the UN agencies and the UN system needs to do and and their rights and responsibilities of member states situations. Om and so for them to a fallen silent on this question on this just a really tremendous disappointment. In a troubling to a lot of people lot of American allies as well Sheba Crocker. With care organization former State Department official thanks for joining us today thanks for helping to raise awareness about this very important that issue sexual violence in war at the UN and thanks to Sheila.

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{"duration":"6:13","description":"Despite U.S. opposition to the proposal, Amal Clooney and Angelina Jolie voiced support for the resolution, which would investigate sexual violence as a weapon of war.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"62610194","title":"Celebrities express support for UN resolution on rape being a weapon of war","url":"/US/video/celebrities-express-support-resolution-rape-weapon-war-62610194"}