Economic struggles in Sin City

ABC News’ Kayna Whitworth reports from Las Vegas, where the self-proclaimed entertainment capital of the world has been shut down by COVID-19.
5:49 | 05/09/20

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Transcript for Economic struggles in Sin City
Amid the unemployment crisis many Americans are out of work or worried that those jobs may never come back that fear is especially strong in the entertainment capital of the world. Las Vegas once bustling streets hotels and casinos Nelson and Dee. Leaving many wondering what happens next she ABC's Cano whitworth has more from Las Vegas. It is like a ghost town it's. Like if this was a science fiction horror movie the Las Vegas Strip utterly silent. The famous Bellagio fountains now just standing water. Escalators stopped in place chains and have mocks wrapped around a casino doors. They were designed to stay open 24 hours today. Stocking. Restaurants gift shops markets boarded up. Limousines and courtesy vehicles blocking entrances to hotels and casinos that normally welcome 42 million visitors. Police officers posted at every few hundred yards. And a silence never would have imagined in the entertainment capital of the world this city that boasts six of the ten largest hotels worldwide. Empty and the leading money sands resorts estimates their properties are losing fifteen million dollars a month. But they still continue to pay their employees. And now after eight weeks Las Vegas will enter fees of one of reopening. But that does not include the casinos. Strip clubs and brothels will not be opening under phase locked in as a reminder gaming establishments will not. Will not reopen in phase one. The Clark County commissioner says 78%. Of the seats overall budget comes from gaming. Those proceeds fund schools the police force firefighters still. When the casinos will open remains under. Clear there'll be some talk conversations and what I tell folks it's important that we move forward because. The mark folks that we can get back and to their jobs then we can start really assess seeing what our social service needs will be as well as. What would we may have to cut at some point. Phase one will open up smaller venues some restaurants and salons but nothing on the strip there's. No gaming and no let her what do you say to those people. Tuesday. This has gone through them so. So here's what I would say we grabbed only stage and facing this crisis impacted new world crisis. But I will tell you that we had five. Were working on many different friends you have whether it's bidding utilities. Everybody in our state has come together. And we we will survive where very resilient because we do that exactly that come together. Almost half a million people have applied for benefits since mid march and the state unemployment rate is nearly 20%. A heist in history. The top 100 employers in the entire state are located along this 16 mile stretch of Las Vegas boulevard. That shut down impacting 450000. People right here leaving many to wonder if Las Vegas will ever return to normal. It's going to be a very long time before any sense of normalcy is is gonna return to to the strip. I have been here for 22 years I've lived through the financial crisis through nine elevenths that they'll horrifying days. The mass shooting. We came back we were back in in in days. That uncertainty as to how life comes back. To normal. And what the new normal is. Is it's terrifying for anyone in the hospitality industry. The gaming board laying out a list of safety protocols telling ABC news in part. The purpose of the policies is to give gaining licensees notice as to what is expected of them when they reopen. Eating operations shall remain closed until gaining control or entrepreneurs that operations may safely be. Resume. The commission saying patrons can not sit next retailer chairs or stool should be placed in front of every other machine. Limit the number of people Ed card and table games in the casinos should have plans to address how they will disinfect cards and chips. We were all a cancer herself and whose phones versions blowing up left and re like. All of this case canceled backed geeks canceled this show is actually going this weekend that shut bucket in the speech was just like. All happening so fast it is just wild. Las Vegas native need McCain has been performing all her life. Living in the desert with her husband and three year old son. Schools got close this. Really shocked about Vatican did not analysis yet not been back said joining forces with DeVon a Laird and other performers they created the socially distant show. With the goal of raising 101000 dollars to help other performers in neat. They're halfway there and they're sending out 200 dollar checks as often as they can't. You're not getting any amp claiming you're not getting any help so anything linked when he dollars to 200 dollars is still helpful for crash east it's helpful for your. Found ballots helped slow for air you're utilities. Fear for the future is evident everywhere a city that relies on fifty billion dollars annually in tourism dollars now marked by a large empty theaters. And convention centers. We have to venture the rest of the world that Wear comfortable and we're ready for them to come back and and that's really are parity rate now Vegas is an 89 capital of the world. We need them to come back. They're gonna have to get creative bit eat some of the most creative producers mines in the city in. And made it a little bit different theories tube it is gonna come back in its going to be better than ever and I have full faith and everyone that's gonna happen. Cain whitworth ABC news. Las Vegas got to keep that faith and our thanks to Cano for that.

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{"duration":"5:49","description":"ABC News’ Kayna Whitworth reports from Las Vegas, where the self-proclaimed entertainment capital of the world has been shut down by COVID-19.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"70589629","title":"Economic struggles in Sin City","url":"/US/video/economic-struggles-sin-city-70589629"}