Eric Garner's Mother on Brooklyn Shooting: 'We Are Not About That'

Gwen Carr condemned the violent killing of two NYPD officers.
4:14 | 12/21/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Eric Garner's Mother on Brooklyn Shooting: 'We Are Not About That'
Good afternoon I'm Tom Galveston ABC news headquarters in New York with additional report on this Sunday afternoon on that deadly ambush that left to new York city police officers dead. Officers wing engine blew and rough while Ramos were shot at point blank range as they sat in their. Patrol car Saturday afternoon in Brooklyn. It's likely they never saw coming the suspected gunman take a look 28 year old is spoil brings leak win into a subway station where he killed himself. The NYPD and police commissioner Bill Bratton reeling over the shootings. And quite simply assassins. Targeted for the uniform and the responsibility. Injuries. Keep to people who look is safe. And ABC's Erica terrorist you watching covering the story join us now Arendt what do we know about a possible motive in this case. Well we have hints and that's exactly what authorities are trying to figure out today Tom they're digging into the background of Ismail princely we know he's 28 years old. And authorities are checking into a possible connection he may have had to a prison gang that's known to target authorities specifically police officers. We're also learning that he made social media posts that authorities are scrubbing now to try and figure out exactly. What he meant when he posted on ins to Graham that he was coming to kill police officers. Princely seemed to almost advertise his intentions after he left Baltimore after the shooting and wounding of his girlfriend. A city could Thompson and then he drove here and authorities were tracking in the whole time because he had stolen the girlfriend's cellphone. Along the way a friend noticed some social media posts that said he wanted to kill police officers and that's when they notified the NYPD. By then though it was really too late he had already approached the two police officers went at it again Lou and Rafael Ramos they were sitting in their mark vehicle. And they never had a chance to pull their weapons. Princely crouched into a firing stands. Fired off several rounds. Police gave chase as he noted but he killed himself a little bit later at a subway station. There let's focus on that social media point you brought up Brown's family has denounced the shooting Michael Brown's family and so is Eric Gardner's family. Gardner's mother condemning the violence is take a listen. Going and he. And anyone. Who's standing wit. We want you to him not heels every finals. Names thought violence because we are not at. Now air and before the shooting did the suspect make direct references to either Michael Brown or Erik Gardner. Not by name Tom but certainly referenced them in saying that police according to his social media posts that appears to be from him that a friend noticed that police had killed two of hours so let's get back in and killed two of bears and and that seems to be a reference to Michael brown and Eric Gardiner and their deaths at the hands of police and grand juries that declined to indict. Officers involved has left this city roiling it has become an epicenter of the national debate over policing and race. And those tensions are only heightened now the killing of these two officers that it has an air in the shooting spree started in Baltimore. Were police say Bruce Lee shot an ex girlfriend do we know how she's doing. She stable now Cindy can Nicole Thompson is in stable condition but not yet well enough. To speak to NYPD detectives they travel to Baltimore right away to try to get her to tell them what she may know about him. Beyond his social media posts and beyond any. Gang affiliations he may have had. There may have been a history of emotional problems and that that may be at the root of this so they're very anxious to speak with unique at Thompson she still in the hospital not yet well enough to speak to the detectives but they hope to do that later today. Okay ABC's Eric in terrorist you thank you so much for that report. And of course we'll continue to follow this story throughout the broadcast ABC news is monitoring these developments around the clock. To get updates on these top stories stardom on the ABC news phone app. To see live data will have a complete wrap up later on world news for now on Tom down us in New York have a great Sunday.

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{"duration":"4:14","description":"Gwen Carr condemned the violent killing of two NYPD officers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"27750561","title":"Eric Garner's Mother on Brooklyn Shooting: 'We Are Not About That'","url":"/US/video/eric-garners-mother-brooklyn-shooting-27750561"}