Etan Patz: Alleged Killer Pedro Hernandez Indicted

Hernandez's wife says he is innocent of the over-30-year-old crime.
3:00 | 11/14/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Etan Patz: Alleged Killer Pedro Hernandez Indicted
It has been more than thirty years but tonight there is an indictment in the murder of six year old a -- -- Pedro Hernandez faces charges of murdering kidnapping. In a case that many admit may be very hard to prove in court Eyewitness News reporter Sarah Wallace here with the latest Sarah. While sad day and -- -- this is the indictment against Pedro Hernandez three brief paragraphs extremely thin on details. His attorney claims that's because the evidence against his client is so thin. Yes Hernandez did confess. But is that enough thirty years later with nobody. Ever found. Is this the face of the killer or -- delusional schizophrenic whose illness. Drove him to falsely confessed to the murder of eight -- -- the fresh -- six year old who disappeared near his family's apartment in -- in May of 1979. Robert Gottlieb represents Pedro Hernandez his wife Rosemary who lived with the accused killer and their teenage daughter in maple -- New Jersey. As far as his wife is concerned the person who knows -- best he is not guilty. And his confession is wholly and totally unreliable. Hernandez who was eighteen -- a tonne vanished worked as a stock in what was then of the -- now an eyeglass store. He was never on anyone's radar until this past spring when it DA's office to reopen the case and a tip led authorities to search the store's basement there was no sign of -- time. But one of Hernandez's family members was prompted to contact police saying her relative -- once confessed to murdering a child. That led to a new confession and now an indictment. -- very surprised -- going forward knowing what I know and what Rosemary has made clear in what the district attorney knows about. His illnesses in the history of delusions and hallucinations. The DA's office today issued this statement. This indictment is the outcome of a lengthy and deliberative process involving months of factual investigation and legal analysis. They add they believe the evidence that Hernandez killed a -- on pace to be credible and persuasive.

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{"id":17721465,"title":"Etan Patz: Alleged Killer Pedro Hernandez Indicted","duration":"3:00","description":"Hernandez's wife says he is innocent of the over-30-year-old crime.","url":"/US/video/etan-patz-killing-alleged-killer-pedro-hernandez-indicted-17721465","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}