Flooding strands students at school overnight

Elementary school students in the Houston area were stuck at school amid strong storms and heavy rain.
3:35 | 05/08/19

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Transcript for Flooding strands students at school overnight
I wanna go to Maggie really she's in Cleveland Texas right now she's at a school lets suffered a lot of damage from flooding and and left a lot of the students stranded some issues. Kimberly at one point ever more than 800 students that were stranded here it's outside elementary school in this was across the district is Texas try to deal with this. Onslaught of storms but tornadoes in the north and flooding humor we are in the southern part of the state. I have to say Kimberly besides all these students that were stranded here we even blown away over the community that's come together especially here at outset elementary school comedic kindness to leave benzene and and also just an organization that all of its faculty members and staff put together in prayers at planet introduce you to some of them I'm their. Here they came from across the district at a Southside elementary school and you hear all in the and I wanted to get all night. Up with these students keeping them company we saw some of the staff is sort of walking around the room where the kids were sleeping making sure they were comfortable using other members just. Organizing everything because of this Kimberly more than 800 students many of them as young as four years old. They're scared they don't know where their parents are some of their parents are trapped in their homes are at an abandoned their cars because of rising floodwaters so when did this to add staff here really had to come together to try to ease some of the pain that of these young children were facing and promising that an eyelash or use a first off they need one phone call we're told that. Pretty much within an hour the community responded there are more than a hundred cots that were brought in. Isn't the overflow cots that you see behind me here on just who are left there's a room where kids are still sleeping right now there's about sixty students left. There are all on organized Kotnik something. Which we thought was ingenious and we never even thought of before they numbered the cots very specifically so that. It went parents were able to break through the floodwaters in come here sometimes in the middle of the night to pick up their kids. They could find them easily without waking up the other students let's have a little things like that I'm that they thought through to make this a seamless process. We also were told that local organizations. On their own volunteered to to bring and things like water and snacks got pizza delivered for the kids even got. Some of the lunch crew when to serving dinner to the children were also told the all the students that are still here is about sixty of them again. Tell them to get breakfast as morning even though school was closed so. He really really thought through everything to even up through there's a room right here where some students that maybe have special needs or didn't want to be in a large group of people can sleep by themselves. Mean the thought process they went to just to make sure that all these kids were okay. Is really really amazing because remember again and this is a very scary situation for many of these kids that. Are wondering whether parents are we do want to reiterate there's about sixty left. I'm they're all gonna go hopefully go home. A sometime this early morning some of their parents still might be trapped in their homes or had to abandon their cars you know Kimberly as we were just driving here. Weaver driving around Houston pretty much all night long we saw it. Dozens of cars just abandon on the side of the road estimate the flood waters have receded the callers were still there and it just kind of shows you how bad this flash flooding wind was at one point the people that get out of their cars and leave them Ahmanson cars were actually still underwater when we saw them. Those waters again though are receding but Kimberly whether experts here meteorologists are telling us that. This weather could get worse once again we're expecting more rain here in Houston so hopefully the for the last night you guys have to stay up and pull an all night there. But you know how can for the vast Kimberly. All right Maggie thank you so much you know we're hoping for the best two thumb that looked pretty terrifying.

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{"duration":"3:35","description":"Elementary school students in the Houston area were stuck at school amid strong storms and heavy rain. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"62909389","title":"Flooding strands students at school overnight ","url":"/US/video/flooding-strands-students-school-overnight-62909389"}