Georgia abortion bill is 'unconstitutional': Planned Parenthood

Leana Wen, the president of Planned Parenthood, responds to a "heartbeat" bill that was signed into law in Georgia.
6:54 | 05/07/19

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Transcript for Georgia abortion bill is 'unconstitutional': Planned Parenthood
I'm I think we should bring in doctor Rihanna Wen Hui also have with as the president of Planned Parenthood. Aaliyah when excuse me who I am clean I think is bringing a little man in a different perspective in this. Doctor went one ask you about as seven cent this kind of growing trend of these heart. Com do you see that taking its foot in other states and where where's this gonna happen next. Well. We call all the spills or bar they are a coordinated at how on its limits here right. So why haven't figured it happened sixteen C I have final bill that will limit abortions here early in pregnancy. Six weeks. When most women don't even know her name. And we know her. Own dance legend and animals not look. Doctor and I know that legalized abortions not me and he us. We do not how safe legal sources we're going to go back to what's line. Like the Florida obviously it was. When that all of whom are winning in that you die every year they did not say legal. And that the Clinton would be extreme bill. Honestly cannot beat Georgia at all that's. Appreciate it was talking about. It even but it should not allow states to investigate women or how he needs care. The bill act now and Alabama. Would it includes GE. Felony for doctors. And a portion here. Which would give them senses. And I'm years. Taxes. And I have tried to cast are this year alone. That would criminalize women actually put it on the death penalty capital punishment linens have a horse. This is a public company around the country and we now the grade the press that there is she'd be women in the. How concerned are you about the threat in this particular bill doctor when the there is reset their band now about a dozen. Our hearts are called heartbeat deals introduce your pass in this country suffer none of them are actually in fact that we just heard the previous guest say that they have. Tried to hone the language in this a lot of Georgia so that when it lands if it lands before that US Supreme Court they're competent. That it will win over the ear of this new conservative majority are you concerned about battered you think that this one like all the others will be blocked. This bill is unconstitutional. It is illegal and it is harmful we're talking off line of women and families that are on the line. Yes isn't wealthy Sunni shooting. Happy right hall are just. But he's. Not want it in so many ex seen ban on an reproductive care I wish all our country. And it's because rats are not listening words. Dance these haven't I'll legislators find at a shop at many are thinking and it. So that they're challenging the slate and we're really just to wrap saying this is why did you get this legislation passed. Wrote recently overturned or or notice that very bar. That he's not wanting women aged. Twenty million women. Could be but he didn't say we're Porsche is fans and lines and outlaw. And we'd call hypocrisy these dishes Georgia. The second highest. Mortality rate in the country. I didn't let me and it ten times more likely to I each call it an ink Kanye. In many think how she bands that thirty evil. Simplest is speaking in Missouri our clients. Experienced people are bound and be in the latest simplest and congenital. I sent it in decades. What do you on the registry Julie as the wilders. Did you want more hollow scare. And not laugh and we speak only they're policy in. Light. And they should be expanding health care and look he's been through hell for all people women children the only incidents on. Elaine. You've been talking a lot about their extreme differences in access to abortion and reproductive care for Americans depending on which state they live in. Are there any state that have been moving in the other direction that you feel like armed expanding. Access or expanding reproductive health care. Yet we know now awaits trial in the White House and all of the acts state how to EEE critical mass off. You increased cash and expands. And I beat us. We look at you look. Which after years poor blacks and Ian Gunner an inch law a bill that would I wrote in his seat long. And Illinois where I just lines is also looking EB. Equity act that would treat me you're then I'll know didn't know what it is. Which is home care. This is while the American people want support for notices sleep more land is higher than a diaper and a 73%. Slower growth and the nights you see people portions the American people are saying that. We understand when it's all here. That is really Oxford where you are simply unacceptable unacceptable happy woman today that you less. We are 50% higher at each column on hollers. And implement it three. I just offered an that white women. And their weakens which she's wonderful care care. And human. Right Doctor Who you know when you were president of Planned Parenthood of America thank you so much artwork for come and ensure your view I certainly interest in developments. Out of Georgia and we know a number of states pursuing those things as well we'll continue to stay on it here and ABC news I appreciate your voice. And all this is certainly. Particularly in. At the Supreme Court can be a fascinating year ahead with so many cases in the pipeline not only the six week. Band split the number of other things admitting privileges for doctors. I think so plant pairs we're Linux you know you've seen come. A lot of different tactics at the state level she tried to restrict abortion and I think she made a point coming to head right now come as conservatives hope to get some of those cases. Before this Supreme Court.

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{"duration":"6:54","description":"Leana Wen, the president of Planned Parenthood, responds to a \"heartbeat\" bill that was signed into law in Georgia. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"62886798","title":"Georgia abortion bill is 'unconstitutional': Planned Parenthood ","url":"/US/video/georgia-abortion-bill-unconstitutional-planned-parenthood-62886798"}