Gym safety in the time of COVID-19

Gold’s Gym CEO Adam Zeitsiff discusses how gyms across the country are reopening and what steps they are taking to stay clean.
4:31 | 05/23/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Gym safety in the time of COVID-19
States are now easing lockdown restrictions to try to boost declining economy as we've seen businesses from restaurants barbershop start to reopen with new safety measures in place. The term administration including gyms in the proposed first wave of reopening the economy. People are certainly here to get back to their regular fitness routines but how urgent owners keeping the space is safe for customers. Adams lights at the CEO gold's gym is here now for more on how locations around the country are reopening Adam thanks much for joining us. You're preaching. To you sending your taking a phased approach to reopening locations in states where that's allowed what is that phased opening look like. SO the first days rouge for Ross is in about five or six right now. Inclusive isn't it hard your theory is that string theory is the key large areas were easy enough breasts Cerro. They shortened arms visible distancing British real carpet cleaning and yours. And what are you series illusion that we remember he won't be so our apartments they want. It gyms are of course filled with shared equipment from weights machines to the lockers people are sweating all over the place quite often. What are you doing to keep those surface is clean because quite often Jim's rely on people to do it. And I can't imagine that we can count on that at this point. And always change aren't Hariri experience inside of our gold's gym so we Harris cleaning that happens of course overnight who are about as LaRoche because people don't want to all lengths they guards leading machines in terms of the springs the bottles of wires. Or what grounds is cleaning up your members spammers are doing it themselves as well we have rumors around. Cleaning machines down. We're cheating and injured mission every day it wants local. So that we can actually of people trekking into the we can actually duels full clean at a club team. And of course we're not grant an empty so cleaning including your church extreme chills and germs are. In addition to that is there anything that you would add to people are feeling has intently they want to go bank to the GM but they're just not sure it's safe. You know I think Drew Neitzel try and you know you can see there are teams are their masks and gloves you can see cleaning who you can smell the cleaning in the Arab. Medical race leading solutions that we use our opportunity yet to cease solo and gym members and there are doing their work house cleaning up after themselves and you won't see that it's agrees placing them stress or. June she's sorry and really help your body. Is meant squaring encouraged or mandatory. So for our team members of gold's gym weren't required masks and gloves we do now looks it is being Victorian art gyms in your State's regular. Depending on where you Jim it is that they say Wareham mass we will do so otherwise we do highly encouraging me to see a lot of remembers where Aaron. That while gyms were closed people embraced and have been embracing at home work outs whether it's running outside or streaming an online class. Are you concerned at all that people may not come back in the regular. Big crowds to their gym membership. Evans that's a great question we didn't servant read before we reopen. And CDC percent of our members the recent race and it would be back early on. And there are certain to get back in the gym and it gold's gym you know we have a western Digital's but it is solutions we are numbered years so our members have been using those solutions and all of our goals in Britain and working outs Americans are getting back to Jim a few days legion where we're early season creepiest of compared to last year there aren't much Burton. 86% sounds like a real and people or are convinced that that it's safe a curious and you can kind of pull out your crystal ball for a sweeping bid fitness looks like. Maybe a year five years and that from now perhaps because of changes that people make because of this pandemic. And I think this pandemic has accelerated the hybridization notes that some warranty I mean that's people working on -- me between a little bit of work out a home run leagues but really this is accelerating the hybridization of the virtual that this. So people still go to religions a couple days a week and those won't be replaced you can place the equipment he experienced class has become our reached full use of the physical and virtually into more virtual workouts and homes and an organization that works well because that is. We're very quickly during this pandemic gratuitous and the future of bustling store or months. Really helpful and insightful information thank you so much for your time Adams site since.

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{"duration":"4:31","description":"Gold’s Gym CEO Adam Zeitsiff discusses how gyms across the country are reopening and what steps they are taking to stay clean.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"70845222","title":"Gym safety in the time of COVID-19","url":"/US/video/gym-safety-time-covid-19-70845222"}