Inside the Capitol Hill riot

ABC News exclusive: Capitol Police officer Harry Dunn speaks with ABC News’ Pierre Thomas about fighting off the Jan. 6 violent mob, as some allegedly yelled racial slurs.
11:13 | 02/23/21

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Transcript for Inside the Capitol Hill riot
Announcement ABC news exclusive Capitol Hill police officer Harry John the first to speak out publicly each Jess is chilling account of what happened on January 6 as he fought often violent mob some yelling racial church and just your mind that he speaks only for himself and not for his department here's ABC's jeered Thomas. There were so many calls on the radio. Priority help help somebody's trapped we need help shots fired. When capitol police officer Harry Dunn went to work on the morning of January 6. It felt like a normal day it's plus the first moment. Did you begin to get a sense that something is off kilter here can we. Would sold two. Get it helmets and riot helmets. And that was new but no sits at all hell could preclude court. Did the thirteen year veteran seen here washes the crowd of thousands. Closed in on the east side of the capitol. Insists it's seen. Six Flags confederate flags. And blue line flags don't tread on me flags and in the den and see officers fighting. Wouldn't keep pepper spray and smoke grenades destiny's. Pepper balls. Being claimed by everybody slash span we've slit. With these people. Who were prepared. For a fight. They have investments and they have no body armor they had going two way radios. They handle tactical gear. The group says they were ready to go when you see that level of preparedness. To death surprised you didn't scare you I was scared I was absolutely scared and his platform. I'm a big and six but seldom does giant person. And we had our guns out and begin all these people out there. There are intended. We'll decide. We'll take me out. I remember at one point has said. I'd never. Imagine. Besides the federal woken on that stage and at the moment where I'm going to show. I am I did and having a moment that says. I'm not gonna make you don't. Eventually the mob forces who wait inside the capitol building. She's done confronting the group carrying a blue lives in matters plan it's it. We've got dozens of officers dam we get dozens of officers down. And you got the nerve to be on the blue lies madness. I thought they were when have a moment where they may came to and they realized like you know what are we doing. Like they can be snapped out of the and they said. Now we're doing this for you and we're doing this for you. And as what you guys kept walking by. The one put out is beds. And say trust me understand we're doing this for you bloody. He's got a and it's. Showed his best would you take bill fellow officers. Can you gotta was kidding me you gotta be kidding me they believed in their mind that they were right. Some believe that makes them even more dangerous because we were telling them and we were making them and we were fighting damn telling them to get out. They caught us traders. Your job is to survive and protect people. And protect yourself bright. I remembrances. In PD a couple times couple officers. As. We're listening to emphasize out because there's so little pepper sprayed. Protect yourself. Protect yourself 'cause there are way too many people we are outnumbered your fighting. Yeah white officers help you got. Flak officers help put an end point it don't matter then you're just into cancer. When. Exhausted are so done trying to reason with a large group of protesters approaching a hallway he was guarding. Balladur told them that they want to get to hear you gotta go to me. And they did they just started talking to me they were saying out so Biden did not win the election. And nobody voted for him. So I took the bait. And I'd OK yeah we're blow me I voted for Joseph. I'm his marble like to know this is where an officer Dunn and touted a couple in the crowd. Began hurling the most vile racial slurs at him a black officer and his girlfriend sit on a teen mag is certain. Today. The motive for Joseph Biden guys. Today everybody the motive for Joseph Biden thanks to you. So the crowd joined everybody everybody joined him with some real talk when. It register do you what had been sent you a law enforcement office. Unit capital defending the capital. And somehow race seem to do that to everybody wants to save that. And who's about politics and everything but it was a large number of people in that crowd. Delaware race is due to images. And I'm thinking about one is. We mentioned John Lewis who's a man of great integrity. Paul Revere him. And you have experience regarding. That iconic figures. What happened. Outside of stinging or his office in the capitol yeah. It's Tribune. Sits on Lewis. Sir stand. Put a poster. Bed mural was due east Troy. Thieves ripped it in half. Once. We picked it up and it repeat again. And again it was in pieces. It was deliberate. American flag stayed. But Demirel. To John Lewis. It was destroyed. Can you can't tell me. But that isn't racism. You cannot tell me day. That the people. Who were there to tell you why they were there. We're stopping the steal. According to them they would doors for Russ they're taught us a favor and supported those terrorists. You very precise users use the word terrorist absolutely absolutely. It was insists. Mob or a bunch of thugs you know thinking they were terrorists. They tried to disrupt this country's democracy. That was good goal. You know what you'll failed. But five people lost their lives that day including capitol police officer Brian sick nick. After the capital had been cleared up said Dunn hit his first chance to reflect on what he had witnessed. Fire extinguishers have been gone off the floors were covered in. White. Does this cloud of smoke water bottles. Broken flag poles are redeemed in the rotund. Just laying there on the fluid they're reviewing the rotunda the pinnacle of the lead tomorrow Ericsson democracy. And all this stuff is there. And I sat down with good friend of mine and I looked at home. Asked what the hell happened as a star to crash. This award he's everything that happened. Tis hit me. At once. That's a little. Call it. Couple dozen times to duty. Second is building. He is this America. They beat police officers. Woods who lives metal plates. They fought us. Confederate flags in big US capitol. They stormed the speaker's office. They would do this sensitive documents they were trying to assassinate the vice president. In the capital. Busted gamut of emotions I've got angry but a sad. I dare hurt you big sister in this interview. I'm getting there but our my talking about and that's how I get through it and these days following the insurrection. We also like we had each other's back even more. When you go to something that traumatic. Nobody knows what you've been through. Except the people that went to with Q and even then they don't fully know because a lot of my white office through co workers. Pitting cookie called. So we all for the same battles. But they were different. Dunn has nothing but praise for his fellow officers including Eugene Goodman who was seen on camera shielding the unguarded cynical world. And directing senator Mitt Romney away from that mob of protesters. Eugene goodness OK and seeing thousand by Eugene good with good do good dude on. Hubble bat funny guy that. And great person to work with strippers going to be around US surprise that he acted the way another go. There were dozens of Eugene Goodman's that day dozens. Teaching got caught on camera and I'm not surprised he did the right thing to bring pain the road thing. She deserves everything that he's did and but there were so many. Eugene Goodman's that weren't caught on camera that day and I'm proud to work with them. A lot of officers they're not gotten their due recognition such a powerful inner need for more talents bring an arch jeered Thomas and cheer or Dunn's words were quoted during trumps reason and she trench Roush but at the time we're anonymous. They were indeed he was the mystery officer. After taking about this quite some time is a he'd finally decided that he wanted to go forward he got approval from his department. And he told his story that still breaks his heart. He's still angered by but he believes that the world needs to know what truly went on inside that build. Yeah heartbreaking indeed and chair officer Dunn is a first Capitol Hill police officer to speak publicly using his name which this is going to be tough for all the officers on the front lines. There's still healing Lindsay and he made it clear that every day he thinks about this in some fashion. This is something that he has some live with and also something that he believes that the country eventually. He's going to have to come to grips with wins. Share Thomas. And you can catch more of the scenery on ABC's primetime series sold the nation airing on ABC Tuesdays at 10 PM eastern starting in March.

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{"duration":"11:13","description":"ABC News exclusive: Capitol Police officer Harry Dunn speaks with ABC News’ Pierre Thomas about fighting off the Jan. 6 violent mob, as some allegedly yelled racial slurs.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76056154","title":"Inside the Capitol Hill riot","url":"/US/video/inside-capitol-hill-riot-76056154"}