Ivanka Trump receives backlash for new book 'Women Who Work'

"The View" co-hosts discuss why some passages and quotes have received backlash.
5:41 | 05/04/17

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Transcript for Ivanka Trump receives backlash for new book 'Women Who Work'
So while we're on the subject of people who just really don't get what's going on in the real world, ivanka Trump's new book, "Why women work" is not working for a lot of women right now. Some are calling it tone-deaf, vapid, and one particularly regrettable passage, she uses a Tony Morrison quote about the devastating impacts of black slavery. To start a chapter that's called, working smarter. She says, are you a slave to the time or the master of it? Why do they constantly use slave analogies? Slavery was a knunique system of oppression. It's like using the holocaust. You don't use these things. I almost got in trouble by the jewish organization because I called somebody in politics a gn Nazi, and the reason I got in trouble was because I was told, do not equate anything to a Nazi because Nazis were very unique. Huzing it half hazardly like that is offensive, and I apologize. I don't think she understands slavery was real. I think in her mind, it's, like, I'm a slave to time. I really feel like the hours in the day just hold me back, and they won't let me, like, escape. There's a tone-deafness I think that goes on with the trump family, and ivanka is proof of that. I remember in her 2009 book, it was a self-help book called "The trump card", and she opened with -- With this? She opens with this sentence. In business as if life, nothing is ever handed to you. And I thought -- except your daddy to you millions and millions of dollars. As did his daddy. This is this tone-deafness going on. They don't have their finger on the pulse of what Americans go through. Why is she putting a book out? It was before her father was in the administration, but -- Because her father needs something to read. To me, a lot of people give her credit, including me, for being smart, but when you look at the haunted by optics problems. You could say, hold off. I'll come back to it. You have to choose your lane a little bit, and in this instance, a buiook can be on hold. And there's that pesky emoluments clause. The book doesn't bother me, but I think she would do better to speak to her own experience. She doesn't have any. She is a privileged person. She came into the world -- but she is a smart businesswoman, and she has done a lot with her life, and some people are handed a lot of money and they don't do anything wit, and she did a lot of great stuff with it. She works for her dad's organization. People would be able to look at her as a serious person, and say, you know what? She is acknowledging -- Her gains. And she took heat because she quoted a lot of women that inspired her, and they turned around and were upset they were being quoted. They said, I don't support your dad's policies. I don't know why you would put somebody in your book you didn't go to. I would go to whoopi, and say, I want to use this. You have to do that. As far as I know, because you are not allowed to take anybody's -- maybe it's because of what I do, but you're not allowed to take my stuff and use it unless you let me know. Because I get to say, no, you can't use that. They're supposed to come to you. If they don't, you have the right to say, you can't put that out. If she is going to talk about women in the workplace -- I don't know if it's in there, but is there anything about day care centers when you work in a corporation? That would help a lot of women. Did you read this book? Is there a day care center at any of her dad's businesses? I don't think so. It's supposed to be an aspirational book, but self-help isn't it rags to riches and not riches to richer? That's good. The proceeds are going to charity, and I just -- Oh, really? I did read -- Is all of it going to charity? Yeah. The proceeds are going to charity, and I read pieces of it, and I don't feel her presence as her experience that's authentic and real. I felt like she was trying to send a fledge a place she hadn't been. Nobody else will have that experience. It's up to other people to have that experience, but you know what? If she wrote a book about what she was interested in, it would probably be a lot easier for people to swallow because I think she, you know, you doing a self-help book is, like, me te telling blondes how to dress. You know? It's one of those things where you go, you're not a blonde. You shouldn't be dressing like this. That's what I mean. So I just think she needs to find her corner and what she does and write about stuff she does. This is the part I do know. Be more aspirational. And she needs Frederick Douglas to give her a review.

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{"id":47208769,"title":"Ivanka Trump receives backlash for new book 'Women Who Work'","duration":"5:41","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss why some passages and quotes have received backlash.","url":"/US/video/ivanka-trump-receives-backlash-book-women-work-47208769","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}