Kelly Sadler out at White House in latest staff shakeup

The latest on today's top stories: White House shakeup, Kate Spade tragedy, and NBA Finals Game 3.
15:33 | 06/06/18

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Transcript for Kelly Sadler out at White House in latest staff shakeup
Welcome and ABC news live I am well read it is Wednesday. June 6 a lot to get to. Starting in Guatemala where the death Paul continues to rise. Dozens dead hundreds missing. In the aftermath of that volcanic eruption there on Sunday and tonight. In Cleveland in game three of the NBA finals LeBron James and the cavaliers. Looking Q climb their way back into the theories they are in. Eight Q nothing hold the Golden State Warriors that is on ABC tonight but today right now. We head to DC where our Karen Travers is outside the white. House lots going on there today and every day the care and we will start inside the White House a personnel change Kelly Sadler. The woman who purportedly said some rather offensive things about Senator John McCain about a month ago. Allegedly. No longer works there what can you tell her tell us about her departure. Well will the White House is being very terrible and describing what Kelly sather status is they say she no longer works for the executive office of the president and that means literally here at the White House or the executive office building next store. Kellyanne Conway at top aide to the president said this morning that she of the door opened her to work somewhere else in the administration so. Is that certainly doesn't mean Kelly Sadler is gone from the trump administration but maybe just getting moved to somewhere else not here at the White House. They also are not saying whether or not she quit or was fired for this comments that he made about John McCain prided indications that meeting last month. Notably. Megan McCain the senator's daughter said that in a conversation she had with Sadler Sadler said she would give a public apology. She has not done that and nobody from the White House well. Has publicly apologize to the McCain camp. Staying. Inside the White House this time in the realm of palace intrigue there is expected to be a maligning a trump. Citing the First Lady has not been made a public appearance in nearly a month. This morning the president Donald Trump took to Twitter to defend his wife the First Lady and attack the media what what do you have there. The well is there is some remarkable tweets from the president's in the back story here that maligning a trumpet and a half her first public appearance today in 27 days she's going to go to Fina headquarters with the president for harking everything in the event that a firstly he would normally attend so it's notable that were actually going see her on camera for the first time. Since you have that medical procedure for what her office says was of the nine kidney condition that procedure was on May fourteenth said today its June 6 we'll finally see the First Lady. There has been a lot of social media speculation about where she's been in what she'd been doing since may fourteenth and the president today. Taking a speculation putting it firmly in the mainstream headlines with these tweets he says that that fake news media has been so unfair and vicious to the First Lady. He says that there were reports ranging from near death facelift that left the White House and meet for New York or Virginia to abuse. He says that is off eight. She is doing very well and will he also said that the media wasn't reporting that they saw her in the White House last week. That for reporters saw her walking narrowly to a meeting and that that would maybe tamp down on some speculation. Well there were some reporters who did see her and they tweeted about it saying they saw her wits for aids. In the west wing last week well. Karen yesterday was supposed to be the day that the new Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles your team I might add where where they were supposed to visit the White House they of course. Now in famously were disinvited and Press Secretary. Sarah Sanders had a rather contentious. News making. Press briefing yesterday where she called what the Eagles did it by not bombing a political stunt what more do you have there. He also will essentially that the Eagles are sabotaging. Their own Super Bowl celebration here at last week. There are more than eighty are ACP's from the Eagles organization to comes out of back to the and the next day Eagles were trying to change the AT and movie the event next week when of course the president will be in Singapore I was never going to work. And the White House says that over the next few days they heard from the Eagles that the number of people that would be attending could be less than a dozen. So they clearly did not want out of photo op so the president cancel on the Eagles for the Eagles could stand him up here at his own place. And in the place of a Super Bowl championship celebration in the White House did hold another celebration of sorts a celebration of America. They turned it what happened there and what would that news making moments from that. There weren't a lot of news making moment the president didn't mention the Eagles he did mention that it was supposed to be a Super Bowl events and steady game lately you know abbreviated. Version of his stump speech talking about. Liking this and that for the National Anthem talking rap economy things like that. They the National Anthem was played as the president promised he delivered remarks and then god bless America was played. And that was it and will there was a lot of questions about who would there at the event yesterday on the South Lawn. Begin there are about a thousand Eagles fans who were expected if the team was showing up. Yesterday we spotted a lot of people at events you were in office attire no Eagles jerseys you Eagles T shirts or hats nanny had their White House badges. Around their acts are tucked into their jackets. In fact ABC sign email that the White House sent to news staff here in the west wing across Everett executive office building. Saying if people one mountain spent some time on the South Lawn at the event they are welcome to do that. Karen Travers at the White House Karen thank you so much turning out union. Eagles' perspective is that they say in the news with president trump dis inviting them to their own super ball ceremony we're gonna take it now. Q the Eagles facility outside Philadelphia where are Lindsey Davis is stationed. Lindsay. What do you have for us what's the latest out of the Eagles facility an organization. Good morning to well we're waiting for the Eagles begin practice session in just a little bit but just a few moments ago. That the coach Doug Peterson and coach of the Philadelphia Eagles just wrapped up for press conference where. He said look what happened happened he's not gonna have a lot of comment to say about it he did say that he didn't find out that the trip was canceled until Monday night. There was brief moment of levity when he was asked well why do you think the trip was canceled and he said I don't know college because. We didn't go. He went on to talk about how the Philadelphia Eagles have the greatest fans who support them. This was his one pretty much overarching comment that want you to take a listen to about Eagles game right here. This could be a blanket statement not discuss further so. I was looking forward to going down obviously. You know we did something last season as respect to milestone here in the city of Philadelphia. Our organization. And I was in Puerto going down and being recognized as world champions and you know it is what it is we're here today in key practice and focused on these next couple days getting through. Next week and on the training camp so. That's where we're at. And of course Eagles did release a statement shortly after all of this on Monday night but it did not address the White House it did not address. The president or the cancellations as basically talking about how they were looking forward. To the next season though we did here at this tweet. From Torrey Smith who was on the championship Eagles team. And he said so many allies estimates upward shaking my head here are some facts one not many people were going to go. To not one refuse to go simply because trump insists folks stand for the anthem three the president continues to spread the false narrative. That players are anti military and of course this is something that we've seen now spread to the NBA of course just yesterday we heard from both. LeBron and stepped Currie both saying that no matter which team wins the NBA championship neither of them. Would like to go to the White House to receive that invitation and then also yesterday. Something that we had heard about few months ago it was kind of brought back to the service that. The Minnesota lynx that WNBA champions from last year they said hey we're still waiting for an invite to Washington DC that's something that. Traditionally ever since the year 2000. The champions of the WNBA championship would go or at least get an invitation to the White House they still let the team still went. To Washington DC yesterday. Simply to perform community service. I want it get into the issue of attendance and how many players were planning to go because there have been conflicting reports some out of the White House say. There weren't enough time planning on coming of people from the Eagles losing certainly we're gonna come one today. A report from the NFL network said there was just one player confirmed to go and that was Super Bowl MVP nick foale's. Where does the truth. Liar yet. Well we've heard all over and he said from one. We've also heard from ten as many as ten people were expected to go out. What the White House's said was simply that it was a small delegation and they called the number. Unacceptable. So we don't know I mean I guess the truth lies somewhere between about ten and one. But according to Sarah Sanderson said that as of Monday they had a list of 81 people were they were expected to attend 81 answer they'd cleared. Two be able to have access to the White House. And then that went down to zero. Lindsay thank you very much turning out to the sad story out of New York where legendary fashion designer Kate Spade was found dead yesterday an apparent suicide. At age 55. Are you the pilgrim has the latest. We are here in advocates say store in Manhattan's upper west side conceded RD flower of flowers there at the door yesterday we saw hours. More flowers dropping off I was paying numerous acts. Here at the stories we're seeing now across the country in the world as people. Honored he'd stayed a completely. I'm expected death police say they found her that her. Housekeeper found her in her park avenue home she hanged herself with a red star in her bedroom leaving behind her husband and business partner Andy. And her thirteen year old daughter now a family spokesperson putting out a statement saying we are all devastated. Me loves Kate dearly and will miss her terribly. This and there are now reports that came Spain's debt was the result of a years long internal. Cattle older sister telling the Kansas City Star. That her death was quote not unexpected the news think we're saying she told them the designer suffered debilitating mental illness for the last three or four years. The key is singing and watched her iconic brand in 1993. Would any state who later became her husband. Those iconic acts quickly became wildly popular with the celebrities. And everyday Americans for it higher than dwellings are attacked me. Roads and students accessories and home goods in 2007 Spain sold her stake in the company. Break deciding just in time with her daughter to raise her daughter she then went in 2016. If passed it wants. A new grand old Francis Valentine's. Her namesake company this morning saying she was a visionary. And Sammy honor them unity that she brought into the world hates me. Was 59. Years old will. You're welcome thanks dozens and counting our dead and hundreds more missing in Guatemala after a Sunday. Volcanic eruption victory and go. Is on the scene. We'll weren't on open jungle Guatemala and that is little kind of wiggle right behind us right there take a look. Especially that left side this reward you to focus on that is where that pyroclastic flow it's been coming down that combination of toxic gas ash smoke and lava particles that's the side of the mountain the lighter side where street just rushing down at speeds of 100 miles per hour temperatures reaching thirteen hundred degrees Fahrenheit. Here on the ground in open on but they have shelter set up in some supplies just arrived here this morning take root look you see volunteers carry these large boxes that it. Here's to be soup that there are loading right now so there's food there's water I've seen for the paper even right behind me that kind of a human chain form. And it leads all the way to publicly this way. Into the shelter but they set up right side we'll wait for him to pass. A walk this way. This whole. Plaza this area has become kind of a meeting point for a lot of first responders received some volunteer firefighters out here this morning. Over the game plan for what they're gonna do they see how they can help people can lose. As we can tell you right now the latest numbers here just kept. 75 people are confirmed dead 100 and maybe you are missing Guatemalan officials hope that. This point it's unlikely. They will find. There are teams of people ready to go ready to see how they can help. Record Guatemala. Will. Victor think he tonight game three of the NBA finals as the theory ships back. The Cleveland LeBron James the cavs are a 20 hole to the Golden State Warriors in game three has some serious implications. Not only for the series. But for the bronze future here's details. We'll will here we are again for a fourth straight year standing in quicken loan Andrea. With the cavs. About the tried to change their fortunes if you will and continuing series. That of many people say they're not supposed to win in the first place yes the cavaliers funds of -- 20 coming back here home certainly open to turn things around after they really let one get away from them. In Oakland out a Golden State but that's neither here nor there LeBron James and company have been in this spot. For the past two years they've been down 20. Last year they were down 20 came back and they lost game three and they lost the NBA finals you before they came back. And they won game three and went on to win the NBA championships so a lot is on the line tonight you could even argue that these series itself. Is on the line tonight here in Quicken Loans Arena LeBron right now is putting up his gaudy numbers in the NBA finals. Averaging about forty points a game but they we saw all the displace all staff curry just go. Nuts really and that last game ninth reporters and NBA finals record in game two so. Tonight is the night. Another storyline keep an eye on people are wondering. Is this going to be the last time we see but the last couple of times we could see LeBron James. Are playing in Quicken Loans Arena at the cavalier remember he can opt out of his contract this year in a lot of people keep an eye on that. What happens in the finals is going to determine whether or not he decides to leave Cleveland again the or stick around in Cleveland so Bob happening where game three finally happening tonight on ABC with the C that amount TJ Holmes in Oakland will seek. Know what a night Oakland. Comically. So our guys and jet lag flannel back what we're against it. I do understand and I wish I ever there at the game for game three that'll be good one tonight and I'll do it for us. On this edition of ABC news live but remember we are with you 24 hours a day. Seven days a week and were on the apps wherever you need your news. Resources for their way have you.

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