Los Angeles teachers go on strike for first time in 30 years

More than 30,000 LAUSD teachers demand smaller class sizes and better pay after failing to reach a new contract deal with the Los Angeles Unified School District administration.
5:22 | 01/14/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Los Angeles teachers go on strike for first time in 30 years
Tens of thousands of teachers from Los Angeles are now on strike and so we want to take you to the picket lines and ABC's Cano whitworth. Can what's this strike about and there are looks like we're demonstrating in the rain today. Aaron no rain is really coming down here in Los Angeles and I Angelina don't take late leads in the rainbow and he's still I'm kind of loud here and he's. So he unified school district they're teachers union if you're striking. Today now in the union that something happened 30000 members your today but they are joined by Ed you can see behind me we have parent. We had. You mean and out here supporting the teachers. I it's really incredible casino isn't the second largest school district. In this country and their own them. 600008. And twelve steam. In his district and I read that's actually worsened but they're still in. Owning this is massive and incredibly impossible to the this district and 720. I am so again and you look at the people I'm here striking some kind of come with me here. And decided to strike after and they live Jack did the administration's latest I was. And when students and teachers and parents are wanting and you're hearing them chanting. And they wanted to reduce class sizes that has been a major point of contention here they also want to increase salaries for the teachers and they want and nurses. On staff and some schools the only kind of marriage in their school like one day my. They're saying that his is not enough I didn't think Aaron is the most inspiring when you see the parent who lived there with their little kids pays. A good job. They're out here green beautiful weather and unlocked yeah. Eastern time. And 37 hit car class. I matters pepper plant that she met here with her mom. Learning the lesson today the mean green your daughter Emily today. I think it's great. There. They're project at bear no arraignment on TV home today and does not. I went on my hands I wanna continue to do I want Maynard you defend the penny. You and Aaron. It's iron. This is Dan Simon and I need right in here and pounding and Jenin the parent but she's also. Instrumental. In net tell me a little bit about what you deal so I'm appearing here this incredible school and along with a other parents we found is that. A group called parent. According teachers that at 6 AM this morning. I think 141000. Wow do it just tells it. Much to parents want to be involved. And how much parent pied yeah airtime for a it is then and you have to parents because my hand and it happened this imprisonment and tonight especially thinking they're handed out Sunday because they don't wanna take it. The school and then not support the teacher and it's not hard it I think he'll let me think he got hit from the very beginning. Is that you don't have to keep kids out of school in order. Put your teachers are still many. Billowing from. That you cannot keep. But let me read there. I'm practicing what I got and even even Matt partners who could. I had an. Incident teacher. Grunow the teacher is an. For going to school. Can we just ask for your support either way. Either way and when you win you just can't strike guerrilla yeah. Cook yeah. Parenting I lived at 145 isn't any limit is not a class size and that's been. The real point of can I am I got. Is rotten in LA ST thank you they integrates out of here sound. An and so again people are really draining no rain here Braden elements when its top leaders they say. They won't be out here is lung and they need to be. Some leaders of this movement saying this is there Armageddon if they have to do this they've been fighting now for so long. I'm not according district just so everyone knows they have hired some 400 substitute teachers. They've also brought in more than 2000 of their employees that how they're teaching credentials. To be there for the students all of the facilities are open they're welcoming for students and they are providing. As well. Because nearly 80% of the kids in the district relied on meals provided by the school either wholly funded or personally and listen that's. That's huge and also less clear and I want to mention for the student athletes. As this straight continues all of their practices and all of their game. Are canceled until this is resolved. ABC's Cain and went. Worth in the middle there of passionate and impact full protesters. Some 30000 teachers in Los Angeles are on strike Kenneth. Our thanks to you.

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{"duration":"5:22","description":"More than 30,000 LAUSD teachers demand smaller class sizes and better pay after failing to reach a new contract deal with the Los Angeles Unified School District administration.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"60367828","title":"Los Angeles teachers go on strike for first time in 30 years","url":"/US/video/los-angeles-teachers-strike-time-30-years-60367828"}