Man's Fake Cemetery Buries His Vagrant Problems

Texas landowner uses a fence and headstones to keep vagrants off his property.
1:59 | 05/16/13

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Transcript for Man's Fake Cemetery Buries His Vagrant Problems
Texas -- has come up with a unique way to keep people off this property at least live ones -- you know I think seventy Harry. Deborah Wrigley reports from Bart station and instead. In the shadow of downtown skyscrapers flanked by busy traffic is an old pecan tree. Added Dick Cheney three head stones often overlooked by the people who walked by. Most -- -- that Greece had been here longer that they have. -- -- -- If it is sold a long time bail Bondsman whose business is a block away can't recall it. Never saw them. Well -- not very observed apparently. Here's the deal this isn't a real savage -- no -- buried here. But it may be the most elaborate deterrent to they Britain's Ian littering ever divide us. The property -- says he is out of -- but he said by phone that after years of littering and people sleeping on the corner lot. He devised the -- cemetery plan. From an adjacent parking lot -- -- -- driver saga -- more than a year ago. -- -- -- About maybe two team is later this hopefully. That is new laws was merely an easy to move its materials available -- of this can -- they presented to -- always seem to write their. The headstone is the property owners says -- -- -- from a local monument company. But he says he was seven where the names of the departed were real he regrets that. But the well maintained result speaks for itself. So it leaves one of those who is -- they were walking by -- real cemetery. Struggling for words. Coolidge a lot of much money did this good easy. But it worked. He needs counseling. It's a good sound like who had -- I love you multilateral pirate attitude and they are not a story.

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{"id":19192813,"title":"Man's Fake Cemetery Buries His Vagrant Problems","duration":"1:59","description":"Texas landowner uses a fence and headstones to keep vagrants off his property.","url":"/US/video/mans-fake-cemetery-buries-vagrant-problems-19192813","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}