Mayor de Blasio addresses judge's recommendation in Eric Garner case

An NYPD departmental judge has recommended that Officer Daniel Pantaleo be fired for his involvement in the 2014 death of Eric Garner.
5:14 | 08/02/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mayor de Blasio addresses judge's recommendation in Eric Garner case
There's been a lot pain in this city. Over the last five years. And there's been a lot of fear. The pain was because we watched an innocent man die. The fear was because people worried. That there would be no justice. That the inequities that have plagued us. For generations. Would simply continue unchecked. But today here. For the first time in these long five years. The system of justice is working. For that. Garner family. I've spent time with them I've heard the pain that they have self. There's been a very long five years would no sense of closure no sense of justice. Until today to garner family has been failed to find this entire process. And think about what they have gone through they watched. Him die. Just as we all did. They felt that pain. And then they were told over and over again. By the district attorney by the Department of Justice. And the government would do its job. And they waited. And they waited and they waited and nothing happens. It has all this stretched on. It reinforce the suspicion. Has won felt by millions. The justice doesn't exist. Four people. Who look like Eric garner. Today. We finally saw a step towards justice and accountability. We saw a process that was actually fair and impartial. And I hope. And this will now bring them to garner a family a sense of closure. And the beginning of some peace. But sold justice means that they can never be. Another tragedy like the one that they felt Eric garner. Full justices when we never have. Another death. That is all of our responsibility and it requires us to change everything. For the last five years. Our mission has been. To fundamentally. Change the nature of policing in New York City. After the death of Eric garner everything was reevaluated. He entire police force. Was retrained 36000. Officers. Retrained. Two. To understand the implicit bias that we all carry with us to ensure it would not. Interfere with their duty. The approach to the community is entirely different today. So we have to weed out the distance in the separation that was the norm of the past. And through neighborhood policing actually create a dynamic. While officers. And community members got to know each other as human beings. The people felt they were on the same side working toward a common goal. And we had to change. The approach on the ground. Last year to Iraq 150000. Fewer or less than five years earlier. Because there were too many times. When people were being arrested unnecessarily and too many conflicts that came from it. And this NYPD proved. That fewer and fewer people could be arrested and the city could become safer. Safety and fairness must. Walk hand in hand. I'm hopeful that today. Begins the process. Of restoring some face. And helping people believe that there actually is accountability and fairness. We have a lot more work to do. This will be at this a long time. But we all have a sense. Of common mission that can never be another tragedy like this. This city this nation should never be put through this agony we should never lose another innocent man or woman. We should never have people say undermined. Its in our power to do something better and to do something different. That is the course we set five years ago and that's the course we will stay on.

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{"duration":"5:14","description":"An NYPD departmental judge has recommended that Officer Daniel Pantaleo be fired for his involvement in the 2014 death of Eric Garner.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64737081","title":"Mayor de Blasio addresses judge's recommendation in Eric Garner case","url":"/US/video/mayor-de-blasio-addresses-judges-recommendation-eric-garner-64737081"}