National Bagel Day at Rainbow Bagels

ABC News' Rachel Scott heads to the Bagel Shop on National Bagel Day to see how their famous rainbow bagels are made.
7:02 | 02/10/16

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Transcript for National Bagel Day at Rainbow Bagels
Hey everyone hi Rachel Scott cricket is big news. You know we are here right now about the big is not in Brooklyn home of the big. Ray fable I'm it is that you guys behind here and energy issue to be. I bailout. How we got it OK well now you. Absolutely great okay come on girl talent and it. The purposeful. I. But don't pet 1008 after Brian. I am getting it right how does it feel they now have that many people wanting to Bryant Wednesday theory into question. More now be even better than you. Look at myself I don't look at how many guys. Get coveted homeless people us. I'm just looking at my arm won't now say okay next level make of that Brandon. If the experience for people young adults going. We're a very long time that's a lot. I'm here. Working. Seven days a week there's no time off Justin. Federal people they make them happen. Now I'm sure a lot of people are wondering is are you going to increase the production absolutely not outlets give up until the use the world right now I'm sorry. We are never going. Increase the production to meet demands. People this. Be our level of production. That's what a great while. We'll. All but I think about it we've seen. Does it closed doors and under this. You're gonna keep my you're gonna don't keep out of the big boost Cosmo. Is what is happening. It's not just having bagel somebody's name on that. Every single one that I create is a lot of things it's high. Through to make it perfect. So we'll keep a small with a Q beautiful blue Cuba is. And even that. Six children and actually everyone let my kids. I actually got on the second. Isn't that much of anything it anyway so big but this way period. And don't. One years in the making what next what else are you cutting creating right now what is the next rainbow bagel idea that is gonna go viral. Have a lot. Marvel Comics right now. We've. Horse is something. That of those teams could. Labeled made him. In the evening. The process take from start dependence. Creation process may papers just made me. This is a fortified. Does that make up. About a hundred. And even though only those that do no event of that's not it's not comfortable. It's never a matter that never profitable and this was an. So. This was all about people who don't live POW. Bear in mind that everything. You know your little time and get do going to be. And describe what they actually taste like a lot of people on my you're wondering okay we believe I'm yeah yeah all. Allied with I know what that obviously. But when I asked parts that emerges. What it's like every single person. It was cola memories. Of what is there does this debate. Some people with serious. Battles play. Some people it was very rapid. I don't. Moment anyone's. Book. We'll stay in the and that what is notable. And how about you and your day what kind you can hear what can be start making he beat. Okay. Walt it is making it is business. Yeah operations but it view. So. They're the long days about what they estimate that 750. We don't think I don't forget title. I don't know the that's that whole group. You once I get through. Play. All they're all like it's creating. I get through so why are my emotion my feelings and base but won't and then he. Larry thank. And if not this home. Don't let. I don't think. I don't rally and want a black vote neighbors. Enabled me I want something we know. Went one act and I. I didn't I can't let you. Mary snow. Very. David Dreier right now I cannot waive indictment. I'm really does.

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{"duration":"7:02","description":"ABC News' Rachel Scott heads to the Bagel Shop on National Bagel Day to see how their famous rainbow bagels are made.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"36826793","title":"National Bagel Day at Rainbow Bagels ","url":"/US/video/national-bagel-day-rainbow-bagels-36826793"}