News headlines today: Feb. 22, 2019

Catch up on the developing stories making headlines today.
2:55 | 02/22/19

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Transcript for News headlines today: Feb. 22, 2019
The Vatican summit on sex abuse of the hands of priests moving forward today ABC's David Wright in Rome says the bulbs demanding action. The theme for today. The villages some of the biggest frustrations that we hear from the survivors of sexual abuse is that while the church has made progress. Dealing with priests who abuse children. They haven't really the one after bishops who in many cases for years. Cover things up turned a blind that's one way in which this summit taking place here at the Vatican. Could well be a defining moment for answers and for the Catholic Church. The battle over the future of Venezuela turning into a battle over humanitarian. Eight the Venezuelan leader says yes Russia but no in the US Nicholas but barreled through a translator. On state TV -- pentagon bombings aren't arriving in Venezuela is a very important shift in the midst. Some seven half tons of Manson's right Russia. Every few minutes into the medication needs votes from the drug administration meanwhile accuses but their own. Blocking US supply humanitarian aid still working Columbia. President drunk secretary of state Mike Pompeo and attorney general William Barr are named as defendants in the lawsuit over a foot above not. Provide an Islamic state wants to return to the only country seems ever know. March 14 next scheduled court date for just these small let. The umpire series actor free on 100000 dollars bail charged with ponying up the bias attack he reported to Chicago police last month. Overnight confusion and outrage from those who initially supported small let including movie and TV mogul Tyler Perry writing on FaceBook. I'm lost for words adding that he is praying for small let and his family. SpaceX causing eyes to turn skyward in Florida with its leaders want. The falcon nine blasting off carrying Israel's right to. But did we currently under. Israel is seeking to become only the fourth country to successfully landed on the moon if all goes well it'll reach the moon in about two months on this thing. SpaceX watching in this case that satellite to improve Internet connectivity and Indonesia. And in dramatic fashion falcon nine rocket needed the win. Oh right back on earth to do you. Democrats in the house today urged. Thanking the pile of resolution aimed at blocking the president's declaration of a national emergency at the border. I believe in you election should be called a North Carolina congressional district is getting an election do over saying. I believe it's unanimous vote state board of elections has ordered a new election in the ninth district race undecideds since November amid allegations of voter fraud. Here are ready for the leadership of my campaign. We're we're condone. He improper activities it and it just offensively this year. But at the center of the controversy is political strategists McRae Dallas accused of tampering with more than 500 absentee ballots to help parents went. Testifying against his father here is his own son said he warned him that Dallas was quote shady. CN BA has opened negotiations with its players union after Laurie at age limit from nineteen years old to eighteen. That would mean many high school seniors could go straight into the NBA and tennis betting one year in college. The NBA's commissioner says the current nineteen year old age limit doesn't work for the legal or for colleges. The hope is a hot and lowered age limit in place in three years. College basketball's highest profile players duke says freshman stars I have Williamson has. A mild right knee sprain in his return to the court is a day to date. Issue Williamson went down awkwardly Wednesday night against North Carolina after. Is Nike sneaker or ripped apart the company is looking into what happened Carolina had an isolated incidents. Nike stock took a hit on Wall Street yesterday losing 89 cents per share. It's still up more than 13%. For the year. You out this is busy on a Friday morning look at what your weekend forecast. And it's really Smart actually happened in the southwest look ahead eyewitness because people are explaining all over the place it's. Yeah well Malibu California is strictly not milk and milk flying rock flight in West Hollywood. Really was rare. But it does happen and then they think if they can get help but not like it is very opted. It spent ten years just over actually had rebels and lives in that incident that sent walls. That is they. And in Arizona. So this is interstate forty if we're stuck for hours. Happy as head of the three Venus in flags have he had eaten at. Enough to stop traffic there and warnings are still haven't watched impact the since city. Kansas drew good but it was very. And that was some of that help the rain and the planet side of it strong winds in England has for Saturday's quake. And then this back this a little. You also have to look for the flooding rains and rivers are already extremely active in the last week of rain. It's just that spending a lot.

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