NYPD Cops ‘Targeted For the Uniform,’ Says Commissioner William Bratton

ABC News’ Ryan Smith reports the latest news surrounding the shooting deaths of the two officers.
3:32 | 12/21/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NYPD Cops ‘Targeted For the Uniform,’ Says Commissioner William Bratton
Good morning I'm Ryan Smith and ABC news world headquarters in New York. This is an ABC news digital report. And developing now the chilling execution of two new York city police officers. The NYPD reeling this morning after the deadly ambush of officers when G and Lou and rob feel Ramos as they sat in their patrol car Saturday afternoon. The killings coming at a tense time when there's a bitter rift between police and activists who have been protesting what they say is police brutality. ABC's Lindsay Davis that the scene in Brooklyn Lindsay. Bryant police are calling this murder even though the suspect in this case we'll never have his day in court. It happened right here two police officers just sitting in their patrol car we'll likely never even saw their attacker coming. Overnight New York police department officials calling this Brooklyn crime scene the site of an ambush and execution of two of its officers. They were quite simply assassinated. Targeted for the uniform. According to the NYPD officers when she and Liu and rough field Ramos on their lunch break and sitting inside they're marked patrol car went 28 year old Ishmael brings Lee appeared on the sidewalk walked up to their vehicle gun in hand and opened fire. It. Striking both officers in the head at point blank range. Cars super. Swat teams in patrolman surging to the scene chasing a fleeing Brinkley to a nearby subway station still armed with his semi automatic handgun. This dramatic video capturing the moment passengers dropped to the ground in fear. Yeah this post and officials say bring sleet and shoots himself in the head. Bring sleet rushed into an ambulance to the same Brooklyn hospital as the two officers he shot where all three men were pronounced dead. The attack ending a nine hour interstate shooting spree that began outside of Baltimore 200 miles away. Around 5:45 Saturday morning brings Lee allegedly shot and wounded his ex girlfriend in her apartment escaping before police arrived. At about 210. Pains from Britain's Liz foam led Baltimore county police to discover. He had made it all the way to Brooklyn New York department says it called New York police to warn them of threats princely made online. That warning never made it to these two officers shot execution style just over thirty minutes later. And now it parents of officer Lou. The woman he recently married. We met the wife of officer Ramos we met his thirteen year old son. Who couldn't comprehend. What it happened to his father. Two police agencies are saying New York's mayor has blood on his hands NYPD officers. Even turned their backs on the mayor as he walked into last night's press conference and former New York governor George attacking each pleaded these barbaric acts are predictable outcome of devices anti cop rhetoric and they put hash tags for the attorney general. And mayors of las via Bryant. All right thank you very much for Lindsey Davis in Brooklyn be sure to stay tuned abcnews.com. Throughout the day for the latest on this developing story and of course. Later on world news tonight thank you for watching this ABC news digital report from Ryan Smith. Enjoy your day.

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{"duration":"3:32","description":"ABC News’ Ryan Smith reports the latest news surrounding the shooting deaths of the two officers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"27746829","title":"NYPD Cops ‘Targeted For the Uniform,’ Says Commissioner William Bratton","url":"/US/video/nypd-commissioner-william-bratton-bk-cops-targeted-uniform-27746829"}