Officials give update on apartment building collapse in Miami

Search and rescue efforts are still underway after half the units in the building collapsed.
19:16 | 06/24/21

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Transcript for Officials give update on apartment building collapse in Miami
This is an ABC news special report. Good morning everyone TJ Holmes here at the ABC studios in Times Square in New York coming on the air. Because we're keeping an eye on a breaking situation that happened overnight a twelve story. Building collapse are seeing the picture there this is in Surfside Florida this happened. Overnight we're waiting for press covers look like they are getting together. I'm giving guns to give us information the very latest but what we do know. That this building collapse partial building collapse at twelve Storey residential. Building at least one person. Has been confirmed dead. The rescue effort has been under way overnight but the pictures as the daylight has come has shown this devastation again this is in search site just north of Miami Beach. In Florida. Several days our family units we are told that some families walked out on our own. How ever the mayor there has told us there was no reason to believe that this building was not full. Win this building collapsed overnight 911 calls started coming in around 1 AM in the morning. 1 in the morning so we are standing by for these folks to kill Muslims while these days are setting up like they are getting started. We're getting an idea what the format is going to be so we're going to go ahead and listen and we'll wait just a moment there. Shows like they're doing a little housekeeping here but this. It's been a horrific situation. So far to keep an eye on but let's get the update now and listen to the officials there about. This year and about this building went up at the end Porter county commission chairman. From there we're going to go mr. Andrew Hayatou Surfside city manager we're gonna do English. Followed immediately by Spanish of the speaker and at the end we will do questions and answers. We're gonna do question and answer to the very end because we having limited whether that's coming so bear with a and there's that much as we can and OK and once we call the last the last questioner will be the last question. Full of good will start out with quality off honorable living. Well here we are they unimaginable. An incredible. Our prayers are with the windy and residents with the families with the community. What we know at this point is that the Champlain tower. Kelly south it's a twelve story building. It's more than a 130 unit. And about half of those have collapsed. A massive search and rescue is under way. And we know that we're going to do everything we can possibly due to identify. And rescue those who have been trapped. In the rubble. Miami Dade fire rescue is leading the efforts and they have been on the scene since the early morning and they're doing an amazing job. Thank you so much to our brave grade fire rescue. Workers thought they had years of experience in this type of operation. And they are doing everything they possibly can give us that we need to allow them to do their work. Very important we need to allow them to do their work because every minute in this search. Can make a huge difference. Coverage we set up at family at reunification hotline for those you're trying to get information about their loved ones call 305. 61418196141819. Or you can go to Miami Dade dad got. Slash emergency to report on line missing persons. Free checking and if someone is say so again. 3056141819. Chaplains and victim advocates are on site ready to support the survivors and family members who were being we'd have resources. Our social service agencies as well hearts are coming in they are going to be here to assist in the hours and the days ahead. I'm thinking all of our first responders I knew you are as well and I'm praying for there's. Safety as they go about here I did the homework I'm saving lives. Easy way like hockey mom lost. You know they're pretty big Seattle police. You got that we must keep in a muscle maybe he's got they gave. Don't think peace those. Last case you're getting heavy load up. Yeah and become a second elected output ASEAN must keep. Income tax news defense nobody I eat. Beat them again indicates that videos he's got immunity he should be. But upside. He beat Dallas one. Please get in ways to go Barbados is an innocent problem. It's an individual must give it once we expect these they would tell us on using the people they met can eat giving us behind us. And Sugiyama eight here is problem when the Miami Dade County mayor was being samba lessons giving us the updated she started with the word unimaginable in hot and we got an update here in this. Well story partial collapse of an apartment building a residential building. Gives us the update that a 130 units are in that building and she says that half of them. Have collapsed the rescue efforts are underway as we speak we do know that at least one person has been confirmed. Dead but they are trying to rescue others as we speak she said it every single minute is making a huge difference. Right now in this rescue effort we do know that some families. Were able to walk out on their own however that earlier updates at only about fifteen families were able to do that and walk. On their own walk out on their own Victor K endo has been on this story for two gonna get to him and just a moment. Victor's stand by what does that tell estimates in our community over and explosives in his search site was up like this actually happens. It is so important that all your prayers go out to the family members and those serves up free right now. I want to thank the all the first responders for in the incredible job they've been doing they have done and that will be doing for the next several days and dealing with this car. It is important that we oh rally around families and the people. Dead are actually suffering so much that this time won't affect my colleague bill we'll that is here today Garcia along with all my colleagues have been calling nonstop. To try to find out anything they could do to help out we are together as a community working together as the mayor said Oleg V sales have been given. But we're here together to flying anything that we could do to help the family step gone through this tragedy. So could be apple Miami Dade county's commission chairman of the board. We're here to support Serb side and his community and everything we could do. Proactive budgeted that a police Joan. They'd been Miami Dade County to also put us in this case no we don't that a cut their second yielded diarrhea and video meant that got us. He who does or they don't more than I was a bit here you Jose us Diaz who is on duty Miami Dade county commission of a wanna bring in our Victor Kendall who has been on scene for us. Really overnight and into this morning Victor let me bring you in here and again the word that they started with what unimaginable and it is and it's unbelievable to see these pictures give us an idea of what they are up against right now and what the whole is. A possibly finding some survivors in that rubble. Well that certainly is the hope TJ but let me show they were real or does the building right there behind me the front of it it's still standing however. As the mayor just described there's more than a 130 units in that building and about half of them came crashing down and we are being kept at a distance because we're told. It could still. Totally collapse. Any minute now it yet firefighters are still inside we should also tell you that. It looks like a storm is about to roll right to Miami Dade County which these guys already have an incredibly difficult job ahead of them right now. Not for sure wolf only complicate matters as they continue to search for any survivors here the latest we know. One person is confirmed dead but the local mayor here in Surfside thinks that that death toll could rise to get. Victory over the defeated certainly do you will generate value JK with this pretty okay how well they engage and Miami Dade fire rescue. So Miami fire rescue at approximately 1:30 this morning responded to a reported building collapse. To summarize we have a big ball story 136. Still. Unit apartment complex. That have sustained a partial collapse. The northeast corridor of the apartment had not collapse approximately 55 apartment units. Our units began search and rescue efforts they pulled 35 occupants that were trapped inside the the building. In addition to those dirty 510 where assessed and treated. Two were transported to various hospitals. Search and rescue efforts are still ongoing we do have operations conducting inside based on young additionally Intel that receiving from resource is inside. Gigantic how to act go live the mayor's words. We have established a reunification senator. And if you do have loved ones that are not answering your call we ask that you do contact the the phone number that that's been given to you. 3056141819. Thank you. This planet for manatee fire rescue. Here are committing. It's coming in his foot palace in the upcoming flu because they Miami's he'd actually been. Continue and folks just take a look at this scene the daylight reveals just how incredible and devastating. This if you're looking at a twelve story residential and apartment building in Surfside Florida. What a partial collapse we just heard from the fire chief there that in fact there 136 units in this building 55. Of them. Have collapsed. They have pulled out at least 35 people he said have been rescued some of them that to be treated but 35 people were rescued. Those rescue efforts do continue I want to bring in as we look at this picture Steve. McGill who was a Jersey city fire chief. And it Steve. What do you think when you see this picture in something I just heard of them say is that there's concern that there could be a further collapse. Yeah that's would be my major concern right now. You don't know what initially chords that collapse. Their rescue teams like out to have been putting up transits basically laser beams shooting at the building to see if there's any of the slightest movement. And if they're resilient and will attract that sees the buildings still shifting. The most won him worst tragedies can happen is another secondary collapse well we have firefighters and they're trying to rescue of the people that are in the I'm Judy talk this happened is definitely people that are going to be and another trapped. Steve receive as we look at this pictures look right now the effort is to try to save as many lives as we can ST stay with me here we do have Miami Dade police that have stepped to the podium here to continue probably doesn't. You didn't vote in our security agency we're working we're Surfside police department and other municipal partners our goal is to provide air thorough investigation. And closure for our families. Head Donald gays and willow brings big Connecticut DS Jones. Bob Hasan gave her a lot of legal woes also crossing thanks Jeff if some orders on the bus bombing he edgy enough we can. Freddie Ramirez director Miami Dade police. Sitting man ever sir side. During the height. First and foremost are our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims. Also I just want to make sure that. Emergency personnel understand how important it is that that we we have their. Participation here is we appreciate it very much. We've been in contact with. Senator Scott senator reveals all of us. It is touch with the governor's office governor Desantis. The county mayor other towns and our area and we were very appreciative of what they call for. And assistance anything we need this is this is not going to be something that is going to be breeze it's going to be tough is going to be for long term and possibly you know. At least a week and yet these people behind me it's very important that that you recognize them because. This and there's a lot of support here and this is who was helping him make this happen that we can. Resolve this as soon as quick as possible thank you. Okay do you club. Due to the light meaning you just saw Maroney going to allow for questions and for the safety of everyone here we're gonna move helps. You guys are going to be moved to the next block over this is going to be vacated. Do you perceive it work for safety reasons so just four questions and then we're gonna continue on really quick fire. So. In regards to the equipment we do have our heavy rescue we have our heavy equipment such as a side. Our parent tax we aren't shoring up the structure on the inside as we continue to tunnel and two located additional survivors. And her work. Guys so far 135 were pulled out from the structure and part of the collapsed. But not from the rubble and two were pulled from the rubble. That have prevailed defer that to Miami Dade police department. Don't have that information all different ideas. Carly search and rescue operations are continuing based on the Intel that we have yeah. In Henry in regards to the number of people missing we don't have that total missing we haven't established that again. We ask that you continue to contact that reunification number that's been given out until we you know. We go from there. Yeah. This time we're still conducting search and rescue operations so we really don't have that type of information. Yeah. Okay it's a little like we were gonna have to get people out. We need to sever have you guys start packing up it's going to be on the lot just ignored them you're gonna have it's about a block. Over UC sudden I think these police securing the area that will be the media staging area all of this will be cleared off for safety reasons. I'm okay. The. Okay. Okay. We can't give it your. Texas State devastating. And heartbreaking scene a and you heard from officials there that potentially this could get even more devastating. To hear some of the updates in the latest we just heard. From that fire department official is that they haven't established how many people are missing after this partial building collapse in Surfside. Florida this morning just a horrific. Scene just a horrific scene here. And as we know. But Viktor Kendall you're speaking to me earlier. That in fact something that's going to complicate possibly the search and rescue. The fact that that's Florida and those storms come in and they go quickly but you all are being moved out because of the lightning. So let me before we lose you here for safety reasons tell me. What jumped out at you about what you heard the official sick. TJ they're still just so many unanswered questions here we don't know how many are missing week the big question. How could this have possibly happened in this place with so many people still inside that building. What I spoke to the mayor Surfside earlier one quick note here. He told me that in the middle of the night when they initially sent the search dogs inside those dogs did look for sound that trying to come up any sound and nothing could not get a single hit inside the rubble that is why he is so concerned. But the could be. Even more dead bodies inside that scenes featured. Victor can go we thank you for your reporting you get to safety but again. Or audience that seeing that picture that incredible picture that you're or seeing right now is a partial building collapse in Surfside Florida is a residential building. Where there are at least a 136. Units in that building we are told now that 55. Of those units. Have collapsed 35 people have been pulled out rescued but we hear from the fire official that only two of goals were actually from. Bo rubble. Again when you try to do the math here that bring in Steve McGill was with the Jersey City. Fire chief. Sir as we look at this in the ink you think at 1 o'clock in the morning when this was all taking place is a residential building you assume that most people will probably home. That building might have been full we did not get word about exactly how many people are still missing the fire department did not have that number. But the search continues. What do you see. Now as you look at that building. Fire or a search and rescue is the key thing right now and saving lives. But we're gonna have to figure out what in the world could of caused a relatively young building some thirty years old. To collapse in such a way. As the right now there were have to. They Don their reconnaissance which I'm sure they've done completely ready find out though where most of the people who are trying to track down who was in there. What was in that building was there any other type O blood dangers and there without pesticides. When utility shut down is a gas lines that ruptured. There's a lot of things they're trying to do now. Probably would decisions of their investigators. On a police side. They need to be looking at anybody US video anybody who has any type the security cameras around there to try and pinpoint why and where this occurred. And oh what may have caused it. You know right now do that time a night union assumed people home sleeping that's the worst time. To have that an event like this we we deal with this it fires you always you know so there are people in that building at that at that time and life. Against the either saying they do not knowing I wanna repeat here for anyone who may be trying to get a hold up a family member the number is 305614. 1819. Again folks that's 305614. 1819. That is the number they're giving out for families who may not be able to get ahold of a loved one but it's worth giving that out that's the number they wanted to call. If you need information. But again as we button up here we're gonna return to our regular programming here on the network for someone you that's going to be GMA. On the West Coast our coverage will continue on ABC news live as well but a building collapse a twelve story building partial collapse in residential building in Surfside Florida. Both search and rescue continues at least one dead but an unknown number of missing. Under that rubble in Florida I'm TJ Holmes we appreciate you staying with us. Here at ABC news. This has been a special report from ABC news.

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