Ohio State Reacts to Campus Attack

ABC News' Digital coverage of the Ohio State attack.
12:48 | 11/28/16

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Transcript for Ohio State Reacts to Campus Attack
Hi everybody I'm in the bond here in New York we're bringing you the latest from some breaking news coming out of Ohio you're seeing live picture right there. From the Ohio State University Columbus campus. Some breaking news to bring you now on what you've been hearing about on the active shooter report coming out of there from earlier. The shelter in place order that was issued earlier has just now been lifted for thousands of students and faculty who have been there. On that campus right there at Ohio State University this is very much a developing story we still have a lot of information. Coming in here's a quick quick recap and what we do know stay with us for giving you the latest. As we have it just over an hour ago almost two hours ago now I just before ten A and campus authority they're sent at a tweet. Saying telling people there that there was a shooter on campus to run it hide or fight. Watts hall was the location that was given we do know it there were eight victims. Four of them transported to Ohio State university's medical center non. We know so far out with life threatening injuries and again we do not know the nature of their injuries as we learn those. We'll find out more. FBI responded on the scene and at as beef said now the shelter in place. Has been lifted I want to go live now to a student at Ohio State University there at the Columbus campus. Who is in there just across the street from where we believe the location of the incident was watts hall stolen van camp joins us live now. From his dorm room stone thanks so much for being with us. Thanks you for having me. So give me a sense of of what you saw happening there where were you when you first heard the news how did you hear. And what did you hear immediately after. I woke up at 10 AM exactly which is about when shooting had occurred. Two attacks from my friend who goes here that said there's an active shooter on what drug. And I live on what your job and so I was really freaked out and I had about thirty other text messages from the school and from other people saying that. It was still going on and actually woke because I hear the sirens outside my building because I do live. Across from where it occurred. And I could hear sirens and then later I heard a helicopter and my parents had been calling me and I didn't really know what was going on except there was an active shooter near my near where I live. System Kinney has what was going through your mind at that point had you ever experience anything like this before. I actually kinda path because we had a really serious bomb threat where students to bring a bomb to my high school. And we and the FBI and people evacuate the building in the school so I had kind of done this before. But it was very scary because. All lined you know all I had were texts from the school and from friends and telling CNN was saying there was a shooter. Really close to where I live so it was kind of scary hearing the sirens and I looked out my window and no one was outside the streets were empty. You mentioned those sirens that she heard we can also report FBI's office in Columbus which is the satellite office to the Cincinnati field office did respond in. In full force they had tactical units swat and bomb Scott squads that's according to law enforcement sources so. You probably heard quite a number of sirens of the do you do you still see anyone out there we know that they've said that they're going to keep the visible presence on campus. I'm actually the streets were empty aside from police up until about ten minutes ago play. After after they'd lifted the shelter in place you can see a lot of students. Walking on the sidewalks and out of bowel. I think people were eager to. Leave wherever they Wear and get back to their room so a lot of students were walking pretty quickly back to link their dorms and whatnot. System that first treat that went out gave the location as watts hall at nineteenth and college. Give us a sense of what you do what goes on in watts halt what it whether it's what the campus like there at nineteenth and college. Now I actually do have math class right. Next to that building at 1130 and I do walk through the car like the shooting scene. To get there. And so I am familiar it is kind of an isolated. Area and that it's kind of enclosed by the other buildings around it and the only real reason you'd be walking through that general area would be to get to a class and it is a very high traffic area. Hands. Now I don't know if this is accurate as well day I've been receiving texts from people on my floor that said. There was a fire drill cop watts halt when it happened and there were a lot of kids outside and that's from the shooting Eckerd. So still reviewing your room right now basically just still kind of barricaded man you back to solve texting each other from your rooms and in a shelter and clean out. Has been lifted but it is anyone venturing out yet. Actually had one friend who'd gotten out of class. From my floor rebuilding Fuller message and she. Was not allowed to walk back to our dorm because it's in the area that's kind of like blocked off so. Most of us have been staying inside that some kids Wear outside when it happened and they couldn't get back toward dorms they just sat with ministers and police and waited. Yes you mentioned that the shelter in place has been lifted that your classes for the remainder of the day happening canceled. So we're just coming off a holiday week and house of any sense of what it was like. This morning on campus was it crowded were people sort of slowly starting to make their way back to campus what was it like. There were definitely probably a lot of people who has it is the first day back. And there would be a lot of kids going to there classes. And so. It was probably I mean not. It was I really surprisingly is certainly that there were a lot of people and there were a lot of people going to class because. We have finals coming out so. Found this is about the time when everyone would be making sure they were in their lectures and walking to class and getting everything under control on campus. And and you mentioned you are getting taxed from all your friends did you see the actual text from OS use emergency management system to. Yes now those I didn't see first because. They come in as a number and so I looked more at the names on my phone because I did have so many I looked at the names from other students whenever and they were saying. There wasn't active shooter and they were sending means a lot of information but then I finally got around to looking at the Ohio State messages. And then said active shooter. Ryan Hyde Friday I believe. Stay in your dorms locked down the police are here don't leave and so I got about. Ten of those we text from Ohio State pretty frequently just to keep updating us on what's occurring but it was pretty much the same message. Active shooter stay on lockdown to not Avery are. And the last word you happen that now it's at the shelter in place has been lifted in classes have been canceled do you feel like you're getting. Another new information I mean geez do you feel safe where you are. I feel safe in my building. A I knows I know one professor have been emailing about class may be still being on and buy it. I generally feel safe in my building where I am because there are so many police and it is a locked building but the scary thing would have banned if it's a student there. C ninety list like them into. Any student dorm at this hour of the day and they could've come in which is knew what my initial fear was. After I found out they've been around. Well we know at least it seems as if the the immediate threat is over the Columbus department of public safety did say earlier. That one suspect is dead but you know authorities are still keeping a very strong and visible presence. On campus cell I guess you know based on what we know so far are you are you worried at all. That something else could happen that situation isn't yet fully resolved. Yeah I ate I definitely it was I was worried that highs. Will we are getting very much information from the university obviously they didn't want to send anything that was wrong there too scary. And so all we were getting from them was active shooter stand lockdown but from family in the news and the TV it was. There's two shooters they are still active. People are still getting her. Ends I had family calling me telling me what they were seeing on the news and this and that was happening so. I I was definitely really so worried because we weren't getting a lot of information from reliable sources and it was a lot of gossip among students as what was happening. But even now I'm still worried because I I don't know if there's one or two shooters I've heard both. And so. It's it's just kind of scary not really knowing the full extent of the situation not really having all information. So what you plant. I don't really plan on leaving my dorm for a long time. Even though this'll turn places listed I think. He and at least the rest of my building is just where we're gonna stay inside and probably do homework because we do a finals coming out. In the next week like this is our last week of classes so everyone's probably just gonna stay inside until they know for shared. That the situation is handled under control we have all the facts coming in because we don't really want to look outside unnecessary if classes are canceled. Of course and as I said earlier there's still a lot of information we don't know we've. Been told that there were eight victims as a result amendments that we don't know how they were injured or how seriously they were injured. I imagine that's really disconcerting for you to be right there across the street yeah from the building where the incident happened. I think given to thank you for those who hasn't happened in two your campus in Ohio State University. How do you think students at at large there are going to respond. I definitely think we're going to do. Join together and try and pull through this because we are a very close knit school. For having 60000 kids we do. We are very close there's just a very large sense of community. And patriotism. And so I think there's definitely going to be meetings. Rallies events. And probably. Some events to. Think about when it happens and talk about how to better solve it in the future but I think overall the campus is really gonna come together like we've seen. The past several weeks there other minor issues. And I think everyone's gonna. Feel really good moving forward as a whole. And so on any of it had record turnout at that weekend's big game against Michigan and he had everyone coming in yes celebratory mood this. Passing then an incredibly unwelcome and pristine way to come back to campus. I'm hoping he say everyone does come together to move forward and as we learn more of course he should. Stay with us at ABC news for gonna keep bringing you the information as we have it here stoic and camp. Live from a Hassey university thank you so much for joining me say okay. PG a there you have it as students and has the university giving us his story and perspective. From the incident as it unfolded this morning you can CST right there on Columbus. In Columbus rather at the highest university campus there at very strong visible law enforcement presence we understand that will continue. For more on this story do stay with us. Right here at ABC news live and of course that abcnews.com. We'll be sharing all the latest details on the reports of an active shooter at Ohio State university's campus this morning. Shelter in place has been lifted for the more than 60000. Students there. For more stay with us for now we'll sign off for all of us here at ABC news I'm on the Nevada in New York.

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