Oil refinery explosions in Philadelphia

No injuries were reported in the massive blaze caused by explosions at Philadelphia Energy Solution.
2:12 | 06/21/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oil refinery explosions in Philadelphia
Early this morning a fire and then that multiple explosions at a 150. Year old oil refinery in Philadelphia so wanna go to whit Johnson. Who's on the ground there with more. Oh wait what do we know about this so far what happened exactly. What Kimberly we do have some updates for evil force a want to show you the senior the command post you can see this emergency response. All of the different fire trucks and agencies and all came to respond to this emergency here. The new information we have now is that the fire. Crews say is contained but it's not completely out. Philadelphia EnergySolutions which operates a facility here says that they are operating that a limited capacity. While they try to put out those remaining hot spots. There was an evacuation order excuse me I should say I shelter in place order just to clarify that went out to the immediate homes and businesses in the area. That has since been lifted the air quality has been tested and determined to be OK so fire Chris saying no immediate danger to the people who are. In this neighborhood. But all of this breaking out in a series of of massive explosions around 4 A I am. People could feel those concussions as far away as south New Jersey peoples of that artwork was actually. Knocked off of their walls and debris sort of reining in the area you concedes some of the incredible video that that viewers have sent did people were around could see those explosions one after another. As far as the cause of this fire. Crews say that there was an ignition in one of the butane tanks. At the facility but it's still unclear what started the fires so they're still investigating the cause as far as we know right now. Now this is a massive sprawling refinery here Philadelphia energy solution says it's the biggest refinery on the East Coast. Processing some 335000. Barrels of crude oil per day. At this time it's still unclear what if any impact that could have on supply in the region. RA to win crazy to see the footage of that fire thank you for the updates. Happy that no one was injured thank you so much.

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{"duration":"2:12","description":"No injuries were reported in the massive blaze caused by explosions at Philadelphia Energy Solution. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63865198","title":"Oil refinery explosions in Philadelphia ","url":"/US/video/oil-refinery-explosions-philadelphia-63865198"}