Oscar Pistorius Sickened by Crime Scene Photos Shown in Court

Oscar Pistorius driven to vomit after photos of girlfriend's bloody face are shown in court.
3:00 | 03/12/14

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Transcript for Oscar Pistorius Sickened by Crime Scene Photos Shown in Court
This is a special group. Oscar -- stories the blade runner in court. And -- most gruesome day the trial has seen yet the -- scene the bloody photos of his model girlfriend that woman is accused of shooting to death. And they made him physically sick. Everyone down at their new -- this ABC news digital special report in the murder trial Oscar the story is. And watching it all for -- in that courtroom -- ABC's Matt -- -- not Pretoria South Africa and that we have so many questions. 41 off take us right to that moment that moment in court with the -- you saw those photos. -- -- -- You're sitting in the front bench where he -- sits every single day he's alone in that -- in the -- and they -- actually showed on the screen I I think somebody in the court was trying to scroll through a number of pictures and they happened to it. On a picture of -- camps bloodied face and at that moment he whipped his head around. And began to heat he became violently sick as you mentioned -- the second time in these proceedings that he's become sick the first time was on Monday now. Before that. Teaching to pay it -- detention. What is going on in the court. As we've seen that door a mock -- of the bathroom and the door that he fired those four shots. That killed -- camp right there in court right in front of them but he was watching pretty closely ahead of that passing notes on duties attorneys. Looking in and observing what was going on of course the day before. What -- the forensics experts. Took whacks at that door with a cricket -- same door to -- that historians use. During the the incident the shooting itself so for most the day he was rather composed but as these pictures of the crime scene the first that we've seen. Got more -- and more frequent. Bloodied bones bloody that that's blood soaked towels that they used to try to stanch the bleeding -- -- dean camp. He start to look away more and more towards the end of the session today his head was simply down. Through the idea and I want -- I wanna go a little bit further -- some of that testimony and that about that bathroom door for bullet holes and it under scrutiny. Are the markings from that cricket bat it's a bit confusing breaking down force if you can. What -- the significance about those markets. The prosecution's theory is that. The stories was on his stumps when he used the cricket bat to smash down the door. They brought in their own forensics expert the man who actually did tests on the door and he found that. The only way that the markings on the door with a cricket -- actually struck it. And burst through it -- only been made by a man who was either very very short or on his stumps like these stories now. The defense says that's not -- perhaps these two races back with -- when he tried to swing at the door rat educated at a different angle. The importance of this debate which seems pretty marginal. Is that. The prosecution is trying to catch the stories and outline what they -- trying to do is discredit him and that's what they've been tried to do throughout the totality of the then Soviet. Of the trial. -- try to say. He lied about that night. -- in fact he and Steve -- did have a fight and that argument was overheard by neighbors. Well -- area even as -- as 200 yards away in addition to that. They say that they were up much later then. -- -- -- -- stated in his bail hearing they're trying to say that basically murder her there was an argument. And for some reason he decided -- we need to fire those four bullets into the bathroom knowing that she was in there -- cowering on the floor. The fact is it was so accurate managed to hit -- with three of those bullets indicates premeditation. He's denied all of that but he of course has admitted to shooting -- camp he says by mistake. He keeps it was an intruder that they're review -- over the timeline and also looking at the evidence from the actual scene itself and matters and one of the police officers testified today about the trail of blood. That led him. To the Olympian at the scene what was that testimony -- again very gruesome stuff it was the most -- and -- that we've seen so far a tremendous number of images that we haven't yet seen and of course these stories we think. Hasn't seen them either that's why his head was down for most of the past. Couple of hours of of the end of the trial are proceedings today. Essentially. This police colonel let us through the crime scene he arrived to find bloody towels and in the foyer of the home along with plastic bags used to stanch the blood. -- takes us up the stairs there. -- -- we saw an -- -- lead against the wall of baseball bat decided. That it takes us into the bathroom. More blood. On the floor also found two phones and it's believed. That's dean camp retreated or went to the bathroom using at least one vote possibly two. We don't know what she was using them for inside and that's when she was shot from inside that door but everywhere you look. Every crime scene photo has a pretty significant amount of blood so. Pretty hairy stuff and it back. The Oscar the stories pop up channel which runs about 1516 hours a day here all day along the bottom third of the screen read. Graphic evidence viewer discretion advised. And that certainly took a -- Oscar historians the only person who really knows what happened that night stories himself. Will we see him. Take this stand it's extremely likely that we'll see him take the stand we're told that he will he said he will its defense attorney said he will. But if they find that this case is going so well and that -- -- in its ruling the prosecution's case it's likely that they will risk putting him on the stand. But that you feel he's got a compelling story to tell now if he does take the stand it's quite likely -- to some extent it's customary South Africa. That he defended would take the stand first in this case to try to set the tone against which the defense would try to. Play everything else so. Not only is he likely take the stand but he's likely to take the stand first which means we could see a lot of him expect that testimony -- -- quite a long time. Again they think he's got a good story to tell they think he's going to be able to tell accurately one of the things that were wording here in South Africa. Is that his story to many people here is absolutely plausible. The notion of armed intruders the at the notion of burglaries. Of armed robberies people. With regards to their handed or in their mouth and their own hope is extremely -- here. -- -- -- So when you hear a story about a guy reaching around a quarter as the story is set pumping four bullets into a bathroom not knowing what's inside you think that's absolutely. Ludacris who would do that well. -- South Africa people think that well that that actually is plausible so expect to hear some sort of version of that narrative when he testified. NBC's -- governor reporting -- -- Pretoria South Africa we're joined now by ABC news legal analyst and not anchor Dan Abrams. With the latest on this and and -- when -- you -- said there it looks like the stories will in fact take the stand. Is that a risk for the defense but it's always a risk when you put a defendant on the stand is gonna become the most important witness. In this case -- remember this isn't a case about what happened it's a case about. Why it happened. What was going through Oscar -- stories his head when this occurs and so. What his mindset was becomes the crucial issue in the case. As a result his testimony -- -- describing. What he did why he did becomes crucial but it is so important. That he remains consistent meaning he's already given a statement in connection with the bail hearing about what happened. Prosecutors are gonna try and pick it apart try to show that it's inconsistent. Try to show that he's lying. And it could become a make or break moment for this case we have seen him Keating physically ill during this case can -- even handle that being on the stand that he's gonna have to handle. You know his lawyers are certainly gonna wanna make sure. That he can handle it they're -- take him through. A mock cross examination -- -- up. But but he's gonna -- to be able to deal with -- -- remember. What he's gotten what he's gotten sick in the courtroom -- tended to be with the gory. Photographs that shouldn't be a big part. Of the examination of Oscar -- -- -- but his lawyers are gonna have to prepare and have to make sure he's ready for this. It's going to be the crucial moment the case he is claiming it was self defense -- -- there was an intruder in the house has the defense may any strong headway from that initial statement what he's actually not claiming self defense he's claiming that he was mistaken. In his belief that it was an intruder. He now admits that you know there wasn't anything to defend against. So we saying that that he made a mistake as he made progress there's been one crucial -- this goes to something that just said about. Fear in many south among its many south Africans about the possibility of intruders etc. and ex girlfriend of his testified. That he was often. Worried and scared. And reacting to potential intruders. In his home. That's really important because that's exactly what he's saying happened here and that's the -- the best witness he can have. To basically say it's not crazy it's not -- -- left field. This isn't sort of something he's inventing. And so I think that's been that the biggest point they've made they've been trying to undermine. The testimony of some of the police witnesses and experts. To say that the evidence wasn't handled properly etc. that's a much more typical argument that defense attorneys make in just about any high profile case. Making a little -- -- -- -- -- certainly issues about how the police dealt with the evidence in this case the question is is how much is it gonna matter the judge there is no jury in this case it is a judge only but how much does that affect the outcome of the case well it certainly impacts the strategy. It's when you don't have the jury you take away some of the emotional. Aspect of the trial both sides prosecution and defense will focus less on trying to. Impact or. The jurors and really Tryon and lay it straight with the facts and law to a judge to seasoned judge. About exactly what their positions are. In this case so. I don't know that it's -- -- end up making a difference I don't know which way it's it's -- caught in connection with this but. Win the lawyers are making decisions about what to do you and -- to do it. You can count on the fact that -- thinking about the fact that this is a judge and not a jury. As an attorney Dan you've obviously heard the same when the facts are on your side you argue the law. When the laws and on your side you argue the facts in European heart of the facts look in this case for Oscar historians. Anytime you shoot your girlfriend in your own home three times in the bathroom. You're in trouble. I think you're you're behind the people this is -- -- shot his his own girlfriend and his hope and he admits it so. When you start from that point of view. There's always going to be a tough case for Oscar -- he doesn't have the burden of proof technically but of course practically -- -- it's. He has to explain. What happened there how how can we possibly believe. That this wasn't. Eight murder. And and the problem for the story this is this these witnesses that -- mentioned who heard. An argument. If there was an argument. Followed by shooting. It is very hard to see how this is not a murder case so. He's in a tough spot. But. Look I think it would be a win -- story is if he's able to convince this judge to convict him of the lesser crime of what's called culpable homicide. -- murder 25 years to life. There is culpable homicide. Which really could be anything from no prison time to fifteen years -- just means that he shot his weapon. Negligently or recklessly. If he can get that I think doubt be a win and the trial continues on ABC news legal analysts and Nightline anchor Dan Abrams debt thanks so much for time and your insight. Of course you can keep up with the story in real time by downloading ABC news app and -- this story for exclusive updates on the go. This has been an ABC news digital special report -- Dan that's irony.

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{"id":22902578,"title":"Oscar Pistorius Sickened by Crime Scene Photos Shown in Court","duration":"3:00","description":"Oscar Pistorius driven to vomit after photos of girlfriend's bloody face are shown in court.","url":"/US/video/oscar-pistorius-sickened-crime-scene-photos-shown-court-22902578","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}