Patriots Fans Honor Their Hero Quarterback

New parents name their child after the star quarterback.
3:00 | 01/16/14

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Transcript for Patriots Fans Honor Their Hero Quarterback
From the looks of this -- hospital room in war we can you can tell the patient must -- patriots fan. This is -- here -- some homely he may not know it yet but his diehard patriots and parents have made it impossible. For him to like any of the football team. We're in -- and then playoff game where -- watching it yet there was not yet. I asked him between contractions are trying to watch -- giving me -- thing. Today -- leaving the hospital everyone in patriots -- Mom and -- -- fans before they met two years ago when the intensity only -- once they married last July. Well before we got married I replied actually informed him that. We wouldn't be naming her -- -- -- -- -- was probably number one pick. That's that was -- -- and I can shut down pretty pretty quick. Always respected -- -- I think he's a great coach. Although Brady was calm for the interview the seven pounder is a feisty one. It comes to doing something he doesn't want to. This -- fighter. And even the nurses are commenting on how much of writers here is how strong hands so. He's wherever hands on a good -- -- definitely.

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{"id":21552773,"title":"Patriots Fans Honor Their Hero Quarterback","duration":"3:00","description":"New parents name their child after the star quarterback.","url":"/US/video/patriots-fans-honor-hero-quarterback-21552773","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}