Rideshare safety in spotlight after dangerous incidents

A man posed as a driver, then robbed a woman in her home. Previously, a student was killed by someone she thought was her driver.
3:38 | 04/17/19

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Transcript for Rideshare safety in spotlight after dangerous incidents
And now are moving on to a story that reminds us we have to be so careful when we're using. These ride sharing apps lets not forget the South Carolina student who got into the wrong car. And ended up dead and now there's a new surveillance footage of a woman whom in Mara land who was robbed after getting into a car she thought. Was hurt movers so I'm joined by Zachary keys with the story Beckett is alleged to tell me exactly what happened. Yesterday. Evil for so you mentioned cemented. Josephson in South Carolina between one year old college senior there at University of South Carolina and that was killed. I think that that has a lot of people on edge. This happened just one day after then this happened in Washington DC so. A woman goes out with some for friends. It's it's early in the morning on March 30 about about 3 emporium in the morning she needs a ride home. She goes to an app like we've all done so many times to pick up the phone be. You know. Please place a pickup right in a drop off. If she steps outside and there's a vehicle there. If she thinks that's her car right come to find notion actually request the car that she thought requested. In any case she gets into the car. The gentleman asked her if she needs a ride. She says yes. The guy takes her to her apartment he asked to be paid. At that point in time she thinks she realizes that there's something wrong and says. The chisel in her address. She gave it to him she gives him so in hindsight she's she's she's be playing these things and an understanding that. Certainly there were some red flags that she should or should have identified. Takes her to her apartment wants to be paid she refuses he follows are inside. Gets on the elevator with her tries to take her purse. She fights him off but he continues to be persistent and down in actually follows her into her apartment hurt her actual home. Com where he steals a couple things in in in gets away from all things considered obviously. We're glad that she's safe. For famine detectives everybody's glad the things in and that much worse but certainly a scary situation reminder for all of us. About just how vulnerable we are down we. Before you say then yeah I've done this before I of that car has pulled up and I've actually gotten into the car thinking it was. My Hoover's so I guess I'm asking you what are the things that people should be doing. Well I think that the big things are first of all make sure that you're ordering the car all right Mike makes sure that your. Placing the order in that you're looking at the information than that comes across the screen. You have to make and model there are you have a license plate number in typically you have description of the driver and I think that. Those are key pieces of information. As you know your New York City there are so many cars. Dead. Just based off a function usually were forced to. Identify some of those things right. The last three of the license plate. Is is usually pretty good indicator. But those are the really. You know key things that need to be think. But and I just want to say this before we wrap up by mean. That the there's also this idea that these situations could happen even if you've got into the right Hoover. Well absolutely I mean we are putting our trust and people that we don't know yet and clearly people are trying to exploit that and can take advantage of that so. I think that one this one of the things that Samantha Josephson family has really tried to push is especially for young women for women who are out late at night. The move is a group not to be doing it by yourself absolutely I appreciate that we gotta stay safe yes you.

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{"duration":"3:38","description":"A man posed as a driver, then robbed a woman in her home. Previously, a student was killed by someone she thought was her driver.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"62462668","title":"Rideshare safety in spotlight after dangerous incidents","url":"/US/video/rideshare-safety-spotlight-dangerous-incidents-62462668"}