Students Cope After Killing Rampage in Santa Barbara

The University of California declares a day of mourning after a man stabbed, shot six people over the weekend.
5:33 | 05/27/14

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Transcript for Students Cope After Killing Rampage in Santa Barbara
This is a special room. The day of mourning and the students coping with the shooting Rampage in California. The suspect accused of killing six people plot investigators say was hatched for years reaction from his family. I'm Michelle president New York classes are canceled for the day at the UC Santa Barbara campus ABC's Mary Bruce following the story today the investigation. The community reaction to live in -- the good afternoon Michelle was this community begins to -- there is some good news here today. Just three of the thirteen wounded victims remain in the hospital and all we're told are expected to survive. Overnight the grieving parents of George Chan adding their names to a makeshift memorial here. We don't want yeah. Did exhibit but it. Their son -- Roger's roommate discovered stabbed to death. Along with computer engineer student James Chang wan Hong and -- -- visiting friend Wei Han. Three of six killed in the gunman's gruesome Rampage a murder plot detailed in a chilling 137. Page manifesto. Outlining what Roger called his day of retribution. ABC news has learned Roger email the -- plan to family friends and multiple mental health workers in the minutes before he opened fire. But it was too late for them to save his victims. And -- Roger targeted the -- fees sorority house and attempt to exact revenge on the women who he said it rejected him and going to -- -- sorority house at UCSD. He banged on the door but they wouldn't let him -- -- Outside he shot three women killing two Kathryn Cooper just days away from graduating in nineteen year old Veronica -- Next Roger opened fire at a -- killing sophomore Christopher Michaels Martinez. Nobody needs to -- Three semi automatic handguns. It doesn't make sense -- senseless killing continued Roger barreled down the street firing at random before he crashed his car. He was found dead from an apparent self inflicted gunshot wound to. Now here at the University of California Santa Barbara they declared a day of mourning classes have been canceled. At a memorial will be held here later today at the school stadium -- Mary let's talk about the investigation a little bit with all we have learned about the suspect what are authorities focusing on right now -- -- investigation. We'll keep my Michelle there weren't red flags here before winning came to -- Roger his parents in fact. Just last month called police because they were concerned about his online -- the police went to his apartment to investigate. But said they found nothing suspicious in fact in that manifesto. Roger -- a bit saying that if the authorities have only gone in to search his room his entire plot everything. Would've ended right there so now lots of questions here. About what slipped through the cracks whether there was any steps that could have been taken. To prevent this horrific tragedy and -- course the suspect's parents we've also learned that during. Prior to that shooting that they were in a race to reach their son even contacted authorities. That's right his parents knew something was terribly wrong they had received this manifesto of his a 137. Detailing his loneliness his misery in this community and his plan to kill that he had developed and honed over the past year. They -- in the car frantically rushing to get down here. When all of a sudden they heard reports over the radio of this mass killing here. Now of course a lot of questions still surrounding what they could have done -- anything could've happened to stop him. He was known as a loner he had exhibited this -- bizarre behavior in the past but if parents ultimately knew. Too late to be able to stop him. And the father of Chris Michaels Martinez student killed at the deli has the powerful and emotional statements about killer. How -- he and other families coping. -- All the father Christopher -- Martinez who of course was that software that was gunned down when it. Elliott Rogers drove madly down the street past the Delhi an island NASDAQ. He has said that he doesn't feel resentment for the killer's family -- fact that he'd like to meet with the father of his son's killer. Saying that they have both now lost their sons -- that they should come together. To be able to move forward and find ways to prevent future tragedies like this from occurring. And of course there will be just memorial here later today lots of mourning this community has a long road ahead. I don't and -- along with that memorial counselors still on hand to help students there at the end of what the school year. Should've been a happy time. Absolutely I mean this is you know a time when students are graduating heading off for this summer heading off into their futures their their lives and want -- -- after graduating from college. There are counselors here on hand this is a small community and it is absolutely been rocked to its core by this tragedy. Job. Thank you anchors joining us this has been an ABC news digital special report. Keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news -- and starring the story for exclusive updates on the go. For now I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"id":23888077,"title":"Students Cope After Killing Rampage in Santa Barbara","duration":"5:33","description":"The University of California declares a day of mourning after a man stabbed, shot six people over the weekend.","url":"/US/video/students-cope-killing-rampage-santa-barbara-23888077","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}