Tornado touches down in Washington state

A strong storm on the West Coast caused a tornado in Washington.
4:45 | 12/19/18

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Transcript for Tornado touches down in Washington state
And we start with that extreme and you rare weather out west said that storm that pushed through Oregon and Washington State even spurring a tornado west and Seattle look at the damage here just unbelievable. And we when he talked to are Denise Whitaker from our ABC affiliate in Seattle Denise thanks so much for joining us this morning. It always seems to me reminds me of those doll houses where roof has just been ripped off the top of the home. Can you tell us about the damage and explain what happens. Yet you exactly hit it on the nail on as as you say that that's exactly it I was thinking as we had our helicopter up over the damage as soon as this tornado hit yesterday afternoon. Take a look right here exactly what you just described. It is like a doll house we can look down the roof of this storage building. Completely. Missing now imagine if you will the walls did now down on the ground but. Think of this think of any storage facility that you are all aware of seeing in your neighborhoods in your areas. And this is what this was. The garage stores are actually on the other side to Wear on sort of the back side of that right now and if you look through some of that debris and some of the things. That people have stored here bats we can see the garage doors. If we walk down a little bit I mean we just see. Parts of pieces lives stools hot pants things that people had stored obviously and as Jordan and I move around through the debris. We're going to be careful 'cause there are a lot of nails from the rough coming down here and that's one. Definite danger with people trying to get through some of this to break but as we come near to one of the other storage areas on the end it. You can see all of those paint cans. This was actually. A business does some young men I would guess than to be in their thirties I was talking with Austin Siegel and Braden. Brady Mueller they were on quality coating enterprises and it's a pink contract in company to have about fifteen employees. And one of them believe it or not. With inside this very storage unit rate before the storm hit yesterday Brady was telling me about it earlier. Yet he clocked out I stand guard at 145. Thank you hit like 15152. We're just extremely happy that blasts that he made it. Because he would have been literally in the middle of everything there he would have been yet in the middle. Rummage over there so I went Abington. Brady said they are just blessed that he's okay that he got out and some debris hours are showing you take a look at how it's all just spent. Thrown up against the next to business over this is that the backside of a strip mall that's right next to it and lay it really is just so difficult to see all of this. And then it. Realize that we have no serious injuries it's amazing. But nobody was seriously injured in this tornado yesterday that is incredible the east and for people like me born and raised in the midwest it worries you seen that type a thing. But not much in your neck of the what can you talk about just how rare occurrence this is. And a little bit more about the storm that brought that system in. Absolutely I like you was born and raised in the midwest I'm used to being around tornadoes with people on this part of the country are not this is only. The second. Tornado that we've had hit in recent history in the last few decades. And this area's about an hour outside of Seattle soak. Here we've got the mountain ranges here were used to some very windy wind up being right off of the of Pacific Ocean as well. We had a lot of winds come through on Friday I personally lost power at my house. For about thirteen hours on Friday night into Saturday morning but. This is an area that they're just not used to it yet again as you mentioned -- the midwest people and people who are used to having tornadoes Reese also getting warnings. There were no warnings here we we've people's. Didn't know that they should have sought shelter in about that we talked to another woman who said she knew what to do she went right to or bathroom. And she sat there so then we were had searchers out all night long as well trying to figure out whether or not anyone was trapped in areas like this because again. Had that employee tanner bin here. Win the storm hit he would have been trapped and it could have been hours. Or even days before anyone would've found him so searchers were out with dogs all night line. I became probably hear a chainsaw and the background here Brady in Austin the owners of this business they got U hauls coming they've got a big backhoe coming because. It got a lot of work to do to get their lively that this is how they. Earn their living in they've got a lot do to get all that back going annaly. How might ask cities I did not know that he tell about not having a warning and having that context of the story. Really unbelievable that no one was hurt Denise would occur thank you so much for after helping us out today in bringing us that report.

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{"duration":"4:45","description":"A strong storm on the West Coast caused a tornado in Washington.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"59911600","title":"Tornado touches down in Washington state","url":"/US/video/tornado-touches-washington-state-59911600"}