Uber driver sparks controversy

Privacy for rideshare passengers a new concern following recent firing
5:37 | 08/10/18

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Transcript for Uber driver sparks controversy
Hey ML express with ABC news do you know your rights as a passenger in and who were lift other write your program. It was a case in Saint Louis where Hoover driver was actually recording all of the conversations in rides that this passengers. And streaming at all lines so we're gonna go to what are the experts. To find out what you need to know I talked to attorney bright grin thank you Petraeus who specialize in passenger rights. What better way to lets others out there to get in the car and override so stormy let's go let's do it. This case in Saint Louis these passengers being recorded. And then streamed. Live on your dad without some of them saying they didn't know at what your first thoughts when you sort of were read or heard. The first thing I thought it was what an incredible breach of trust. You know in many states it's not illegal to record people they don't know it's called at this one party consent states. There's a big difference between legal and ethical. And what we saw with this super in the driver's it is obvious unethical behavior you call what happen in Saint Louis a veteran driver breach. Of trust what do you mean. So we actually it legal right Sherry courage. Drivers to put cameras in their cars we think that they're very valuable for evidence and accident insurance clean. Situations. We think that drivers are need to have certain evidence if there is an assault claim or something of that nature. But we wouldn't we would never expect that a tribe which broadcast that information it's these images. To the public. That they were trying to capitalize for their own dean they're following here taming their followers. Passengers have an expectation. That what happens in that car it's not going to be made public to them. In that driver breached the trust of its passengers. Both looper and have got by preventing drivers from commenting about the appearance of the rioters are both companies say that driver at Saint Louis will no longer be allowed to work further companies in a statement over saying the troubling behavior in the videos is not in line with our community guidelines we have ended our partnership with this driver. And left in a statement says the safety and comfort of the live community is our top priority and we have deactivated this driver. So what are your. Writes if your a passenger and Hoover or left or some other right share program do you have writes in terms of what you're saying in what's being recorded and where that could end up. What a lot of times what we need to consider use. Is in Hoover left. Dried private situation do you have an expectation of privacy when your passenger maneuver with caller. I would lean on the side of no you do not you you know you're getting into a stranger's car you can't reasonably expect that what you say is. He was gonna fall under a State's reporting laws with regard to private conversations and in publishing. What is important for the driver and in the applications to understand is that passengers aren't where these laws passengers once it. To feel safe in the vehicles so while there aren't. Perhaps rights or the law is that that signed the passenger I think they do have a reasonable expectation. Their interest and protect. When we talk about legality it really depends on the state in which the rights here right happens. In a two party consents to a passenger does have a right. Tune. Not be recorded not after his recordings broadcasted unless they're weird they're. In 81 party consent state the passenger really doesn't have a human rights. I do think that a passenger has an expectation that your interest are going to be protected when getting over this car. And I think that this platform should be taking steps to ensure passenger privacy even if the State's legislature has not taken steps. If you were passenger what should you be keeping your eyes open war. Many drivers have dash cams which are. Literal cameras that are attached to there rear view here. Those were those actually record inside and outside of the vehicle so if you look at the at the drivers. Ravine near you'll be able to see an actual you know red light that says that its record. If you see that need to understand that you are likely on camera and anything that you say has the potential to get out there. What do you do you just every time he get a car you have to keep your eyes open for cameras and say something about it or how do you handle it. As an uber left passenger you've got to be diligent to make sure that there are that you're not saying things that are going to get into trouble. If you wouldn't stand on the sidewalk and yell something at the top your long as we say it in maneuver car. Because that could be recorded and you never know it and it's a sounds like the best advice is if here are other people are here it goes there now that's exactly what we would see him. Consider maneuver left to be the scene is getting on public transportation. If you wouldn't say boss don't say anything. Brent thank you so much for all that information all the forward one hour what you should do if your passenger. And Hoover left and I guess there's a lot to keep in mind is that skin in the car and talking together and happy to help thank you sir.

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{"duration":"5:37","description":"Privacy for rideshare passengers a new concern following recent firing","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"57138285","title":"Uber driver sparks controversy","url":"/US/video/uber-driver-sparks-controversy-57138285"}