This Is What Seattle's First Legal Marijuana Shop Looks Like

ABC News' Neal Karlinsky goes inside the first store in Seattle to legally sell recreational marijuana.
2:34 | 07/07/14

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Transcript for This Is What Seattle's First Legal Marijuana Shop Looks Like
So this is what the legal marijuana business looks like in Washington State it's not -- -- after all the talk and all the time to get this. Legislation passed but we've got here in Seattle is in a fairly. Industrial part of town won exactly one store barely has -- candidate city. -- -- that get ready for the big day tomorrow let's go inside and take a look. They're not open yet they discussed their license today. The marijuana doesn't show up until overnight or early tomorrow morning so the shelves are now mostly empty -- -- pick up their fight in the wrong and they happen. These pamphlets. Marijuana use in Washington State and until consumer's guide. And has all kinds of hopeful. Tips it has -- limits they can't take credit cards here. The banks don't want to deal with these people so they actually they have any TN. Ready to go to engage your cash -- a little bit uncertain how the first -- is going to go. We took the numbers from Colorado's they did about five to 101000. People showed up for the openings of those stores so we anticipate for 101000. Hope to -- we won't get that much because we don't have that much product really figured. Hopefully not but legally we have to anticipate -- And another menu yet but I'm -- Brothers scrap of paper here they're gonna have four kinds of marijuana they're gonna have Opel OG Kush. Copper cushion oh -- pearl and sweet Lafayette. Of one of the think it's about five dollars more per gram than medicinal marijuana. The reality is you need to be conscious about how much people are really willing to -- we don't want to Jack the prices up so high that need. Force our customers back to the drug dealers. One of the problems they say is that the State's liquor control board which has been mandated to. Regulate -- business and had a hard time keeping up with -- and so actually sellers. Are prepared yet to supply a whole lot of marijuana and that's -- here in the city of Seattle the only at one store this one out of the way store. So it'll be interesting to see how it goes -- doubling -- take a long time to get up and running but there is one interesting thing about their ambition not just can't in this city but the others and this -- There's been part about the location in this industrial part of town. -- look right over there you see that building with the American flag waving on the top. At a Starbucks world headquarters. They started small and Seattle. Canvassing -- would like to do the same we'll -- Neal Karlinsky ABC news Seattle.

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{"duration":"2:34","description":"ABC News' Neal Karlinsky goes inside the first store in Seattle to legally sell recreational marijuana.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"24458217","title":"This Is What Seattle's First Legal Marijuana Shop Looks Like","url":"/US/video/washington-state-legal-marijuana-inside-seattles-legal-marijuana-24458217"}