Woman shot at US Capitol during protest

Protesters stormed the Capitol and the House and Senate evacuated.
3:08 | 01/06/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Woman shot at US Capitol during protest
Hey Bruce I want to bring you in on this because we're getting a disturbing report right now we we knew that shots have been fired that have been confirmed. My among others the Republican leader of the house Kevin McCarthy now own sense for me is reporting that that a woman was shot in the neck CPR was administered. That is our understanding our our team is reporting that that there has been as one woman shot. That she is receiving treatment but of course we did hear from leader McCarthy saying that he was his understanding that shots were also fired this obviously is all very fluid but we are getting just in a more complete picture of the real. Chaos and C year. Inside the capital incited the chamber and Jordan all of this is coming of course as we are now seeing. A growing number of Republicans demanding that the president do more saying calls to exit for peaceful protest. Calls for calm are not enough that the president has to come out through an urged his supporters to back. Off we heard Marco Rubio who often is supports the president. On many issues saying that at that he needs to ask those doing this to stand down it also urging the president. To send more resource is saying there's nothing patriotic about what we are seeing a another Republican representative. Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin. Saying that what we are witnessing these are his words are absolute banana republic crap in the United States. Purging saying Donald Trump he need to call this off he of course also a former marine leaders like McCarthy are coming out calling this on American unpatriotic. And shameful but the question is. Will the president go further and say not just urge peace. Urged his supporters to back off and an end this siege. Something more is going to have to happen at this point want to go to Rachel Scott. Who is a racially you were on the scene as you saw this victim being wheeled out. I did George it was just right over here we saw those ambulances rushed in and within fifteen minutes they brought out. A woman on a stretcher rushed her inside we did see. A blood gushing from her did appear to have habitable moon there they were trying to do CPR made drove her away I disorder talk about. The perspective that worry about to give you Wear perspectives how things have turned here. This area right here Georges was all blocked off. Earlier in the day just a few hours ago super the demonstrators forties protesters. To get up to the steps of the capitol they have to climb over these dates right here they had to rush. All of the DC police that we're here and then he had to storm up to the steps of the capitol they got so close that they weren't singing. On the windows and of course we know that they had breached and have gone inside. It is a remarkable scene. Playing out here it's ten it's chaotic we've actually had to move back because of some of the clashes. That we have seen just behind me we've seen at the ice storm inside as well and DC police. But again as you have to members of congress huddled under their death. Outside here on the steps of the US capitol you have supporters of the president chanting fight -- prop. Do you think USA. And chanting. Do not retreat George. Gracious god thanks very much Mike Pence is now between violence must stop it must stop now.

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{"duration":"3:08","description":"Protesters stormed the Capitol and the House and Senate evacuated.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75093055","title":"Woman shot at US Capitol during protest","url":"/US/video/woman-shot-us-capitol-protest-75093055"}