Bicycle gadgets

The Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo swings by with a stack of practical gear perfect for any bicycle enthusiast.
4:15 | 09/25/19

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What the temperatures cool late in the league is about to start changing work throttling pools be into prime bike riding C then. And our own it gives whip Dick DeBartolo is here with this season's hot as bright gadgets. Dick good morning welcome back to world is now thank you you got some but Dick gadgets here. Some fun stuff this is to me this is really unique so this is called the wing lights 360 Mac so you take a handlebar this amounts into the handle bar. And you if you mounted permanently turned it until it's really tight and it. Then this is magnetic. This clicks on you go riding around you want to make a turn. Are you got a liquor they got a blink or there exactly that goes off and 45 seconds you can turn it off at night. You hold this in for about five seconds. And then it'll light up and you turn it so that the white light is forward and the red light is back so that. Other bikers and cars know which way you driving that's really go for safety yes also with the turns there the confusing. They're so confusing to battle with which what does wit so this helps if this helps. And and you if you can still hit the turn indicated chest those lights. And then when you shut that off those lights come back on night and this is really needs showed its magnetic when it's time to leave that stays on the bike. But so that no one takes these little guys they clicked together. And you can put him in a backpack or where my new belt multi use yeah it's about eighty bucks if you just want. Turn signals that's on the fifty. If you don't want the magnetic thing in all the goodies and making it appear for about 25 dollars snapped back with turn signals are a great way to go definitely look at this mini bike com OK so this little guy yet. Pop to topple off yet opened it up now the company says it came and hit. A 130 PSI. It fits both pressed and should raid album for Nancy knows residents tires and this little guy is if you want to blow will put pool room. Another sore right yeah oh yeah this is what. Please tell us in your pocket this is really a little mini guide for on the twenty bought cool gadget there. What else we got on this little tip my kid is neat so weak these gadgets have been around for awhile but someone has assembled into a very convenient -- say have a ten way hex nut. You have screwdriver Asia have more exhaustive are in effect probably find them all eleven I'd exactly and Fave repair kit OK this is to get the inner tube out these of the patches is a little rest to rough and up the image to book are you put the pal I get that guy is on the fifteen bucks after we get a good part here that's going to annoy every single person around here in the current Roderick. Some noise. There. Not alarm all right now the comes he Shenzhen this reaches. 120 deaths of war broke ahead so that's very loud I've heard people say they don't use their worn because they don't want us grape scare people this is a work around gas for under ten dollars so that scares people how business. However I. I have a friend who's in his eighties and he has his on his little caught. He says people laugh. And get out of the way. Not. So your friend he's a retired clown the no I would love that this is pretty cool. I can't go. Forget wake up insomniacs figured out these are so cool that it's all about safety as well the great gadgets that are small. Yet very usable that. And the final little guys yeah. From rock Brothers and it's a waterproof bag that you can Mount Holly view by. Being caught on the rain right in the exact surely Colin and then you can throw in new tools Anderson did you edit I love it won't like Macvicar thank you so much for these and other really bite gadgets that that Dicks web site it. Gives way is kids without the I think is not been announced that the as well as our website WNN fans back convict people are so thanks for joining the electronic gadgets we appreciate it a good at we'll be right back to watching world news now.

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{"duration":"4:15","description":"The Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo swings by with a stack of practical gear perfect for any bicycle enthusiast.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"65846007","title":"Bicycle gadgets","url":"/WNN/video/bicycle-gadgets-65846007"}