Check out the most expensive Super Bowl party

Check out a few of the items that go into a $152,000 Super Bowl party, as the co-owner of Manhattan's Old Homestead Steakhouse visits ABC News.
5:30 | 02/02/18

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Okay so leave most expensive Super Bowl party isn't in Minneapolis or Las Vegas it is right here in New York City at threat that the legendary old homestead steak hasn't Colonna marks areas here with a sneak peek at the menu so mark. Well yet for 152000. Dollars. Well the first thing you do you gonna get flagged for roughing up a bank account your 401 well it sir but if you know what it's all worth it. To get about the Condo that she was saying four forget about the college to wish organist and at all that. This is a once in a lifetime Super Bowl looks very apparent what are we had a yen well all the anger over here we have what you get active local Wang who has all of a sudden you wings. We think he. Raids Tabasco is a lot of toys were terrible this is a 152000. Dollars. And we give you the wings that you need so what do you giving us death filet mignon wings with with a black truffles and 75 dollar a pound flog raw. All alone. Over here we have a rifle and golden caviar wings 16100 dollars an ounce caviar. Right on top of the winners here when he out loud. Saffron wings okay 14100 dollars an ounce up front with ideal resource. Absolutely flavorful and true sir that serve their recruiters right. Yeah 152 Canada. There are only occurred only at the big boy I have I wanna get rich away what's going on anticipated beef Wellington what we did his arm version of pig skins in a blanket. Is made with the most expensive pork in the world. Get crucial us. We're we have environmental much conduct cell phone we have flog Wiren there. Exotic spices if you don't they'll say that's a glorified pagan a bank yes we'll figure it bank I like they got. I I that's the only candidate. What could Philadelphia. Medical all the yes a staple of any party then but this is not us just does not nor does not a chef boy. He's forty dollar a pound the world even follow up three dollars 150 pound still in chief's. Two under outbound. Tommy John hustled us. We put planning you know yeah Sandra dollars a barrel these I don't care 250 can I got a dollar bought my career there got to have chilly at you get audited. Yes but there's no ground beef industry Julie whatsoever we use 450. Dollar down price Wagner who. And we just can't put jumps in we don't warrior how many billion right on top new. Well I've led Zambia news prevent in the yeah Larry and then we matters. Finish it off with what he knows it. Blue cheese. I'm then again I think I'm gonna get the. How op just as nachos made with the 450 dollar pound. Prize went to right here Willis an American business and 9000 dollars worth of beasts we usually is for the nacho. We made on home made more on the grounds OK we have a 200 dollar a pound. Cheese sauce on the homemade Kiko Dee guy El Paso this is not your ordinary not chosen the best you forgot the homestead yes we have all kinds of beef. This is awful and the bone. Our tomahawk our shorelines and eat them like this I just want in the half. If Bernard out. President Fred Flintstones don't know that really is. However got them now of course. What's going on that's IC what goes on this package. Is the finest wines all this Don parent you know Donnelly and also thousand Sydney beat I'm gonna give you the bill can't this guy. 452000. Dollar no I'm not in a billion memory. I don't watch people tell you lose that you won't be going to college maybe a decade this will then be dining on French dip. From a steamship round we put it on a 150 dollar a loaf. Salado that we bring this can't follow events there's so far this looks like a work of art ready I just eighty pounds. And this is the valued at 750. I'll hold my name. None of high. Slices. Pilot high taxes and wish it. They now. OK let this article that heavy by the way I wanted yeah 200. Dollar a pound she saw us then you know. Hello that puts you saw us on menus single them on string him. You go home and we want our door we're not going to say much but we're not only. That an individual serving acquiesced in them what we cut that out okay now what we do alone here I have a horseradish cream so go out with 16100 dollar. Black caviar from the Caspian Sea or no when you use it with the most expensive brandy in the world at the van winkle why now. And heart is telling and let's get out and cut that forest. Whose fruit loops amazing this is the best Super Bowl party however much you still never are except upgrades are likely thing here all of us. Marc Sherry always good having you on ship Alec thank you also for being on. Kenneth thank you are writing on the cheaper food right here that you had attracted. Of the star of this and. Catherine joining I think it's an old homestead state cast. You're watching world news now we have some visits socially acceptable to this.

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{"id":52793531,"title":"Check out the most expensive Super Bowl party","duration":"5:30","description":"Check out a few of the items that go into a $152,000 Super Bowl party, as the co-owner of Manhattan's Old Homestead Steakhouse visits ABC News.","url":"/WNN/video/check-expensive-super-bowl-party-52793531","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}