Derek Jeter Marries Hannah Davis

The retired New York Yankees legend married Victoria Secret model Hannah Davis.
3:29 | 07/11/16

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Transcript for Derek Jeter Marries Hannah Davis
I'm now for this Gideon topping our headline this morning. Sorry they it is Derek Jeter. No longer about this is huge former New York Yankees shortstop. You know persuade George Clooney and now this off the market up the market and he really tied the knot over the weekend with Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and a Davis. So that what I was an intimate affair fewer than 100 guests at meadow wood Napa Valley resort in saint. Selena California. So the bride we are told wore custom Vera Wang gallon with. Chantilly lace and have an advantage Fain now know the words are plunging back all that's over the next hour a Chantilly lace and a plunging back that doesn't work. Jeter decked out in white tie in with single white rose by. The 42 year old G-20 six year old Davis have been dating for more than three years but they only started appearing together at red carpet events. Just last summer and kept it under wraps yeah. So the couple is known to be private but their next step could be children Jeter told People Magazine. Two years ago that he was looking forward to fatherhood after stepping away from baseball less than a hundred guess he could almost fill up. 20% of that with his ex girlfriends has look at the list. It's days. We're in an editor at Villanova and let's hope not I'm guessing at a davis' occurred make it Kelly Jessica Biel Adriana Lima Jessica outlets started for Hansen but that's in the dale. Dirt and Everest or. The scene whereas what about. Did you give Jiten though he wasn't very DeMarre Kerry I'm all right Mary Carey. Just to name I can get through the other replenished. All right so. Congrats at a Davis. Should nail and locking out and I come down Perrier he lost another one. Right next Communist single folks necks and apparently less than blissful celebrity couple. In England. This half vote at Wimbledon it right there in the stands Bradley Cooper apparently getting the silent treatment from his girlfriend. Move on asset across relations lasted through the game at one point she even appeared to wipe away a tear you see her there. Things did appear to be warm to warm up a bit a later in the day. At a couple's relationship apparently has not been at a very smooth one Cooper's been dating the thirty year old Russian model since last April but therefore they split up briefly in January after she clashes his mother. An obvious who they got back together again but his ex was right there behind them. The first person he ever took to win but it was right there behind him. So maybe they just a quick little spat and all is well and just happened to be gotten him but does she looks hot angry. You're really didn't expect cared so much. Those coping warm reception for it Lin Manuel Miranda have a good day the creator and star of Hamilton took his final bout the Richard Rodgers theater on Broadway over the weekend for. Packed show that cost upwards of 20000 dollars a seat but Fannie. Chopped up his signature along there. Right after the performance treating at this photo with the caption did you think about despite his exit the show's entire run is sold out through January. Okay beginning today the new star Hamilton will be his former understudy for in the heights have the Armenians. Not bad.

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{"id":40486208,"title":"Derek Jeter Marries Hannah Davis ","duration":"3:29","description":"The retired New York Yankees legend married Victoria Secret model Hannah Davis.","url":"/WNN/video/derek-jeter-marries-hannah-davis-40486208","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}