Epic Graduation Speech Goes Viral

An 8th-grader's graduation speech went viral for his animated impersonations of presidential candidates.
2:54 | 06/16/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Epic Graduation Speech Goes Viral
British artist mix with a little bit of politics and really an amazing eighth grader at Chicago school graduation ceremony who. Decided that he was gonna do here is it. Speech there on the stage. Impersonating some of the candidates head in this year's elections his trump is pretty killer listen to. At times this season she's. We have an entire. I miss it hurts. But we. Any team you. Spot on the hand. Couldn't prevent Jack I downloading an eighth grader adding by the way did not discriminate now you know those showed his best Hillary in question you go. I like so sorry outlining the I'm grain farmers need teachers of honest man also known they've given us this Italy needing presents. I think they're at the he studied each of the candidates and their from Campbell area and you know their pension for the ward of Clinton's penchant for the word champion and he nailed it. Right on my favorite I gotta say. Was Bernie Sanders the phonetics. But we song elusive. The little cinnamon rolls. Go a long. Movements more than. We need to make them but waiting. As they symbolism and all. It's good. I'd say you know that and I think that there were gaps Rivet Fidel may be a good it is he's gonna performer there's this group is not exaggeration Jack. Let's go to Virginian dog fighting. Well yes the electrical writing yeah it's. I agree now they have over there and I don't know. Huge jump boulevard in everybody loves a pool party and senator reminded all that barking at a great while van. An evident c'mon. Now that half that and a good look at them need to do that well let's play bad. There was having none of it notes. Mistake I just got my hair done. This is messing get a permit me. Maybe that's that kind of let's say you know we have the crone it's we have the crop then we have abruptly and we have all these breakfast combinations and now you have. The Reid this is in California so the California restaurant chain here that does it set burrito. With a donut. Habits and your coffee snack and one got exactly a sea of all the elements right there together it's disgusting.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"An 8th-grader's graduation speech went viral for his animated impersonations of presidential candidates. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"39898070","title":"Epic Graduation Speech Goes Viral","url":"/WNN/video/epic-graduation-speech-viral-39898070"}