Bombshell Announcement by Lindsay Lohan

Lohan reveals she had a miscarriage during the filming of her reality television show.
3:59 | 04/21/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bombshell Announcement by Lindsay Lohan
-- artist in the skating topping our showbiz headlines this morning shocking announcement from Lindsay Lohan. -- -- a little watch reality show on Oprah Winfrey's own network came to an abrupt and last night in the finale of the 27 year old actress revealed that she had a miscarriage during the filming of the show up -- she would not go into any details saying only quote it's a very long story. No word yet from Oprah. That is a bombshell she's just written this tragedy. Talent was yes and I didn't know I guess I should have known as I haven't heard much about this reality show -- all -- -- nobody's paying attention I don't really think a lot of people are paying attention because Lindsay Lohan is kind of the news of the past. And so nobody really knows the show was out there maybe some people did not let people watched it. This bombshell -- is just do more for her tragic story -- feels about her. You know I was talk about Neil Patrick Harris. He dropped the F bomb on stage this is -- The great -- crazy Doogie -- all grown up decked out in drag Harris is starring on Broadway and Hedwig and the Angry Inch. It's -- a fictional rock band fronted by east German transgendered singer but he really at least Saturday night when a female fan reportedly screamed out from the audience I love you Neil how. Our shot back quote I'm doing something up here. Asked -- the now it is nice that anybody says that the comment was taken out of context he says his character. -- Hi. If I ever dropped the F bomb -- -- it's not me it's my news persona it's John -- the news guy again right. Hot right now. Yeah a couple of veteran actors playing up their romance again and yet we show you few weeks ago longtime -- Patrick Stewart and sir Ian McClelland. -- up for the camera all over New York City after they close their play and now they took their act to buzz -- playing the Newlywed Game that. Stewart was asked what role is he -- dying to revive. -- to revive I sold his widow track it. And that he's not a loaded remark until. Amid widows who did the famous classic Katherine English -- tomorrow. The two -- recently wrapped up their Broadway Show it to play then read that -- starting as a rival in the upcoming film expanded. The days of future -- hunted together perhaps. Back together again prince and Warner Bros. that's right more than twenty years ago he changed his name to the artist formerly known as -- to sever his contract with the label. But now this new field -- Natalie ownership of -- old recordings including purple rain in 1999. But a major re issue campaign. Has announced -- brand new album is all the way and presumably we call him prince officially again I'm glad about that I never once valued friend -- his -- -- -- for the First Lady Michelle Obama's of the guests are asked himself on the hit ABC show Nashville the story reportedly hats are participating. In a charity concert at fort -- -- episode by the way it's set to air on May seventh. -- the White House meantime is officially responded to a petition to get Justin Bieber deported. About the tissue it was circulated in January shortly after beavers arrest in Miami for DUI it's grown to more than hundreds. Thousands signature White House however is siding with twenty year old heartthrob saying in a statement only that the nation's current immigration system. Is broken. -- celebrities -- -- some birthday candles that looks good. I doubt cowboys quarterback Tony Romo turning 33 years old -- -- McDowell turning 56 our favorite domestic -- Tony Danza sixty Craig's -- Charles 79. The second 87 years old today happy birthday to everyone.

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{"duration":"3:59","description":"Lohan reveals she had a miscarriage during the filming of her reality television show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"23403392","title":"Bombshell Announcement by Lindsay Lohan","url":"/WNN/video/lindsay-lohan-miscarriage-announcement-23403392"}