Meet Skipper the miracle puppy

Skipper was born with six legs and two tails! ABC's Will Ganss spoke with her vet.
2:04 | 02/23/21

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Transcript for Meet Skipper the miracle puppy
Doctor Tina Neal and the staff at Neil veterinary hospital thought they'd seen at all where injury forced and then we never closed in over twenty years even when this week's massive winter storms slammed the area around their Oklahoma City location 25 employees staying at the hospital for 72 hours straight. And when the storm finally passed. Dean Cain skipper she's healthy and hungry newborn Ozzie Border Collie mix and we she acts like a normal. It's it's amazing who just happens to have six legs she can't. Duplicate organs. Friend basically your waist an orange and they all seem to be functioning. Skipper was rejected by her mama which is how she wound public doctor Neil this is the first happy like this at a yellow it was more an ally. A miracle skippers and here. Right some self professed experts Chiming in on FaceBook. Some animals should not be saved. This animal should be put down it's horrible I just should not blame anybody with that. But they're wrong skippers already learned to climb out of bed and as a healthy weight for her age she acts like a strong helping carping. So we want to get print that change. What does that make you feel like as. Veterinarian the person you see this. Miracle dog you know coming into it yeah not Al makes me really happy because she's so strong. It's kind of like the underdog you know you're reading for her but no popular pity party each year. While her eight Brothers and sisters eat together skipper is more than happy to be bottle fed. Yes she's he incurred wanted to pay a fee. So that is some great news doctor Neil dusting skipper will likely needs and physical therapy to get used to walking on all six of her paws but if you'd like to follow along or learn how to help. You can check out skippers journey on FaceBook you got. Amazing if I had to Marlins. Cut that cut back up. You RD are waiting.

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{"duration":"2:04","description":"Skipper was born with six legs and two tails! ABC's Will Ganss spoke with her vet.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"76060089","title":"Meet Skipper the miracle puppy","url":"/WNN/video/meet-skipper-miracle-puppy-76060089"}