NFL Mascot Asks for $20,000 a Game

The Minnesota Viking's mascot is demanding that the franchise give him a huge raise for the season.
2:53 | 09/23/15

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Transcript for NFL Mascot Asks for $20,000 a Game
All right it's time for the mix in in the NFL you've heard of holdouts before those are guys who look. Don't wanna play because they want a bigger contract and so it's kind of there from. One man strike we got that going on with a mascot in the NFL his name is racking are the fight and I'm very. You roles in on the motorcycle. Before Everett vikings game but now he wants more money. He was making 15100 dollars a game in town 120000. Dollars. A game to show up and do his thing. Why and his thing is rolling and toddler's death and looking like dust up exactly to inspire the team in the standings but want the ten year deal. Four. There will be a total won't point six million over ten years so. Good luck I felt it is the Black Sea yet their hours and yelling to liking the gonna bite. Well you know age by consisted of mine for something you can take a look at this guy. He's a hundred years old and he broke. Refined world of records California man he's done everything from the meter toss the high jump two meter hundred meter dash. And this was his reaction after running. That's the one I want it here. About anything else you'd like to get. I wouldn't under because it's include your rules recruit some Japanese guy is. Now appear records of Japanese guy Patton story doesn't consider does in the high jump mentioned oh my goodness that seems dangerous for us. For anybody much of a group there is quote. Sadly it that way. New world record good for him all right so yesterday we showed you it's time to talk wrote it so we showed you a raft. It was dragging a pizza slice down a subway stairs there there is an area that is. So rodent that's the theme here in hear New York now there's this world. It sees a milk shake in the trash and bounces he's fearing obviously humans beating into it jumps to safety over the fence. And I don't know if you ever had a chocolate shake from the shake shack I'm not saying it's worthy of digging through the trash. Getting I yet this growth coming from. Did open it up oh yeah and let's take it out. There is he figured it out what's out. There you go any save himself. Twelve bucks or government to talk to help with the thing that the paper but there you go you've got to figure it out. Oh boy a young boy turns to have little to lap up. Who's gonna blow up the perfect candles it's very hard for him he's tried it it may just turn to. Closing out of your move it a little closer. Yeah we tried that load don't mind her push it a little bit closer to give it another college drive. Little higher didn't let portabella it. A hard time doing this won't you. We'll that would under the rescue you've got to do it from the diaphragm don't look good idea for an odd mixture but.

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{"duration":"2:53","description":"The Minnesota Viking's mascot is demanding that the franchise give him a huge raise for the season.","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"33970015","title":"NFL Mascot Asks for $20,000 a Game","url":"/WNN/video/nfl-mascot-asks-20000-game-33970015"}