NYC Mayor Bloomberg: No Smoking in Homes

Bloomberg's newest ban would be to encourage private residences to ban smoking.
2:55 | 12/18/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NYC Mayor Bloomberg: No Smoking in Homes
Problem or accusing news coming out of the Big Apple of course Mayor Bloomberg here that was all about gun control few months there is all about limiting the size of -- you do get New York City that way about the sugar -- the obesity epidemic in the country. Now it is over that is used birth fashion about this in his donate a lot of his own money to this cost. Stopping smoking according to a New York police reports -- -- wants the bad New Yorkers. From smoking in their own poems their private residences again this according to the F to the post here he community groups and he set -- to convince landlords and tenants across the city to turn their private buildings. Good to smoke free zone of these -- quote according to documents obtained by the New York Post to these groups would work with. Property managers and tenants on the adoption of voluntary. Smoke free policies and then get a 101000 dollar bounty. In return for their work that the administration -- -- say this is absolutely not true you know they've banded and and beaches beaches and parks and all the -- were not. You know going into private residences they say but anti smoking is a big. Bloomberg I stayed feeling a little imprison people -- did you in their own place and they're paying ridiculous red for the city to file an answer to get far but there were reports out there. You don't like Fred to make sure I don't have two liters -- -- Suited it simply pretty -- the amazing advances in technology when it comes to you are -- well. They just six years IBM is predicting that there could be a phone that could smell here. Taste touch all the all the -- all five yes so for example. That you could experience the silky -- Egyptian cotton sheets just by touching your found don't want -- -- -- she. -- experience. If digging deep here Informatica happy technologies will -- the Smart that would touch screen technology and vibration capabilities to simulate the physical sensation. Otherwise sound but touching something and while -- of that subject of and here's an app that maybe. Any of us can download honor I found -- and -- and -- the Japanese came up with that and it's an app that you -- down that it will allow you to. Flush the toilet from your -- and also. Closed the -- if you forget but it all comes with it. That I put to seek the seat down or flagship remotely with an app on your body goes on sale in the spring this particular toilet -- could be completely controlled by the Smart it happened also has the Japanese really what is. They put an analyst and I'm I'm your gastrointestinal health -- and it's also going to track your movements and taxpayers gastrointestinal house. You're you're you're leaving your literal application is yes that's a little personal -- that -- Would you want to be that person -- -- the only leader. Definitely intestinal track -- all -- can still learning. Bad what could talk over -- -- and it did you -- that. That more magazine cabinet and that.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"Bloomberg's newest ban would be to encourage private residences to ban smoking.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"18003663","title":"NYC Mayor Bloomberg: No Smoking in Homes","url":"/WNN/video/nyc-mayor-bloomberg-smoking-homes-18003663"}