Studio 54 museum exhibit

ABC’s Will Ganss takes us into the glitzy world of disco at the Brooklyn Museum.
3:45 | 10/16/20

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Transcript for Studio 54 museum exhibit
Big here in 1977. The close glitzy. Glamour. Donna Summer indeed Warhol or Liza Minnelli Calvin Klein yeah. We're the only nightclub in town right. It's the definitely tell that a verbal abuse they have been through this. Welcome to studio 54 night matching and exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum dedicated to the notorious NYC nightclub. I think walk game. Their divine right there's an energy. Without the plan in creating their faith. Yes when you design and art exhibition and you really want to have the mood and the feeling of the plot. And I couldn't imagine during the effectiveness of about life game and use and to fit so people really felt like they won ended down. The museum generating a collection of daring and dazzling fashion photography film and art. People come for some have sequence of her blue eyes Tyrone. Doing their best to channel their inner share. Her photo arriving for opening night on April 26 1977. A landing on the cover of the New York Post. We left this seek wins and eye shadow at home but pants down memory. Nonetheless. Celebrating the spectacular rises in the fifth before opening for only 33 months. Posting discos most wild parties. Closure in 1980 and shut down after its founders were convicted for tax evasion. The first stop on our hustle in the history of Liza Minnelli custom dresses by Holston. You solve this pro life into the Paoli area. So that you could see how the extra boost from the look when people went out the down from them. And then there's the famous bus boys and bartenders iconic quality or lack there of. Which is also had an art. This outfit was actually designed by defined and I'm Ronald although the disease. And his fight fear with that it was the source toward the white tube socks and sneakers. Now with. Seeds it is ours. And then there's this showstopper we'll dismiss dealers sapphire and diamond pulled green next. It's very very you're always problems of a thing that was the most critical look at the clamor undeniable. Your thoughts and incredible tool you've really got are. What pollute for the dealer fraud when she came tonight. The hustle and inside. That's what you call a Disco inferno. So whoever can't understand floor with the stars they were being like everybody from the balcony is hard line. Few weeks ago you would stand for life with his view and you keep the far from that moment. Speaking of a star for the moment if you've got your dancing shoes on and you're ready tough. Hustle on down to studio 54 night magic you gotta do it stayed exhibition is open through next month. If you're not local check out Brooklyn Museum dot org there are virtual visits available including this weekend's AF elsewhere you guys. I play on a low festive. But just a little festive. Well and they didn't back away will you so that I need it again. Wow he gotten gotten is insults and minor announced. US dollar 54 now as a feeder Sully the very serious Broadway play there and I just think an all time and if these walls could talk to be disappointing end up like that. Like you're an ounce. I wasn't wearing sunglasses.

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{"duration":"3:45","description":"ABC’s Will Ganss takes us into the glitzy world of disco at the Brooklyn Museum. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"73652284","title":"Studio 54 museum exhibit","url":"/WNN/video/studio-54-museum-exhibit-73652284"}