Taylor Swift's Business Themed Birthday

The Grammy award-winner celebrated her birthday after scoring a major deal with Apple.
4:34 | 12/14/15

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Transcript for Taylor Swift's Business Themed Birthday
I read what topping our skinny this morning eighth any picture we've got. Very common GAAP tight and retailers web hovers been awhile since we've heard from. And the swift and skinny and apparently the suit does birthday. Has. Their resurgence yes lots going on for Taylor including a huge deal with former nemesis hold anything. You're going to have to smoke over the mission to stream Mosul and swift has inked a deal. For exclusive streaming over life concert special she recorded last month. We've had many super friends also announced yesterday on the face Simon Schuster will publish a far. How source material from her super fans they say. Not until scrapbook and they're looking for one super swiftly to serve as editor in chief overseeing the. As we mentioned him so celebrated her birthday yesterday he turned 26. Which pulls means you've fallen in 1989. That vehicles have the name of her latest album Smith also intends on trademarking 1999. Tony a along with other phrases that included the sudden swift and us think Christmas. Get our policy and about. You know I've chicken have I don't know I don't know what a bracelet from us. Her gut I take it back. I. I happen. Next this is story about sport about dwindled some but really June the website humans have new you'll ask. It's such a fantastic web site if you've never read I would vote you to have a look at it. I there was a story last week about a Syrian refugee we don't know his name there is coming to Detroit and Michigan he's an elderly man. A scientist at some repute he creativity invention that is used on the railways in Istanbul. He has cancer he lost his wife and golds in a bombing in Syria. And he story was on this website humans of New York Barack Obama told a story. And sent in the message of FaceBook. Now it would notes in the acts is raising money for him. It's just if you go to that website bullets all the swords ready moving. But I can see why don't responded to it's it's it's almost impossible to read the story of that Syrian builds. I'm not cry. And you know the kind of gives the likes the idea that everyone coming in from Syria might be trying to do America on as he said himself. I've got a lot left to give as a scientist. That's a fantastic story I think what. Read more about Reno GAAP. It's the holiday season right yeah Mariah Carey has this fantastic song a favorite holiday song really for many people all I want for Christmas what ME losing its. Spot on a crucial Christmas chart. Yankees to be number one number one. Saw most likely to be heard while shopping at the damage. Between the president opens here on shopping rules would get which sold the most popular over the first on the 28 the song most likely be why out to be while shopping days. Base. The C in this we've that help us. We'll look on it is wonderful christmastime. Consultant that a lot of people think is bull look Huggins was that the self. Famously had this without making it look at this time. Find it to work but we'll premieres tonight business. Asked out ward the fourth awakened happening tonight but. We yeah will it richer. Sort of closed down on the movement of and that being the cryptic about what have you movie but if you know what it habitable and some called to account. Because I think three big states is on the shoulders of the bill before its oh this terrible token of his trade I think this is such abuses they composed trying to. Just the music on this trailer I love. Hundreds of billions latest mask it was a picture for us now there's an. Story line there you go about I'm going into the sky. Don't mind the tigers were on the golf tiger. I'm predicting now a malevolent or not believe the civil bounce really dealt with. At the bar but I think it's going to be a combination of man's Chinese sits. You. The bill with pigeons as it's I think it's going to be somewhere in Africa and it's going to be surprised everybody thought outside. Anissina no satellite and we're gonna be blacked out when I can be able to see until you buy that's a funny idea and I hope it's true. I got. Big Scott Walker's fault. About right vocal me here if a wrong I was coming up.

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{"duration":"4:34","description":"The Grammy award-winner celebrated her birthday after scoring a major deal with Apple.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"35751336","title":"Taylor Swift's Business Themed Birthday","url":"/WNN/video/taylor-swifts-business-themed-birthday-35751336"}